Hey! Just a note: Hedwig's hoot translations will be italicized, 'kay?

Hedwig, from her vantage point in her cage, gazes at her little owlet with concern.

Flapping over to where he lays, tossing and moaning in his sleep, she nuzzles her head into his cheek, offering what comfort she can. She hoots softly, as melodically as she can, soothing her troubled owlet as he turns around in his nest.

When he shoots up, sending Hedwig flying, she can't help but feel a little tiffed. But one look at her Harry's face soothes her nerves and ruffled feathers. He looks scared-no, he looks…what was that word the fluffy-haired smart owlet used?-he looks horrified; yes, that was the word: horrified.

Hopping back over, she lands in his lap, pushing her soft downy head beneath one of his hands and making comforting, crooning noises.

Slowly, her owlet calms down, stroking her silky feathers as his breathing slows. Hedwig nips at his fingers lovingly, before flapping up to land on his shoulder when he lays back down, turning onto his side. She hoots to him, rubbing her velvety head in the crook of his neck.

Hush, my little owlet, don't you cry,

Hedwig will always be by your side.

Hush, my precious owlet, don't you fret,

Hedwig can still chase the monsters yet.

Hush, my darling owlet, settle in your nest,

Dawn's almost here, and it's time to rest.

Hedwig knows her little owlet can't understand her, but she still makes a routine of hooting lullabies to him anyway. She knows he finds it soothing, even if he doesn't realize that it's her equivalent of singing.

"Thank you, Hedwig," her little owlet murmurs as he settles down more, surrendering to the calm of sleep.

You're welcome. I love you, little owlet. Satisfied at last that he was asleep, Hedwig moves carefully off of his shoulder, puffing the pillow around her and snuggling in next to her owlet's head, preparing to stay there all night, and chase the nightmares away.