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You're Worth It

Chapter One

Blaine sat at the kitchen table with his mother and twin. This wasn't the first time and he was sure it wouldn't be the last.

"I want to transfer to McKinley." Blaine said. There was no hiding it, he wanted to be with Kurt.

"HELL YES!" Collin, his twin, shouted as he through his hands into the air. "Go get 'em bro."

"Collin!" Their mother shrieked. "Dafnee is just in the other room." She then turned her loving yet clinical stare to her other son. "Now Blaine honey, I can understand that you love Kurt but you don't need to follow him. Plus I don't want to see you hurt again. After what happened, back in Dayton I don't think it's for the best also you only have a few months left in the year. Don't you think that maybe you should finish out the year at Dalton?"

"Mother you know I never faced my bullies. Here I've been telling Kurt to have courage yet I can't even muster up enough for myself to be brave and practice what I preach. Doesn't that seem a bit hypocritical of me? I want to walk the halls of my high school holding Kurt's hand and just being an average teenager, not skulking around Dalton. That's not going to prepare me for the real world. I know that you'll worry about me but don't, please. Collin can come with me, watch my back. Plus if Daf wants to, she can come as well. I have already talked it over with the guys and they're all for it."

"Yeah Mom, Blaine's going to be safe plus he'll have Kurt's Glee Club to help me. And this way I get to see if there are any hot girls at Kurt's school."

"Is that all you think about, girls?"

"Do you only think about Kurt?" When Blaine blushed, Collin just nodded. "Thought so."

"Fine but this time no running. If something goes wrong, you can't transfer schools. You're going to have to tough it out."

"I will."

He hadn't told Kurt about him coming to McKinley. Dafnee said she wanted to go to school with Blaine and Collin. So with three months until the end of school the three youngest Anderson children walked into McKinley High School with their heads held high. The first person they saw was Rachel. She actually stopped and looked them over. Blaine placed a finger to his lips to inform her not to tell anyone else. Rachel nodded and went to her class.

Daf also went to her first class while Collin and Blaine shared almost the same schedule. First period, second, fifth and seventh periods were all the same but Collin was taking French 3 and Blaine Spanish 3. They did share the same lunch and Blaine hoped to also share it with Kurt. Their first class was English and from hearing Kurt talk about his classes that Collin would be the first one to have a class with him then the rest of them after lunch Blaine shared with Kurt. Since Kurt hadn't met his siblings, yet he may not know that Blaine was at McKinley until lunch or later.

By lunchtime, Finn, Puck, Artie, Brittany and Santana knew Blaine was walking the halls. He had asked, more like begged, them not to tell Kurt, each agreed. He walked in the cafeteria, got his lunch and just looked around. That was when he heard the sweetest laugh.

"Really Cedes, we need to find you a boyfriend. I had thought I could be happy by myself until I met Blaine. Sure I fell in love with him before we started dating but I'm waiting for him to tell me first before I tell him how I feel." Kurt said with his back to Blaine. When he had heard that his boyfriend loved him his heart started to do flips and cartwheels. He placed his forefinger to his lips once again to inform Mercedes not to say anything to the handsome boy sitting across from her.

Blaine sat his tray down next to Kurt's and sat down. "I love you too Kurt." Hearing Blaine's voice Kurt jumped and covered his mouth. His blue eyes bugged out as a gasp escaped his lips.

"What…ar…are…you…yo…doing…here?" Kurt stuttered.

"Transferred in. Collin says you're really good in French, even better than he is. Which coming from Collin says something."

"How do you…he's your twin isn't he?" the taller boy glared at the boy sitting next to him.

"Yep, also my little sister is here as well. Mom told me I have to stick it out, no going back to Dalton. Ah here comes Collin now, with Daf." Blaine said as he watched his brother drag his sister toward their table.

"Yo B, guess what your little sister went and did her first day here?" He shoved her forward so that her big brothers could interrogate her.

"I can't even answer that, there are too many possibilities."

"Got herself a boyfriend. Some soph with bleached blonde hair and deep dreamy green eyes." Collin added the last part in a girlish tone.

