ANNOUNCEMENT! We've gone over the story many, many MANY times, and well…we're just not feeling it anymore. So here's the deal, we're rewriting it! As you can tell from our profile, we've gone slightly senile in the past, so we're turning the story to something slightly more dark, and with the Cullen's more secretive. That and we've noticed a LOT of things that didn't go as planned in previous chapters. Another thing? Well, we're bored, so we decided to get a little amusement from this too! For all the authors that love this story, and are bored and have nothing to do, here's a little something.

You see, while we ARE going to be rewriting this story, we also want to see other's perspective on how this story's going to end up. What is it? Simple, to those authors that are categorized in the previous mentioning of this A/N, or to those that are simply bored and want to do this, you can go ahead and rewrite this story to your liking. BUT! Please note that this story was OUR idea first – with a little help from a friend – so it'd be nice to leave a review, or a private message to us telling us exactly why you want to do this, and a link to the story. As we said before, this is for our amusement, and we can't very well amuse ourselves with other people's stories about this if we don't know how to get to said story. We might say yes to your reasons and changes or say no – it really depends on what you say and if we like it or not. If you have a valid reasoning on the changes that we don't like, feel free to say it and we'll reconsider.

Here are SOME rules to follow if you want to rewrite this with us:

Keep the couples the same in Twilight. This is flexible though, and if you give a good reason, we MIGHT reconsider, but we'd really like the coupling here the same.

Aside from the one mentioned above, and in previous chapters, what we HAVEN'T mentioned is the fact that Seth and Leah are with them – they just haven't made an impression yet. You can do what you want with them, but in the end, we don't want them immortal – it's about time they found their mates, ne? You can pair Seth with Renge, and Leah with Mori, Nekozawa, or even Huni if you want, we don't really care, what we DO care about is the fact that they have to be out of the house, and no longer as immortal as they are when staying with vampires.

We were planning on giving twins someone to be with – preferably someone that works for Alice that can easily tell them apart – and although you don't have to do this, we at LEAST want a budding friendship between them and two girls that can enter their little world without meaning to.

Last and not least, we made this story with the Cullens in them because we know that with their talents and Alice's extra-ordinary way of earning and getting rid of money, they'd get along well with them, and fit right in, while leaving a huge impression here and there, and everywhere. Basically, they were meant to be a little bit of a Mary Sue. Not that much! Don't worry for those that hate those, it's just that no matter how you look at it, they kind of HAVE to be a Mary Sue at one point or another. For example – and this is actually one of our plans – for the physical exam, we were planning on having Carlisle come in and check on Haruhi and keep her secret, so no trouble trying to keep it, and Edward and Alice seeing the outcome of the unknown doctor, so it got solved faster. Another is that Esme knew of Huni's sweet tooth, so when he got his cavity, she gave him something sweet, and something that won't worsen it at the same time. Little things that makes a big difference, y'know? Biggest part probably is all of them being able to easily decipher who Hikaru and who Kaoru is – sense of smell, and being able to see little quirks on who's who you know?

NOW for the least part, and this might be something a challenger might have trouble with, is that the hosts must be In Character in the story. Meaning they can't do anything THAT out of the ordinary. Maybe something here and there that'll make us chuckle and add something to that amusement part, but nothing drastic that might change the entire outcome of the story – though the Cullens being able to tell the twins apart may be something that'll change them big time, so it's OK for THEM to be mostly OC, but still, try to keep it tame.

We wrote this story because we didn't like the ending. Tamaki and Haruhi got their happy ending, yes, but to us, it seemed like the others swallowed their pride, and comments on what happened, and just took it – no happy ending. That's why all this rules are set, and why we intended for the Cullens – including Leah, Seth, Jacob and the Hale's – to be a bit of a Mary Sue. We're tired of having a lot of people get left behind when love is in the question: too many people lose. That's why we wrote this story, to have a few more people involved in Hikaru and Kaoru's little world, to have Kyoya inherit his company – though you can have him get it and throw it right back in the face of his father – have Tamaki together forever again with his mother, and his grandmother respecting him, Huni and Mori to be together with anyone – two people that barely has any trouble, and we want their life to be complete by having that special other – and Haruhi getting together with Tamaki – whether she wants it or not.

Just PLEASE remember to give us the title, characters, rate, AND the site for the story. Remember, we wanted this to amuse us – we already mentioned it THREE times – and we can't be amused if we don't have the site for the story, or basic info on where to find it. Please note that if we find a story starkly similar to this one, we'll hunt you down, find out if you copied our idea without permission, and we'll…and let's leave it at that.

As for all the fans who WON'T be doing the challenge, thank you SO much for reading, we'll be re-posting this again soon, and we promise to get the new chapter 1 by next month at the least. We thank you for the kind reviews, and critics, and to all that faved. To all that faved this and didn't leave a review, boo to you! *Sniff* We only wanted a little something. Something like 'Good job!' or 'Great chapter!' or even 'Check your spelling: it sucks' would've made our day, but no-o-o! you didn't bother to! Hmph! But thanks for the fav anyways.

That's it for now, thank you! And once again, to all those that accepts the challenge, PLEASE ABIDE BY THE RULES.

Thank you!