Legend of the Chezamon

Chapter 17- Immunity

Fen conjured a protective blue shield around the group to protect them from the Chamil's claws, but the beast's nails pierced through it with one single swipe. Tangath countered with a fire attack from his sword, but it did little damage to the Chamil's skin.

"Kaya!" Barlow had joined Rocket in trying to snap Kaya out of his frozen state.

Realizing it was no use, Rocket turned to the princess. "Princess Fen, you must get out of here!"

Fen snapped. "I'm not leaving you here!"

Tangath attracted the Chamil's attention from the M'arrillian and the Chezamon, and barely avoided a swipe from the Chamil's tail, which instead hit a dead tree, shattering into splinters.

"Princess, go fetch Kazehana and the Skyguard! They'll be able to help!" Barlow snarled. "We alone won't last long!

Tangath avoided another swing of the Chamil's tail, and fired a Spirit Gust at his unarmored tail. The Chamil roared in pain when the attack hit the soft, pinkish parts of his tail, but this only made him angrier.

Realizing they were both right, Fen nodded. "I'll be back!" With a flap of her wings, she was off the ground and dashing through the air, away from the battlefield. Bodhal panicked when he felt his shield fly away, and tried to hide behind the Eel soldier's body.

The M'arrillian had regained a little bit of strength, but he could barely lift his head off the ground. Still, he managed to take a look at his rescuers. Tangath Toborn, and wolf-like beasts, trying to fend off the gigantic animal with the spiky tail. They weren't having much luck, however.

Rocket fired a Howling Burst at the Chamil's maw, combined with Barlow's Sonic Scream, nearly strong enough to make the Chamil step back. But the Chamil roared in fury, and swung his tail at the two.

Kaya had been frozen all the time, but when he saw his best friend nearly being crushed by the Chamil's tail, something inside his brain snapped. Everything around him stopped, like time standing still. Slowly, Kaya's pupils started narrowing until they became thin black lines, nearly invisible to the naked eye.

A deep growl rose from his throat, and his lips curled back.

Rocket noticed this. "Kaya?"

Before he could get closer, the red-furred Hunter dashed towards the Chamil, in a fit of speed. The Chamil was taken by surprise, for he hadn't expected for a Hunter to lunge at him this way, but he didn't care. As long as he could eat he didn't care. But his jaws closed in thin air, in this state Hunters were faster and much more agile than when they used their heads.

Kaya was a different Chezamon. He no longer thought, driven only by his instincts, and his subconscious desire to kill. He had gone into Prey Drive mode.

Prey Drive mode was neither a good thing, nor a bad thing. It depended on how it was used, but it had a major setback. When in Prey Drive, Chezamon lost all use of reason as long as it remained active, and were completely driven by their animal instincts. They could go as far as to not being able to distinguish friends from foes, unless they had learned their allies' scents beforehand. The most skilled Chezamon warriors could trigger and deactivate Prey Drive at will, but most Chezamon's Prey Drive was triggered by becoming too stressed, or in this case, when in danger.

Kaya dug his teeth into the Chamil's nose, making the predator screech in pain and shake his head violently in an attempt to shake him off.

But what made things worse was that Kaya's Prey Drive triggered Rocket's. Like Kaya, Rocket's pupils turned into nearly-invisible slits and his reason was taken over by his instinct. Rocket lunged to the Chamil's legs and dug his teeth into his toe, making him screech once more.

"What's gotten into them?" Bodhal exclaimed upon seeing the Hunters' behavior.

"Prey Drive, that's what!" Barlow replied in a foreboding voice. "They are not thinking right now, they're just driven by their beastly side. On that state we Chezamon are unpredictable, and we won't distinguish strangers as allies." Barlow turned to the Overworlders. "That's why we must learn the scents of newcomers or strangers, so our Prey Drive won't be a danger to them."

The Chamil finally made Kaya released his nose, sending him flying against a tree; Kaya whined in pain, but the pain only lasted a few seconds, before he gnashed his teeth and charged at the Chamil again. Rocket moved from the legs to the Chamil's neck, making the predator roar in pain.

"How do we defeat this thing?!" Tangath snarled, using a Vine Snare on the Chamil's back legs to try and make him lose his balance, but the beast just shook it off like it was nothing. "Out attacks aren't working!"

"The Chamil only has two weaknesses." Barlow explained. "The skin under the spines of its tail, and its tongue. If you strike hard any of the two, you send him away whining like a puppy. But it's very hard to make him expose those two parts, because he knows it."

The Chamil swung his tail and Rocket, but the Hunter dodged it with a great jump and landed on exposed skin. He immediately dug his teeth into it, even in that state remembering the Chamil's weakness. A terrible, excruciating pain shot through the Chamil's tail, screeching and roaring in agony as it tried to desperately shake Rocket off his tail, to no avail.

