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Chapter 1: Entrance, and greetings.

6:30 a.m. Ouran hallways.

Eight footsteps could be heard coming down the hallway towards the Chairman's office.

They were new students, and couldn't wait to get their schedule.

Finally, they got to their destination.

The plate on the door said:

Chairman's office

Suou Yuzuro

The 'leader' knocked on the door. They waited a few second and then…

"Come in" A voice inside announced.

The door opened, and the group entered.

"Ah!" The person behind the desk exclaimed. "You must be our new students. Welcome to Ouran High school!" He smiled warmly standing up with his arms open. "Come in, and let's talk about your stay here with us." He smiled, gesturing them to come in.

"Thank you." A deep honey like voice said. "I'm sure we'll enjoy our time here with you."

"You're too kind." The man said. "Now, introductions are in order." He said, changing the subject. "I'm the chairman, Suou Yuzuro." He smiled.

"Hi!" An upbeat, tinkling voice exclaimed. "I'm…

Two hours later, compound of the school.

Everyone was exited. It was a new semester, and friends were catching up, and taking in the nice cool fall breeze. Cherry blossoms were falling, creating a magical feel throughout the campus. You could hear giggling, chattering, and laughing of students as they exchange stories during their holidays.

Suddenly, the P.A. sounded, gathering everyone's attention.

Then, the chairman's voice – for the first time in a long time – sounded through the halls, and the gardens.

"Will the members of the 'Host Club' please come to my office?" He announced "I repeat, will the members of the Host Club' please come to my office?" He repeated.

With Honey, and Mori.

"Eh?" Honey said in mid-chew of a 'delicious' strawberry. "What do you think might he need with us, Takashi?" He asked his cousin with a wide innocent look in his eyes.

"Hn." He grunted and squatted down for his cousin to climb on his back.

As soon as their set, they walked off towards the office, catching many eyes of young beautiful women.

With Tamaki.

He was in his 'emo corner', muttering things about how 'hurtful' Kyouya's words can be.

He heard the announcement, and recovered fast.

"Hm?" He muttered with a smile. "Well, I can't keep my dear old dad waiting!" He smiled and brushed his hair with his hand, imaginary sparkles surrounding him.

He then sauntered off towards the building with a smile on his face, melting many women's heart as he passed by, passing Kyouya, who was holding a massive sweat drop on the back of his head.

With Kyouya.

He was even more confused now. First he was looking at a 'depress' Tamaki, the next, he was smiling, saying random things about his dad, and sauntering off towards the building, passing him as if he was nothing but a piece of dirt.

Then he remembered the announcement, and walked towards the building, although slightly slower than his 'idiotic' friend to try as to not get into one of his other 'interesting' talks.

With the Twins.

"Eh?" The twins chorused with a blank face on their faces. "What does he need with us?" They asked each other.

"I don't know." They said at the same time. They shrugged, held hands, and walked off towards the office.

With Haruhi.

'He' was stacking some books on the shelf when 'he' heard the announcement.

"Oh?" She (Sorry, got tired of writing 'he' all the time) said with a confused face. "I wonder what Suou-sama needs." She muttered setting the books down, and walked down the hall to his office.

When she got there, she knocked on the door, and waited.

Nothing, but the door creaking opening slightly.

Poking her head in, she found herself interrupting a conversation.

"And, so when Mrs. Fujioka comes here, I need you to start the tour –" He stopped. "Ah, so here she is, finally." The chairman smiled, motioning her in.

"Um…" She quietly said. "Ano…gomen…but, did you need me?" She asked, pointing at herself, as she went in the rather expensive – to her – looking room.

"Ah, yes." The chairman – being abnormally serious at the moment – smiled motioning for her to come closer, shifting in his seat just a bit. "These are the Cullen's, the Hale's, and Mr. Black, they are new students here, and I would like your group to show them around school." He said, gesturing towards the group of extraordinarily beautiful human beings.

"Oh! Hai! Hello, I'm Fujioka Haruhi! It's a pleasure!" She stuttered out, shocked at their beauty.

All of them had pale skin, except the fourth male, who was more tanned than anyone she has met. And all but the tanned male and the girl in his arms has golden butterscotch eyes.

Twilight cast POV *When I switch from Ouran POV and Twilight POV, that means that things are gonna look like what it would seem through said groups eyes.*

"Yes," The chairman smiled. "Tamaki, introduce yourselves. Don't be rude to our guests." He said in a stern voice towards the others.

They bowed their head, and looked at the new students.

"Hello, I'm Suou Tamaki." The tall blonde said with a smile.

