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I don't get how Kami-nii-sama thinks that Mio's easy to capture but he's Kami so it probably is anyway. He's so great, I mean he looked like one of the samurai that we learnt about in Japanese culture back in Hell, nin nin! Actually, that's a ninja isn't it? Anyway, Kami-nii-sama said something about being a chauffeur so I should probably cook something appropriate but what should I cook? Oh well, it'll probably come to me at some point. Now, I should assist Kami-nii-sama to the best of my ability.


"Hey, mum." I said over the dining table during breakfast, "Can I borrow your bicycle?"

It seems that she was slightly shocked and stared at me... as if I was a specimen to be goggled at. I think she might have had some trouble processing what I said. Is it really that big a deal? The situations where the protagonist cycle with the heroine are pretty commonplace.

"Can I borrow your bicycle?" I asked again.

When her expression changed to that of eagerness, I immediately knew that I'd made a mistake and should've just taken off at the first opportunity. On hindsight, there was never 'the first opportunity' to begin with.

"You're a man! What do you need a bicycle for?" she growled taking off her glasses.

Scrap the negotiation tactics, I've got to run! Even as she grabbed me by the collar and dragged me out of the room. I think I was still pressing the A button to escape in my mind. That's why I hate reality, why must it never obey to my commands when I want it to. Before I knew it, mum had arrived at the garage where she kept a motorbike which she'd spend hours polishing on some days.

"This is more like it." as she plonked me on its dual saddle and I dizzily tried to recover.

She scrutinised me for a while and said; "You look too lanky on that, I think I'd better train you up."

Hearing this means that I'm probably not in a good situation and I knew I had to get out of this. After considering my options, I decided to go for the simplest and safest option. I just needed her to wait until she started blabbering on about the old days when she was Yuki Onna in her bike gang and I could just wheel out with the bicycle and that would be it. Simple tactics can work but rubbish tactics won't. Of course, it was exactly as I'd predicted... not that there was much to predict.


"Why didn't you get that thing that Morita was driving yesterday?" I asked Kami-nii-sama.

It seems that Kami-nii-sama got himself a bike... I thought he was going to drive that thing Morita was driving yesterday, but it seems he's bothered with something called a... 'drivelling sense'.

"Don't be stupid, I haven't bothered to get a driving licence; I'm not wasting any money when it could be used for buying games and how am I supposed to get a car and a licence in a single morning?" he said having already immersed himself in his PFP.

"Well, you should have told me if you wanted to get one." I said as I propped the bike against the wall and worked my hagoromo magic. If I remember correctly, it looked a bit like this... In a flash of pixies (or whatever the company called it) the 'car' was made.

"Kami-nii-sama! I've made a car!" I shouted enthusiastically, this was so exciting!

Kami-nii-sama was very surprised to see the 'car' thing as he turned around but it seemed that he wasn't very interested in it and started to walk away.

"Kami-nii-sama, I guarantee that this works!" I called after him.

It may seem that he was thinking about it for a while and in the end, did come back to look at it.


Well, it seems that she made a pretty good job of this, the outside appearance of it looks exactly like a car. I opened the door which seems to be...

"What's with the seats? They look a bit... slimy." I said questioningly as I continued to stare at it for a while... wait, did it move just then?

"Well, I've only seen a car from the outside so I have absolutely no idea what the interior is supposed to look like." Elsie replied with an enthusiastic smile on her face, "But it's a pretty close resemblance, right?"

Well, I had to admit that somehow, she'd got the layout roughly right but the material are just... just why are there so many eyes all over the place?

I felt something wet and slippery wind around my wrist. Slowly, my head turn to acknowledge something that looked something like a snake. I screamed.

"What the Hell is this?" I flung my arms wildly stumbling away from the so called car and somehow, successfully dislodged the thing from around my arm.

"Ah, they're baby wassfidos, umm, basically baby water dragons." she answered nonchalantly with that annoyingly ignorant smile plastered to her face.

"I don't care! Just get this so called 'car' outta my sight!" I yelled.

"What? But you get a comfy ride and you don't even have to drive it." Elsie went around and opened the 'boot', "Look, I got some strong minaurochs to help you drive it."

"NO! Just get it out of my sight and anyway, why is it just made of these hellish things?" I demanded.

"What? They're prized ingredients! They're really good and tame you know." Elsie said.

Somehow, it seemed that Elsie was more of a demon than she had made out to be... not that I forgot what had happened on that terrible night which was filled with memories of general bowel pain. Just who is she going feed this stuff to? I sure as Hell won't let her get that stuff near me ever again. Right, I'm going.

I took the bike and left the mini sized hell full of... ingredients behind me. I will never trust her stuff again. I'll probably arrive just in time if I walk to Mio's house. Even though it took quite a while to get past that bug, I did leave earlier so it shouldn't be a problem. Why on Earth do I have to go along with this crappy game in reality? The more I try to ignore it the more it clings onto me. One day, I'll definitely break free from the curse of reality.

A wasabido or whatever almost strangled me to death.

Damn you.


"Hmph, That quitter. I'll maintain a wealthy lifestyle even if I have to do it myself." our second capture target, Mio spoke to herself.

Her attention turned to her shoes and she wore a look of concern.

"Kami-sama, when are you going to talk to her? You've been waiting for a while already." I asked him with concern of my own, "You've been waiting for quite a while."

He ignored me and continued to stare at Mio. I sighed and then he took me by surprise as he suddenly spoke.

"Elsie, remember that timing is everything." then he left the hiding place without so much as a backward glance.

"Allow me to take you to school."

