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The next morning, Kate woke up to find Castle next to her in bed. The night before flooded back to her. Every delicious moment of it. She smiled, but that smile slowly deflated when she realized how spontaneous she had been. What if things didn't go well after Castle woke up? She didn't even know how he had ended up in her apartment last night. They hadn't really had a chance to talk since he showed up, they had been…. Preoccupied.

Castle stirred, startling her. He yawned, then turned to face her. His eyes were sleepy. He was smiling, but then he saw Beckett's face. "Are you ok?"

She let out a quiet laugh. "That's a loaded question."

He looked at her enquiringly for an explanation.

"When I asked you if we could talk yesterday, I was going to tell you that Tom and I broke up," she started slowly. "I was going to tell you how I felt."

His eyes widened.

"I love you, Rick. And I want to be with you. But then your ex-wife-" she winced a bit on the inside as she said that. "-showed up and I thought that you didn't feel the same way."

Castle took her hand and sat up in bed, pulling her against his bare chest.

"Do you know why I came back?"

She shook her head, looking up into his eyes.

"To be with you. Because I realized I couldn't live without you. I didn't want to fall asleep last night without you in my arms. Before I saw you kiss Demming last week-"

Kate bit her lip. Oops.

"-I was going to tell you that I didn't care if didn't feel the same, I wanted you to know how much you meant to me. I needed you to give me a shot. But I saw you with him, and I jumped to same conclusion you did yesterday."

She was overcome with emotion. Most of it was love for him, but part of her as still uneasy. Pushing that small part away, she pulled his face down to hers and kissed him. When they broke apart, she said, "Castle, can I ask you something?"

"Anything," he promised, squeezing her hand.

"Is this for real? I just feel like it's too good to be true, like it'll slip out of my fingers. I mean, you could have anyone, especially your pretty blonde ex-wife, and you choose me?"

He laughed. He actually laughed.

"No one I've ever been with has what you have. Your determination, your strength, you beauty… something about you draws me in, Kate. Every time I would tackle you to the ground in an attempt to save your life, I would memorize the way your body felt against mine, praying for you to feel the same thing I felt."

"Oh, Castle…," Kate said lovingly, kissing him again. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her down on top of him, kissing with longing. She broke the kiss for just a moment, their foreheads and noses touching.

"I love you, Castle."