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Chapter 19

Max's P.O.V

The first thing that registered in Max's mind was the shooting pain in her torso.

She hurt everywhere, but her torso was the more dominant pain.

She knew that she needed to open her eyes. She had no idea where she was, what had happened or even how she'd gotten there.

She hesitantly opened her eyes and noticed how blinding the lights were in the white room. She had to squint just to keep them open at all.

She blinked a few times and immediately assumed that she was dead.

No, she thought, I wouldn't be in pain if I was dead.

So her next thought was that she was still in the lab.

Fang hadn't been able to free her and he had left, assuming that she was dead.

He would be heartbroken. She needed to let him know that she was well.

Max heard an unfamiliar voice whisper, "You might want to consider a life without her. At the moment, we are dubious that she'll ever wake up."

She then heard a voice that sounded painfully like Fang's whisper, "You have to do something. You said it wasn't too late. You said you could help her!"

Max noticed the strain in his voice and thought that she must be hallucinating.

Fang couldn't be here. Could he?

Max needed to attract their attention.

She tried to clear her throat or say something, but it came out as a whimper.

Max struggled to lift her head to look at them and to her delight, she saw Fang and a man in a doctor's uniform looking at her intently.

Fang looked terrible.

He was pale(r) and blotchy. His eyes were rimmed with red as if he'd been crying. He had bags under his bags. He also had a black eye and a split lip. Max wondered what had happened to him.

Suddenly, the events of the past few days came rushing at her.

The prediction, her flock, her imprisonment, the rescue and the bullet, fulfilling the prediction.

Her new awareness made her dizzy.

She knew that the doctor was speaking to her, but she couldn't hear him.

Her vision started to blacken and she had to struggle not to pass out.

"Max," Fang whispered, "Please answer him."

Max turned all of her attention on the doctor and found her voice to reply. He asked him if she knew what happened and she replied, "Yes," surprised at the gruffness of her own voice.

He asked her where she thought she was and she replied, "Hospital."

He asked several more questions before a nurse came in and adjusted her so that she was sitting up.

She offered Max a glass of water and she gulped it down greedily.

The nurse left and Max noticed a drastic change in Fang.

Color was returning to his cheeks and he was smiling gravely. He had begun to look like he was a 15 year old boy, not a 30 year old man.

Max gingerly pointed to her eye and nodded her head in his direction.

He looked confused for a moment and brought his hand to his eye. He winced slightly and smiled weakly.

"I uh kinda got into a fight with Dr. Crawley, the man who shot you. You should see the other guy though," he joked feebly.

Max smiled at the effort and whispered, "Symptoms?"

Max was almost worried that she hadn't been clear enough, but Fang replied, "You broke your foot, bruised a few ribs, needed staples for the back of your head and you lost a lot of blood. Did you know that I'm O Rh? Turns out it's a universal donor."

Max smiled. Fang had given her blood.

"What do the doctors say about our wings?" Max inquired.

"Not much. I called that government agency your Mom works for and they took care of everything."

Max immediately wanted to know what was happening with her mom, but Fang, as if reading her mind, added quickly, "Your mom and Ella are flying in. They'll be here tomorrow."

Max nodded gratefully.

"The government shut the Institute down by the way," Fang said again.

She had never seen Fang talk so much at one time.

"I thought I lost you. We almost did for a second," He whispered, almost to himself.

"I died?" Max inquired incredulously, getting her voice back.

Fang nodded.

"I didn't think I'd see you again," he said again.

Max was touched. She'd never seen Fang look so small and weak.

Max smiled and teased, "You can't get rid of me that easy."

Fang chuckled.

"Where's the flock?" she inquired, noticing their absence for the first time.

Fang gestured broadly around the room.

Max looked around and did notice that they were littered round the room, sleeping peacefully.

She smiled. Her family was safe. They were back with her, where they belonged.

Max said, "You look like shit. Haven't you slept?"

"Thanks. You're very charming."

Max chuckled and replied, "You know what I mean."

He nodded and said, "You've been here for 3 days and you were with them for 1 so I haven't slept in roughly 4 days."

Max moved over in the bed and patted it dramatically.

"Max, I appreciate it, but no. I'll sleep on the ground," he protested.

Max shook her head and patted on her bed again.

When Fang didn't move she said, "You can't say no to me, I'm in a hospital," and shot him an innocent look.

He smiled and rolled his eyes, but he got up and sat next to her on the bed, being careful not to touch her leg.

She leaned over slowly and kissed him sweetly. He kissed her back and they only pulled away for the very necessary air break.

"I love you too," he whispered.

Max was instinctively confused. When had she said that she loved him?

She hazily remembered muttering it while she was 'dying'.

She smiled at him and turned to lie on her side.

Fang followed her lead and they soon were spooning.

She reached behind her and grabbed his hand to drape it over her stomach.

She found it easy to fall asleep and for the first night in a long time, she didn't have any nightmares.

Max could feel Fang smiling behind her and she fell asleep to the sound of his breath.

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