I guess that's Kami-sama for you, he's so dependable when it comes to the job even though most of the stuff he says makes little sense... or maybe it's just me.

Since I was quite wrapped up in my thoughts, I guess I was surprised, almost shocked when I suddenly heard a yelp. In the next moment Mio was on the ground picking up the bread from yesterday. Kami-nii-sama wouldn't do something as terrible as to push her over would he? Ah man, I really should've paid attention, I have no idea what's going on!

"You won't be able to walk too well in those shoes. Now, please get on the bicycle." he replied as if he didn't notice the plight which Mio was in.

A gentleman should be helping at this moment. Right?

"I refuse to ride that cheap piece of junk!" Mio yelled back at him.

I looked thoughtfully at the bike in question. Okay, here goes... TADA! I guess this carriage will do for now. I hope Mio will accept it.

Mio did get on after a little bit of talking. I did a good job didn't I Kami-sama! He will praise me for that, right?

"Are you okay, Kami-sama?" I asked him worriedly as he slumped lifelessly over the front of the bicycle.

"This conquest will take a lot of stamina." he panted.

With a lot of effort, he got off the bike and told me to make the carriage disappear after taking it out of sight. I did just that, propped the bike on the wall and left for class.

"Hey Elsie," he panted as he struggled up to me, "you do know that we need to lock it up right?"

I didn't know what he was talking about.

"Don't we just leave it here and then pick it up afterwards?" I asked.

"Well that's unless you make it invisible or do you want to find it stolen afterwards." he replied wryly.

"Oh, okay." and I turned it invisible, it seems that there are mean people who like to steal here as well.

"Are you really going to keep that up through the whole day?" he asked in exasperation.

"I'm going to try my best!" I said enthusiastically.

I don't think Kami-nii-sama was entirely convinced but he did leave after that. It seems that Kami-nii-sama is really tired from all of that hard work. I need to reward him somehow and prove to him I do care... I have an idea! Minotaur stew would be great and it's fresh from hell. Plus, he must've been impressed when I showed them to him at the 'car'. He even praised our culture! Anyway, it's supposed to strengthen those things called muscles, I think I learnt that in Biology, they're supposed to make you move. Kami-nii-sama, I've been useless before but this time, I'll definitely do it right. Be prepared for my legendary cooking skills...

"Hey, Elsie." he looked at me critically, "Don't get any funny ideas just because I've got my guard down now." he seemed pretty serious.

Ahaha, even though he's still tired from the pedalling, he's still Kami. He deserves to eat the food that I put my heart into. After the Pescatore Styx, I'm definitely not going to disappoint this time.


I don't get her. You'd assume that a demon posing as a human on earth would've done more research... No wait, she has; just not in the right era. That's it. So now she's just taking every sarcastic comment at face value. It's not that I mind her turning my dad's bike invisible as a safety measure but just one of these days... I'm probably just expecting imminent disaster. How often do you find that happening in... galges? Okay, except in School Days... but heroines in galges are better than reality any day.


Although I've told her not to try anything funny, she still seems to be pretty hyped up about something. For goodness sake, I can see it on her face. Reality, please do not give me anymore grief than I have. No more destruction, no more Hell food, no more embarrassing moments and just no more of her stupid nonsense that she hasn't unleashed yet which I don't want to know about. Ever since I've started this thing, I have a slowly piling up backlog. I pray that it won't get any bigger although I suspect that reality will once again do the opposite of what I ask. I'm really not looking forward to these stupid bicycle trips to and from her house... why can't she just live a little closer and make my life just that bit easier.

"Kami-nii-sama!" Elsie shouted right beside my ear rendering my senses to a state of intolerable vibrations.

"What? I can hear you without you shouting at me you know." I growled at her after recovering my senses sufficiently.

"Ehehe, sorry." she apologised in all her meek glory and then bounced straight back to her excited voice which fortunately, I was braced for this time, "I made some new friends today!"

"Oh really." I turned back to my PFP, attempting to tune out her blabbering.

"Yeah, you know Ayumi and the person who kindly read out that message for me." she ventured.

"How on earth did you get to the conclusion that she 'kindly' read it out for us. It was bloody embarrassing!"

How could she say that when she was embarrassed like that yesterday? That demon really doesn't know a thing does she?

"But that's what she said, she was only trying to do a favour..." Elsie said, trying to justify an action of someone who she'd just become friends with - probably this morning... which is now.

Argh, I can't bear this. I can't believe anyone could possibly be this gullible? And just how did that other person know that she was this gullible anyway? Actually, I guess it just really shows...

Oh well, back to my games. After all, I can't let that ridiculous backlog increase anymore. It's not like anything I do otherwise is going to make anything any better.

"Kami-nii-sama, I was thinking of cooking your bento tomorrow." I think ignoring her has just made me victim of something terrible. "After all, you need strength for this conquest." I looked around slowly to see that she was practically bursting with happiness, "I'll put all my heart into it!"

"Elsie, you don't need to. I'm happy with my usual servings of canteen lunch at the moment, it'll be to much trouble for you to go that length to cook for me." I tried to talk her out of it with the thoughtful consideration card...

"Of course it isn't too much trouble. It's the least I can do for you after all." she said.

...but it bloody well failed me. Not that I ever thought it was actually going to work. Elsie was a demon through and through as deceiving as first impressions and her apparent clumsiness would at first suggest.

"Right! It's homeroom now, get back to your seats!" Nikaido came in and shouted, saving me from having to continue that pointless conversation and carry on with my games. That teacher could be a saviour sometimes.

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