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Chapter Two;

"They think they're so clever." Lily hisses quietly to Severus, watching four laughing figures from beind a tree. It's Sunday morning, and Lily is grateful to have all of her homework out of the way. It's their second year, and they have been back at Hogwarts for almost a month. They had spent their summer together as well, and Lily found it handy having Severus as her best friend. They helped each other with their homework through the holidays, and both found potions especially fun.

The boys they have been spying on stop their laughing, except for the smaller, rounder boy, obviously trying to suck up to the other three. This is Peter Pettigrew, the newest member to the group that now call themselves the 'Marauders'. The other three members are Remus Lupin, who Lily is quite fond of, Sirius Black, who Lily is particularly annoyed by, and James Potter, a boy who Lily hasn't quite made her mind up about yet. The redhead is sure that Peter was only invited to hang out with them because he was almost stalking them beforehand. Perhaps they feel sorry for him?

Since establishing the Marauders, the four boys have jumped at every chance to make the school a more...'interesting place'. This means they use whatever magic skills they have collected in the last year to play practical jokes on teachers, peers, and their favourite targets, Slytherins. They claimed to not understand how Slytherins belonged in the same category as students.

Lily had decided almost as soon as the group was created that she didn't like it. It was just something to enlarge their egos, and the way everyone looked up to them made her sick. They were feeding the minds of the first years with their bad habits and making the teachers more and more aggravated every lesson they had.

"Where do you think they get their ideas from?" Severus asks bitterly as Black waves his wand and sends a Slytherin's books flying out of his arms, growing wings and soaring toward the sky.

"Remus, probably." Lily muses, turning away from the boys. She tries to resist the urge to march over to them and scold them, like she has done a few times before. "He seems to be the only one out of them with any brains."

"I don't understand how they could get so many fans just from doing stupid things."

"I know. I wish they'd just wake up to themselves. They're giving Gryffindor a bad name."

Severus mutters something quietly, and Lily doesn't care enough to ask what it was.

Lily looks over her shoulder at them again. A small crowd has gathered around the marauders and are clapping, drowning out the Slytherin student's angry shouts directed at them. Eventually he gives up and stalks back to the castle, most likely to report them. Lily hopes he does, not even worrying about the huge chance that points would be taken from her own house. She bites her lip thoughtfully. Even though they'd had a talking to more times than anyone could remember, they didn't seem to mind.

"They don't need bigger heads then they already have." she spits as the crowd begins parting again and the Marauders go back to looking for trouble with superior looks on their faces.

It seems like half of the school has squashed itself in the Gryffindor section of the Quidditch stands. James takes a deep breath as he looks over all of them, his broomstick clutched tightly in his left hand. He was determined to join the Quidditch team this year, which is why he had convinced his parents it was perfectly reasonable to bring it to school.

He spots Sirius, Remus and Peter in the crowd and grins confidently at them as Peter waves. He tries not to show that he's freaking out more than he ever has before and walks confidently to the Quidditch captian, who is giving the students trying out a short speech.

"Keepers first." he announces. James has decided he's trying out for a place as a Chaser, so waits impatiently with the rest of those with different places in mind.

Everyone trying out is fairly good. There's only one person that misses more than two quaffles, and eventually a fifth year girl is chosen for the team. The way they act makes James suspect that she had been in the team the year before, and isn't surprised. She's very coordinated and seems to know where the ball is going to go before it is even thrown.

Beaters are chosen next, and two boys, one from seventh year and one from fourth, are chosen for the parts. The seventh year boy has also been in the team before.

The Gryffindor Quidditch captain, Michael Gardener, is the Seeker in the team, so that only leaves Chasers for tryouts. James stands as he calls them over and mounts his broom when asked. He hopes desperately that no one knows how nervous he is as he rises into the air before hundreds of eyes from his house and others.

The four people that tried out before him were almost perfect. One of them dropped the Quaffle once, but other than that there were no major slip-ups. James can't help but imagine himself dropping the Quaffle and falling off of his broom as he tries to retrieve it, but does his best to push these images to the back of his mind.

Two of the chasers from the previous year are throwing him the Quaffle. The third has left Hogwarts, and the Gardener is looking to replace only him. He knows two of the best Chasers in the school are already on the team, but is going to go through all of the try-outs anyway. They begin throwing him the ball gently and slowly, then begin to really force it out of their arms as the minutes pass by. James easily catches the Quaffle each and every time, flying forwards and backwards, hanging off the side of his broom, leaning in ways the other Chasers hadn't ever been able to before, and making it all look effortless. As James sinks back to the ground with a number of people from the stands cheering for him, Gardener knows he has found his third Chaser. He doesn't feel like going through the rest of the people lined up, some who know look oddly sick, but he does anyway, because it's what is fair.

