Finn Hudson

Works at whipping Puckerman's ass at COD Goes to William McKinley High School Lives in Lima, Ohio In a Relationship with Quinn Fabray Knows English From Lima, Ohio

Family Info

Noah Puckerman-Brother

Mike Chang-Brother

Matt Rutherford-Brother

Education and Work

Education William McKinley High School

Class of 2012

Work whipping Puckerman's ass at COD


Religious Views Christian

Political Views I don't have any

Favorite Quotations What's a quotation?

Arts and Entertainment

Music Journey, KISS, the Rolling Stones, REO Speedwagon, Queen, Bruno Mars, Travie McCoy, the Beatles, any good rap song, R.E.M., Rick Springfield

Movies Braveheart, The Hangover, Back to the Future, Ferris Beuller's Day Off

Television ESPN, SportsCenter, any football, basketball, or baseball, The Simpsons, South Park

Activities and Interests

Activities football, basketball, baseball, chilling with the guys, playing X-Box

Interests music, girls, sports….uh that's it

Basic Information

About You I'm Finn Hudson, quarterback of the McKinley High Titans and dating head cheerleader, Quinn Fabray. Woah, our names rhyme…awesome.

Sex Male

Contact Information

Phone 555-608-7381

Address I don't want any stalkers…

Screen Name fhudQB5