"I didn't say that. Anyways what's so wrong about me getting a boyfriend?" She glared at the brother still standing. "I'm fifteen, and if I remember correctly you started dating at fourteen, lost your V-card at fifteen, and have no qualms about sleeping with some random chika at a part and not even knowing her name. As for Blaine here, he lost his V-card to his first boyfriend and then became fuck buddies with five different guys. Tony on the other hand has only ever had one girlfriend and is still with her." Daf sat down and started to eat her lunch.

"Someone tell me how she knows our sex lives, even Tony's." Blaine asked while eyeing Collin.

"I still talk to the bastard. As for mine I write down the names, dates, and places. And you my dear brother you smile for three days afterwards and when I came to your first time you came home that weekend remember. So I'm guessing she listens in on my phone calls."

"Nope, I record all the phone calls and listen to them when you're not at home and very closely. I even found you little sex journal. It even has what act and position is preformed and you my dear sweet brother are a FAH-REAK!" everyone at the table burst out laughing except Collin, he just glared.

"Why didn't you tell me you were coming?" Kurt asked once everyone had calmed down and went back to their lunch and other conversations.

"I wanted to surprise you. And it wasn't only me, Daf and Collin came with me. By the way all three of us are auditioning for New Directions."

"Blaine, we know you can sing you don't have to do shit." Mercedes said as she took a sip of her OJ.

"Just wait, I'll explain it to you all after you hear them sing. You may want to sing just to make sure. You see Daf is great at Opera, French, Spanish, Italian, even Greek. Collin is a baritone with a set of lungs. Trust me they can sing, even better than me." Blaine said with a crooked smile. Rachel was going to have some computation from a freshman.

After school the three Andersons walked into the choir room. Clearly no one had told Mr. Schue that two other people would be auditioning for him.

The first one up was Dafnee. Blaine got behind the piano while she started to sing Think of Me from The Phantom of the Opera. Her voice was sweet and throaty at the same time, it was almost angelic in a way. When she hit the high note everyone clapped. Blaine leaned toward Rachel and whispered into her ear.

"Don't go sending my baby sister to a crack house. We're going to need her come Nationals."

Up next was Collin who sang Can't Get Enough of Your Love. The notes came out smoothly and sensual. It made most of the girl sigh and a few guys when he ended.

Mr. Schue stood up clapping. "So everyone are they in?"

"What about me Mr. Schue? Don't you want me to audition as well?" Blaine asked.

"No need to, we've heard you at Sectionals and Regionals. Trust me you're in, but where did your siblings learn to sing like that?"

"Our father insisted that we all learn to play three instruments piano, violin and one of our choosing. To sing, dance, speak a few languages. Tony can speak Spanish and French. Blaine speaks Italian, Spanish and Japanese. Collin speaks French, Spanish and Greek. While I speak Italian, French, Spanish, Greek and German. I'm learning Russian. Those are the most used languages in Opera and I'm hoping to become an Opera Singer." Daf said as she sat down behind the piano. She started to play Point of No Return.

"So your dad must really want you to do well in life." Rachel said.

"Yeah, sure he does," Daf sarcastically replied. "That's why he left after Blaine came out and took Tony with him. He liked to show us off. Said that Tony had the head for business. Blaine a voice that could seduce nuns. Collin had the finesse for languages. And I have the fingers of a muse. He liked to have competitions between use. See who go the most awards and ribbons in different areas. We were taught how to cook and bake by Mom, Collin's the best, followed by Blaine then me." By this time she had switched to Masquerade.

"Daf stai zitto! È affar loro ciò che il padre ci ha fatto fare. Non voglio che tutti lo sappiano. Stavo per dire Kurt quando ero pronto." Blaine said in Italian using a tone Kurt had never heard him use before. (Daf shut up! It's none of their business what father has made us do. I don't want everyone to know. I was going to tell Kurt when I was ready.)

"Bene, bene, ma penso che avrebbe dovuto dirglielo prima d'ora, Blaine. Se vuoi che questo lavoro bisogna essere onesti con lui." She yelled back. (Fine, Fine but I think you should have told him before now, Blaine. If you want this to work be honest with him.)

"So Blaine what was your instrument of choice?" Finn asked.


"Who's Tony?" Artie asked.

"Our older brother." Venom laced Collin's voice like he hated Tony.

