Summary- I kind of mixed the whole plot of the TV show but haven't we all? Elliot is at SVU and Olivia isn't at SVU but has the 4 kids but something bad happens to one of them. They meet and hate each other. It gets better. They're both single.

"Is there an Olivia Benson here?"

Olivia looked up with watery eyes. What could he possibly want? She thought to herself. She took a breath and stood up. "I'm Olivia Benson." He walked towards her and flashed his badge. "Is there a problem?"

"Yeah there is. Mothers aren't supposed to poison their child. You're under arrest for child endangerment." The man said turning around and cuffing her. Her three kids sitting next to her stood up.

"You leave her alone. She didn't do anything to Payton." Jordahn said crying even harder. She was losing her sister she didn't want to lose her mom.

"Your mom did a very bad thing. She deserves what she gets." The man said to her kids.

"Jordahn, take care of them and if you have to you can decide what is best for your sister if she needs it. Shaw, take care of your sisters. I'll be back I promise." Olivia yelled as the detective drug her out of the waiting room.

"Don't get their hopes up. You're going away for a long time."

"I didn't touch my daughter. You have no evidence that I did anything."

"We have motive and I can get a confession out of you in 5 minutes." He said shoving her into the back of his squad car.

AN: hope you like the story. sorry it's so short. i want people to like the beginning first before i write more.