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Chapter 1

"Oh my god, Oh my god... IT'S THE BEATLES!" A girl shrieked from behind the wire fence that held back the thousands of fans, as the Beatles stepped off of their plane.

The shrieks were overwhelming, as normal. The fans were fainting and crying and screaming for the four, like always. Paul was already use to it all, even within that short time he had been famous. To him, it was just another day on the job. Not to say he didn't like his job. Oh no, he loved it. He loved that he could make others happy with his music. In fact, when he had first met John and the formed the Quarrymen, those where his only intentions. Well, most of it any way. The rest was to have fun and make his dream in life come true. It did. Now he had almost every girl in the world drooling at his feet, wanting him more then any girl had wanted him in his whole life. He smiled as he stepped out of the plane.

"Look! You're a bloody phenomenon!" Ringo turned to John.

"Haha. And you don't think you are?" He pointed to a row of screaming girls holding up posters, saying things like 'WE LOVE RINGO STARR!' 'MARRY ME RINGO!' and other things like that. Ringo pointed to that row of girls and winked. About half of those girls fainted on the spot, and the others looked at each other with suprised looks and screamed louder. George patted Ringo on the head.

"Their parents are probably at home right now, looking at the news, you know." he said with a laugh in his voice.

"Why, he made my daughter faint! Oh! That Ringo Starr, him!" Paul tried to act like one of the girls fathers.

"Oh no! I better hide!" Ringo played along jokingly.

The four looked around for a second, then got in their car. They had a show to be at and Brian Epstein, their manager, would have a fit if they were a fraction of a second late. The car ride was about half an hour to the Ed Sullivan show, and they need to be there early to rehearse the songs for the show. When they finally arrived Brian rushed them inside and told them to start reshearsing... immediatley!

"Okay, okay... Don't get your knickers in a twist!" John said under his breath. The other three heard him and laughed a little under their breath. Rehersal took about most of the time. When they finished, Ed Sullivan walked in and started talking to Brian. Beside Sullivan was a girl. The four had been in a conversation about their fans. When Paul saw her walk in, he stopped in the middle of his sentence.

'She's so...pretty!' he thought to himself. She was slender and tan, and her long brown hair was in a ponytail. Her bright blue eyes shone so brightly, Paul thought he would go blind.

"Paul...Paul!" The three tried to snap him out of his trance, but to no use. He walked off the stage and to the girl, who smiled as he walked to her.

"Umm, uhhh... Could I ask your name, love?" He tried to sound normal, like when he talked to other girls. But for some reason, it was impossible.

"It's Anna Sullivan. And I take it you're Paul McCartney and those are your band mates." She pointed to the three, who were now staring at this girl.

"Yeah...umm...so are you staying for the performance? If not then tell your dad I invited you to stay...Only if you want though." he managed to say. She smiled at him. It was the whitest, prettiest smile he had seen in his life.

"Sure! Thanks! I'll stay." she said before walking off.

Paul walked back on-stage, the other three following anna with their eyes

"Who is that?" Ringo asked, looking at Paul.

"Anna Sullivan. Ed Sullivan's daughter." Paul said with a dazed look in his eyes.

"I'd like to meet her," George said.

"Well, I just did, and trust me, it was worth those few minutes of my life." Paul said, looking down at his feet.

"I bet it was." John said walking to his guitar.

"Come on lads! We have a show to do!" John said enthusiastically.

The fans started pouring in. They noticed that Anna was among them. She took a seat in front row, and when she looked at them, she gave a small wave and a smile. The boys smiled back and waved at her


"NO! THEY WAVED AT ME!" another girl cried.

"NO! THEY WAVED TO ME!" the other girl countered back.

"NO! ME!"


Then two guards had to pull the girls off each other and escourt them outside.

During the performance, they kept looking at anna, who was looking at them with a big smile on her face. After the performance, they walked down to her.

"How'd we do?" George asked sheepishly.

"Great! I loved it!" she said, hugging all four of them. Inside it was the boys who were the ones fainting.

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