"Okay, we got off track. So everyone who wants them here?" Mr. Schue asked trying to get everyone focused back onto the matter at hand.

Everyone raised their hands, cheered and yelled. They wanted them in the club, they really wanted them. That made sixteen voices, sixteen people that each brought something different to the table.

Once rehearsal was over with Kurt and Blaine headed to the Lima Bean. When they walked in they saw a few Dalton jackets they waved and ordered their coffees.

"I see a few Warblers over there." Kurt said as he looked the navy blue blazer wearing boys over. "I see Jeff's two toned hair, Eli's spikes and Aubrey's afro. I've never seen those three here before."

"You're right but I don't want to talk of them just yet. I wanted to find out how you feel about me coming to McKinley." Blaine looked down at his coffee hoping he hadn't done anything wrong by transferring schools.

"I'm shocked that your mom let you but then again you could talk a priest out of his robes. I'm happy you came, I really am but can I ask why?"

"I wanted to be with you and not sound like a hypocrite. Here I am telling you to have courage and I can't do the same. I need to be here for me as well as let you know that I practice what I preach." Blaine looked over Kurt's shoulder and saw the three Warblers making their way over to them. Eli in front with his football player build, spiked light brown hair, an easy smile on his face flanked by Jeff who knew most of everyone's secrets and laughing brown eyes and Aubrey with his mess of curls going away from his face and down his back.

"Blaine, Kurt." Eli nodded to them both. "Nice to see you guys. We were hoping to run into you here, Blaine." Eli started. You won't be able to guess the boy was a tenor with how deep his voice was.

"Yeah," Aubrey picked up. "We were hoping to ask you if it was alright if we follow your lead."

Jeff stepped up. "And transfer to McKinley. With you gone it's boring and…"

"No one stands up to the Council anymore. Dylan's taken over as lead solo and being a prick about it." Eli said

"Wes and David said they were finishing out their senior year at Dalton so can we please take a page out of your book?" Aubrey finished up.

Kurt looked at Blaine and saw those gorgeous lips turn up into a wicked smile. "Of course, but each of you must join New Directions. I want my boys by my side. But make sure it's okay with your parents first please."

"Already checked with Grandfather. He said it was my education to do with as I pleased. I'll be working at the Tide plant for the next year or so." Eli said as his smile disappeared.

"My parental units don't care as long as I go to college. That's their one condition." Aubrey said.

"Mine are making me bring Addi. I thought I got rid of her when I went to Dalton but no. I've already talked to them about Aubrey staying with me and Addi, since he's from Cali. They said it was okay. Next week they'll send me the twelve grand for rent, furniture, bills and every month after that seven grand for monthly expenses. Me and Addi will still be getting your monthly checks for spending." Jeff said as he moved to sit next to Kurt.

"What about you Eli?" Kurt asked the walking beat box.

"I've already started to rent a house on Loretta Drive. I'm going to need some help with painting, shopping and moving in. Any volunteers?"

"I'll get the guys from ND to help you move in, the girls to help you paint and as for the shopping that's my area of expertise, I'll be glad to help," Kurt was now bouncing in his seat.

"Great how's this weekend?"

"Sounds awesome. Just let me call my brother and we'll get things rolling." Kurt took out his phone, pressed four, and waited for Finn to pick up.

While Kurt talked to Finn, Blaine talked to his friends. "So when are the three of you coming?"

"Not until Monday. I at least want my place set up before I go to public school again." Eli said.

"Same with us on the day that is, we're just waiting on Addi to show up." Jeff said as he thought of seeing his baby sister again. "By the way there might be a problem with Addi. From what you and Kurt have told us McKinley isn't very accepting of gays and Addi isn't someone to let people walk over her."

"Kurt says things have gotten better. Karofsky isn't tormenting people anymore but you still have to keep a look out for the other jocks."

Kurt put his hand over the phone, "And slushy facials."

"Haven't been slushied yet." Blaine reminded him.

"You will," Kurt went back to rallying the troops.

"So I'll see you all Saturday right?"

"Right. See ya at my new house can't miss it. It's the only two-story house on the street." Eli said as he started to drag the other two away from the couple.

