Remy was right. As usual. I had never met Remy's or Bella's grandfathers but there they were in their wrinkly flesh. They looked ancient. Their balding scalps were covered in liver spots and numerous scars were present on their exposed skin. As their feeble bodies were rolled in on wheelchairs they couldn't hide their utter disdain of being in the same room together. The feud is still alive for some, I suppose. They had stepped down years ago to allow their sons to take over the reins but they were still the ones in charge. Any major decision went through them. The patriarchs were who you would come to for council and you were to never disappoint them. They weren't afraid of replacing your throne with someone more worthy and by any means necessary.

Remy and I stood in front of the council, waiting for our fates to be decided. There were two outcomes. One: They would believe everything we said and would let us go to move on with our lives. Or two: They would kill us both. The latter option sounds dire, but we were here anyway and I think we could take them.

Belladonna's grandfather was the first to speak in his perfect French language, "I was planning on attending a wedding today. Why have you declined to marry my granddaughter and bring this woman into our sacred council?"

"Belladonna and my father have lied to all of us about their relationship. It was hardly platonic."

"How dare you speak of my daughter in this way!" Belladonna's father Marius yelled out.

I began to play the tape of our conversation in the hotel room. The room became tense and angered. Muffled voices filled the room. Some laced with disgust others with disbelief and sadness.

"You ruined everyt'in! You always ruin EVERYT'IN Anna! My whole life was ruined because of you and that wasn't enough was it!? You had to come back and make matters worse! I loved Remy! And you took him from me! And now that I moved on you have to take another man I love!"

"How am I to know that is the truth?" Bella's grandfather questioned.

"I believe their absence speaks for itself," Remy stated.

"Where are they?"

"Last I saw they were heading to the airport," I noted. If Jean-Luc was even alive after his beating from Logan.

The Bourdreaux patriarch nodded to a family member at his side of the council. He got up from his seat and exited the room. The room stayed unmoving except for Remy's hand which clasped onto mine. A few minutes later the man returned and replied with a nod.

"THIS CAN'T BE TRUE!" Marius' fierce scream was daunting.

Now Julien, Belladonna's brother, got to his feet. "They are lying!"

Finally Remy's father spoke, "The truce is retracted."

"I hardly think more war will solve these issues grandfather," Remy lowered his head, afraid he had spoken out of turn.

"We had planned for a King and Queen and now we have a disaster. Surely you will take your rightful place at the thrown. I may not have agreed with my son on many matters but this is one we both felt despite his current condition with the Guild."

"I ask that I be relinquished from my duties to the Guild. I have always appreciated the sacrifice that has been made for me, an abandoned child… a thief no less, but I feel that I have given my fair share. I wish to return to New York to be with Anna."

I couldn't believe it. Not only had Remy picked me but he picked me over the Guild. New Orleans was his life. Even though he has been in New York with me all this time, Louisianna was still tethered to him. But now he was giving it all up. For me.

He wasn't lying when he said the Guild has made sacrifices for him. They saved him. They took a helpless child from the streets and gave him a new life. He wouldn't be the Remy I know today without them. But he was finally free.

Julien argued, "You can't let him go! There must be a punishment for Gambit! For all we know he killed Belladonna and-"

"SILENCE!" The Bourdreaux patriarch commanded.

"Henri will take the thrown. The LeBeaus and the Bourdreaux will continue to share the bayou by order of the sanctions of the territory lines. That seems like the most logical plan," Remy offered.

"But there will be no friendship from here on," the LeBeau patriarch proclaimed.

"This is ridiculous! How are we to know who initiated this treachery?!" Marius spoke out, "For all we know it was Jean-Luc manipulating my daughter-"

"ENOUGH!" Marius' father wasn't afraid to show his embarrassment, "We have suffered enough! The meeting of the council is over."

Remy turned to me and reached for my hands, "We're going home."

But of course things are never that easy, not for us. Remy's grandfather's voice clarified, "You can go. Anna still owes The Guild. A debt must be payed."

"What are you talking about?"

"Mystique sold her to us. She belongs to The Guild."

"WHAT!?" I screamed, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? DO YOU PEOPLE LIVE IN THE 1800's?! Because last time I checked, slavery is ILLEGAL."

"Do you have the fifty thousand dollars she owes us? She is your mother after all, a reflection of you. Her debts are your debts."

"BULLSHIT! I do not belong to anyone and before you even try to stop me remember who you are dealing with and what I can do."

"We already have a solution to that."

Before I could put up a fight, two tiny darts stung me in the neck. I pulled it out, threw them on the floor, but when two henchmen came toward me I was already on my knees. The room was spinning. Another henchmen was dragging Remy away who was throwing punches and yelling, "I will find Mystique! I will fix this!"

I was passing out. This is some bullshit. BULLSHIT I tell you. The henchmen grabbed me. In disbelief, "Did you just touch me? You touched my skin... How did you..."

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