Before try-outs are over, James looks into the stands, where people are still congratulating him with claps, whistles and cheers. His eyes fall on a heap of thick, red hair and his smile fades a little when he notices Lily Evans appears to be the only person in the stands who doesn't look impressed as she tilts her head to the side and studies her right boot. He doesn't let it bother him, though, and smiles widely at his three best friends, who are making more noise than the rest of the spectators together.

Lily rolls her eyes a couple of days later when she walks into the Gryffindor common room. There is a notice posted about the people who had made it onto the team, and the Marauders and whooping loudly infront of it. Lily wants to get to breakfast but doesn't want to walk past them in case they make a scene involving her, so she pauses before passing them. Her Sunday is officially ruined.

"What's up, Lily?" Mary's voice asks from behind her. Lily turns slightly to smile at her friend, who is around the same height with loose, blonde curls.

"Nothing," she says, bravely stepping across the common room to get to the portrait that allows them access too and from the Gryffindor common room.

"Evans! Macdonald!" Lily's eyes rolled back in her head in annoyance at the sound of Sirius Black's voice. The two of them turn unwillingly to the four boys, who are still crowded around the small notice. "Guess who the newest member of the Gryffindor Quidditch team is?" he asks, obviously enjoying the fact that his best friend has a new sense of power over the school.

Lily looks directly at James Potter while Mary stumbles over her words directed at Sirius. Potter doesn't look too proud or arrogant, like she has expected. He looks...proud of himself, but not arrogantly so. His eyes flicker away from hers, as if he is uncomfortable for once in his life with the attention Sirius is getting him.

"Congratulations, Potter." Lily says politely before taking Mary's hand and pulling her out of the common room.

"Not surprising." Mary says as soon as they begin making their way to the Great Hall.

Lily looks over her shoulder incase of Marauders and shushes her friend. "I keep telling you not to feed them unnecessary compliments. Their egos are already too big."

Mary laughs quietly. She doesn't understand Lily's views on this subject like Severus does. "They work hard for it. Their pranks are really funny."

"Mary," Lily says, shaking her head in a slightly frustrated way. "One of these days you will wake up and realise they are just attention-seeking prats."

James hates the fact that he's put himself in this situation. He's mentally kicking himself, which is hard to tell, because the pulse of his heart is taking over his whole body. He can feel it from his toes, to his shaking fingers, which he grips tighter around his broom, incase his team mates catch onto the fact that he's absolutely terrified.

Michael Gardener is standing before the six others, all wearing the same scarlet and gold Quidditch jerseys, giving them what James assumes is a very inspirational speech before they go out, onto the field. He doesn't know, to be perfectly honest. He can't hear anything properly over the anxious worries in his head. A moment later he is wishing the worries back, because now he can't hear anything over the roar of the crowd in the stands. He didn't realise there were so many students at Hogwarts. Somehow there seemed to be more looking down on him at the moment than there ever are in the Great Hall for meals.

As the Gryffindors walk onto the field he hears his name being called out to all of the spectators with the rest of his team's name. Then the Hufflepuff team is marching towards them and their names are called out, as well. Their captain is a tall girl with short blonde hair, who smiles out of politeness and shake's Gardener's hand. Before he realises, they are all on their brooms and are in the air. The anxious feeling in his stomach becomes more and more until the whistle starting the game sounds and he is swerving and ducking under yellow and black robes to deliver the Quaffle to the other side of the field.

Most of his nerves come from the possibility that he could drop the Quaffle in front of so many people, but he doesn't. Not once, in the whole game, which is better than both of the other Chasers, who have been doing this a great deal of time longer than he has. At one point, as he shoots across the front of the Gryffindor section of the stands, he thinks he hears Sirius' cheer, and that gives him more confidence. He knows there are people out there that want him to do well, and that reminds him that he's playing for the team, not to let himself look good.

When the Quaffle leaves his arms and flies cleanly through one of the three hoops behind Hufflepuff's Keeper for the first time he thinks his face will never go back to normal, because his smile it too big. Gardener is shouting words of praise to James as he looks around for a speck of gold, and James is alarmed as he shoots off faster than what seems to be possible in the opposite direction. A moment later, however, the Gryffindor side of the stands erupts into a roar of happy shouting and Gardener holds the Snitch above his head, and giving Gryffindor the game, one-hundred and ninety to thirty.