"I am Ootori Kyouya; it's a pleasure to meet you." The serious looking boy in the glasses said.

"I'm Hikaru" One of the twins said.

"And I'm Kaoru." The other finished.

"We're the Hitachiin brothers." They smiled together bowing at the same time, much to the amusement of the group – the twilight group.

"Hi!" The shorter blonde with a bunny smiled. "I'm Haninozuka Mitsukuni, I like sweets, and bunnies and I also –" He was stopped by the big calm looking teen behind him, by covering his mouth with a hand.

"That's enough." He murmured in the blonds' ear. He stood up, and faced the new students. "Hello, I am Morinozuka Takashi it's a pleasure to meet you." He said in a rather…monotonous voice…

"Hello." Rosalie said in her angelic voice. "I'm Rosalie Cullen (In my story, they're all 19 and 18 and are already married, but Jacob and Renesmee). It's nice to meet you, this is my husband –" she ignored the shocked gasps from the group "- Emmett Cullen." She gestured towards Emmett.

Emmett just put on a goofy smile, and waved.

"Hi, it's a pleasure." He smiled a dazzling smile.

"Hi!" Alice giggled. "I'm Alice Hale, and this is my husband, Jasper Hale." She smiled sweetly gesturing towards Jasper, who looked oddly calm.

"Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you all." He smiled, his eyes sparkling in the dark.

Edward, you introduce us, I'm feeling…lazy…Bella thought through her shield, making Edward crack a smile.

"Ahem." He cleared his throat. "I'm Edward Cullen, and this is my wife, Isabella Cullen." He smirked when he heard Bella's protest on calling her Isabella. She knew he did that on purpose just to get her to talk.

"Hello." She smiled anyways. "It's a pleasure, and please, call me Bella." She said.

Just before Jacob could talk, Renesmee touched his cheek.

Jake? Can I introduce us? She asked him, looking at him with pleading eyes, making Edward smile at his daughter/sister. (I forgot to tell you, in this, I'm having them biologically siblings)

He stopped short, and smiled at her, encouraging her to go on.

She beamed at him, and looked at the group with a sweet smile.

"Hi, my name is Renesmee Cullen, and this is my boyfriend Jacob Black." She giggled. "Oh, and I'm Edward's biological sister." She added as an afterthought.

"Hey. Nice to meet ya." Jacob nodded towards them with a smirk.

Ouran POV

Everyone was shocked to say the least. Except the chairman. They figured that he was used to their beauty by now. But the members of the Club weren't used to it. They figured they'll never get used to beauty such as theirs. They figured they were the most attractive in the school, but boy were they wrong. (1)

"Yes." The chairman smiled. "Now, as I was saying, our guest here will be students here till they graduate, and since they're new, I decided for you to show them around." He said with a smile. "In return, you can skip the entire day. You – after all – need to show them around the entire campus. Just make sure to stop by their classes and introduce them to the teachers, then you can go on." He continued. "After that, you can scurry off to your club activities, OK?" He smiled.

"Oh!" Tamaki answered. "Of course!" He then placed his best smile, and faced the new students. "Let's all go to a magical tour around this magical palace that is our school!" He nearly shouted enthusiastically.

"Any questions?" The chairman asked the new students.

"Yes." Jacob answered, and faced Tamaki. "Is he always this weird?" He asked the chairman, still facing Tamaki.

Tamaki, however, was shocked, and sad, so he did what he always does when someone says something 'hurtful'. He went into a corner and tried to grow mushrooms on the wall.

The Cullen's were amused.

"I'll take that as a yes." Jacob concluded, much to the amusement of the club.

Then, there was silence.

A minute passed. Nothing.

Two minutes passed. Crickets could be heard.

Three minutes. The silence was deafening, and finally, Alice couldn't take it anymore.

She walked towards Tamaki in the corner and sat down next to him.

"I'm sorry Tamaki-kun." She apologized. "Jacob is always like that." She said. "Sometimes, his mouth runs away, and he's too slow to catch up." She smiled a dazzling smile, placing a hand on his shoulder, completely ignoring Jacob's scream. "Shall we get going then?" She asked him, placing a hand under his chin, turning his head towards her face. "My prince?" She added with a cute smile.

To say everyone – except the Cullen's of course – was shocked would be an understatement; she possibly couldn't have found a better way to cheer the 'king' up again.

Alice walked back to Jaspers arms with a smile and a hop to her walk.

Tamaki – as expected – recovered fast and stood up with a smile.

"Of course, my princess." He smiled towards Alice. "Let us go." He smiled, sauntering off, forcing everyone to follow him.


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