Just as the guys were leaving two sophomore girls walked up. "Hi…um my name is Claire and this is Nicole. We were wondering if you're single and if so if you would like to go out with Nicole here." Nicole looked like she was ready to run while Claire looked like she was pleased with herself.

"Sorry ladies, but I'm taken by this handsome man here." Blaine answered and took Kurt's hand.

"It's a shame," Kurt heard one of the girls say as they walked off.

"You do realize that is the second time I've seen girls ask you out?" Kurt said as he set the phone down on the table.

"Yeah but it happens too often for me to count. This one time at a Dalton mixer I had to find Wes and make out with him for this one girl to get the message. Wes was fine with it and so was his girlfriend. The understood I need to do something to get her off my back."

"So you've been friends with benefits with five guys. Were all of them from Dalton?"

"My first boyfriend was. After I lost my virginity to him he went around telling everyone that I cried the whole time, that when he got done with me I just laid there in my bed crying. When I got wind of what he was telling people I called Collin, he came picked me up and I cried the whole weekend. When I got back he acted like nothing happened. I broke things off. After that I found a few guys that were willing to show me different things. Mark was the first guy to show me that it wasn't all about penetration. I mean yeah we had sex but it was more about the simplest touch giving someone pleasure. After Mark there was William. Now that boy knew things. How if you just moved your hips a certain way that it heightened the pleasure, of if you're going down don't start at the head, start ar the feet then work your way up. Then there was Robert. Oh yeah he was adventurous. Handcuffs, chocolate, whipped cream, biting, even spanking. Sean was my favorite. He was twenty-four and I was about to turn seventeen but he was playful. Paints, food, games, anything really. Last there was Stephan. Stephan was a nice change in pace. He really just wanted sex, nothing out of the ordinary just sex, but he showed me what to look for to find love. You see before I met you I found out that he loved someone. When he told he how he was feeling I knew they had to be together and they are. Turns out Stephan loved Robert and vice versa. They're living together now and happy."

"Wow," Kurt thought of all the possibilities but what Blaine had just told him wasn't even in the cards. "I would say TMI but I did ask. I'm hoping that we can have something that will be just ours."

"I've never been on top. Derek, my first, kind of pressured me but I was never a top. I've never made love with any of them because I was never in love with them. I do love you Kurt. What I feel when even I see is what I can only describe as a black hole. You sucked me in and never let me go. Yet I see everything in your eyes. The past, the present and future, the good, the bad, the moments in between. I can see heaven and hell. I hope I'm making since. My heart feels like it can take on the world for you."

Kurt didn't know what to say. That was how he felt. The only thing that Kurt could think of to express how he felt was to kiss Blaine, so he switched chairs and did just that, he kissed Blaine with all he felt inside of his hear. He didn't try to slip his tongue in, it was to be a simple meeting of lips and hearts. It was Blaine's tongue that slid into Kurt's mouth and it was heaven, except it was short.

"I love you Blaine Preston Anderson, more than there is time to show you how much. When it comes time for us to go further I'm glad it will be you showing me and not someone else."

"I wish I could say the same thing but I guess one of us has to know what they're doing."

By Friday Kurt had a pretty good idea of what Eli wanted to do. So after Glee Club Eli picked Kurt up at his house and they went to the local Lowe's to pick out the paint and light fixtures. Nothing to girly yet nothing that screamed man cave. So Kurt started with the paint splotches. Eli said he wanted the living room and hallways a nice cream color so they picked out Fortress Khiva Sand, the kitchen/dining room a light mint green so they got Scottish Green Acre, the study a nice blue but not to where no one could paint over it so Kurt picked out Tranquil Pearl Lake. As for the two bedrooms up stairs a light brown for his room so Eli picked out North Dakota Plains and the guest room a modest yellow that they both agreed to Morning Belladonna. All three bathrooms were going to be white. That way whatever themes Kurt thought up should do well with the color.

After Lowe's they went to Best Buy. They got the TV's, computer, DVD players, game consoles and a kicking' stereo. Then they went to Sears and got all the furniture. Tomorrow was paint day and everyone was going to be there. So they had the delivery set up to where by four tomorrow afternoon that the furniture would arrive and by five the next day all the electronics would show up. That way everyone got to see the finished result.

