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Merlin thought it would be easy. He thought he could just find a spell to blast the beetles out of existence and then they could continue on with their lives. As it turned out, nothing was ever simple. They had to know the exact type of insect that was causing the destruction otherwise they could end up killing the majority of the insect population - perhaps even other animals too. The only problem was that they had been looking for about a week and so far there hadn't been any mention of the creature anywhere.

"How about this one?" Merlin asked, flipping the book around for his guardian to see.

"I'm afraid not. It doesn't have the small double pinchers at the front. Like this." Gaius pointed to the diagram in the book he held.

Merlin ran his hands through his hair, "That couldn't be the one, could it?" He inspected the drawing in Gaius' book.

"Unfortunately not. Though, it is close." Gaius said, frowning at the page.

"How so?" Merlin asked, shifting closer to Gaius.

"Well, this one has a large bulbous body and double pinchers but the ones attracted to our crops have longer narrower bodies."

Merlin sighed and slumped, "Why does it have to be perfect?" He let his face fall into the dusty book in front of him.

"We have already gone over this." Gaius said in a resigned voice.

"I know, I know." Merlin replied and rose from his seat.

"Where are you going?" Gaius demanded.

Merlin smiled ironically, "I have to take Arthur his supper."