Saturday morning there was five vehicles besides Eli's black Mitsubishi Eclipse. There was Kurt's Dodge Durango, Finn's S10, Blaine's Honda S 2000, Santana's deep blue Mustang and Collin's Dodge Charger. Everyone had piled into each car with paint brushed, rollers, pans and old sheets littering the floorboards. Now they were all wearing old jeans and T-shirts, even Kurt wasn't in the latest fashion, he was wearing his overalls and an old shirt of his dads.

Once Jeff, Aubrey and Jeff's sister Addi showed up Kurt told everyone what room they were painting and what color. They had bought seven cans of Fortress Khiva Sand, four cans of white, three cans of Scottish Green Acre, North Dakota Plains, Morning Belladonna and two cans of Tranquil Pearl Lake. Addi, Santana, Puck and Artie had the living room. Mike had the first floor bathroom. Lauren and Dafnee had the study. Finn and Eli were handling the hallways. Kurt, Blaine, and Mercedes were taking care of the master bedroom. Jeff had the master bath. Rachel, Collin and Brittany were painting the guest room and Aubrey had the bathroom attached to it.

After lunch the hallways and bathrooms were done so Eli went to the study to help. Finn went to the guest room. Mike went to help out in the kitchen. Jeff went to the living room and Aubrey went to the master bedroom. So by four every room was done, and the two delivery trucks from sears had shown up to drop off Eli's order. He had told them not to place anything up against the walls because they were still drying. Once the people from Sears left Eli walked into the living room where everyone had conjugated.

"Okay so I know that we're a large group but who wants to go out and eat? My treat." Eli held out his black AmEx card.

"Breadsticks!" everyone from New Directions but Kurt, Blaine and Blaine's siblings yelled. Kurt just rolled his eyes.

Everyone climbed into the seven cars and followed Kurt to the restaurant. Blaine had called once in his car to warn the staff. When they got there the hostess showed them to the private room saved for large parties such as this. Two waiters came to take their drink orders. After a few minutes and their drinks arrived everyone placed their food order.

Since they were staying at Eli's tonight everyone would be going home to grab a pillow, blanket, pajamas and a change of clothes. So once everyone got their food they talked about possible placement of all the furniture, the themes to the bathrooms, if Eli was going to utilize his basement or not. If he did they could help him make it a game slash movie room, since there was going to be twenty people in ND they could all go over to Eli's and hand out. It had the most room and no parents.

After dinner everyone went to their different houses to gather their things except Jeff, Addi and Aubrey, they had their things in Jeff's trunk. Blaine took Sam home since his car only had two seats. Kurt had Mercedes, Rachel and Artie. Finn had Quinn. Santana had Brittany, Lauren and Tina. Collin had Dafnee and Puck. While Eli got Mike. Two hours later they all arrived back at Eli's and set up their sleeping areas. Eli said that the boys would be sleeping up stairs, the girls and Kurt would have the downstairs.

"Sorry Kurt, but I don't need you and Blaine making out all night because you dad asked me to make sure you two didn't sleep in the same room." Eli said when Kurt started to protest.

The next morning Eli got up early and went to get doughnuts and coffee for everyone. Today was the day they put everything together and in its place. He hoped it would look nice. He had a feeling that his place would become of the center of their hangout sessions, at least when he wasn't working.

Kurt was the first one up and he just grabbed a coffee. Slowly everyone started to make their way to the kitchen. Some grabbed coffee, almost all grabbed a doughnut. Once everyone ate and/or drank their breakfast they all started on the first floor with putting the end tables, bookshelves, desk, entertainment center and the kitchen set together. Two of the six bookshelves were going on either side of the armoire entertainment center while the others were going into the study. The mess free couch and loveseat had two end tables each and the coffee table was placed in the middle. Next was the kitchen. Finn and Puck were arguing over who got to use the screw gun when Blaine stepped in took the gun and got to work.

By lunch, which was another pizza order, the first floor was done. Eli hoped that by six the whole house would be done. So by five everything was put together and in its place when the Best Buy truck pulled up. They helped unload it. Jeff was the electronics genius so he set everything up. It was a good think that Kurt and him had gotten all the small items while at Sears, like towels, sheets, bedspreads and little knick knacks.

It was eight by the time everyone had left and tomorrow was a big day.

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