"Now!" Barlow snarled. "Fire at his tongue!"

Tangath and Barlow shot a fire Attack aimed at the Chamil's now unexposed tongue, making him screech in agony even more. Finally shaking Rocket off his tail, the Chamil turned around and sped out of the clearing, his screeches echoing in the forest. Tangath Toborn and Bodhal started cheering for their victory, but immediately after the Chamil ran away, Kaya and Rocket's attention turned to them.

"Guys!" Barlow tried to make them reason, but they had been too long in the Prey Drive to snap out of it so easily. The two Hunters approached the two Overworlders like they were stalking a prey, showing their teeth and growling. But they couldn'tbe targeting Tangath of Bodhal, they had learned their scents as soon as they came into the forest… realization hit Barlow. The M'arrillian, they did not know his scent, they saw him as a potential prey.

Before they could lunge, however, suddenly two large, winged Chezamon landed on top of them to keep them from harming anyone. The winged creature holding down Rocket was a great, dark-blue colored male with yellow and green wing feathers, while the one holding Kaya was a female with yellow fur, cake yellow underbelly and gray wings. Rocket and Kaya snarled and gnashed their teeth, growling and even barking in protest.

"They're in Prey Drive, it seems." The blue-furred male stated.

"Can you snap them out of it?" Bodhal inquired, flinching at the two Hunters' irrational behavior. "They're freaking me out!"

As a reply, the female held out a Mugic, colored green. The two Overworlders guessed it was Chezamon mugic. As it floated into the air, a green aura rose from the female's body, and into the mugic.

"Soul Heal!" she shouted.

When the seven notes of the mugic resonated through the air, swirl of golden and silver light flew down into Rocket and Kaya's foreheads. Seconds after, Kaya and Rocket stopped snarling and calmed down, their pupils dilating, their heads clearing up.

"Owowow…." Kaya winced under the female's weight, and looked up at her. "Silar, you're squashing my intestines."

"Sorry." She stepped off him, sensing he was back to normal. Her male partner stepped off Rocket as well, letting the blue-furred Hunter stand up.

"Thunderbolt, no offense, but you should go on a diet." Rocket gasped for air.

The winged male rolled his eyes. "Shouldn't you tell Kaya that?"

Kaya looked at him, offended. "For you information, I only weight a ton!"

Barlow rolled his eyes in annoyance. "Seriously, you."

No one had noticed the M'arrillian lift his head softly, and take aim at Rocket for something. If he could take control of one of the wolf Creatures, maybe he could make his escape. With the last of his strength, the eel soldier fired a mind-control arrow at Rocket.

At the last moment, Kaya realized what was about to happen, and he quickly pushed Rocket aside, confusing everyone, until they saw the arrow struck the red-furred Hunter.

Tangath Toborn immediately pointed his sword at Kaya, preparing to attack him. He didn't like it, but he was probably under the M'arrillian's mind control now. Silar and Thunderboltflew to the M'arrillian's head and pinned him to the ground, gnashing their teeth at him.

"Tangath, what are you doing?!" Rocket asked in shock upon realizing what the Overworlder was going to do.

"Step back! He's probably under control now!"

"Under-what?" Barlow inquired, "What are you talking about?!"

The eel M'arrillian mentally ordered Kaya to get the winged Chezamon off him. Nothing happened.

Kaya shook his head and took a paw to his head. "My brain is itching."

"Kaya?" Rocket approached his friend warily. "Is that you?"

Kaya stared at him. "No, I'm Hukaro." He stated sarcastically. "Of course I have to be Kaya! Who else can I be?"

The giant eel ordered him to attack his captors again, but once more Kaya only felt a small itching in his brain, nothing more.

"How can it be?" Tangath lowered his sword, staring at Kaya in surprise. "The M'arrillian struck you with a Mind-control attack, you should be under his influence!"

"Mind-control?" Rocket recalled Luna's pack talking about the M'arrillians mind control, but he thought they were exaggerating.

"You mean they have immunity?!" Bodhal stepped forward, pushing Barlow aside, and staring at Kaya dumbfounded. "How is that even possible?!"

the Hunters obviously had no idea why they were making such a ruckus about it, for they had not been in the M'arrillian invasion. They never had to attack mind-controlled comrades, nor had been mind-controlled themselves.

"What do we do with him, then?" Rocket pointed at the eel M'arrillian. "IF we leave him here, the Galliacs will surely come back for him, and he won't have anyone to help him, then."

"We should take that scum back to your Den." Tangath stated, pointing his sword at the M'arrillian. "If he made it this far into your territory, there must be a M'arrillian camp somewhere, and he was just a scout."

The Chezamon present grew alarmed at those words.

"He's right, we cannot let him go." Barlow agreed. "We should first take him back to the den, then interrogate him."

"How are we supposed to take him back, genius?" Kaya stated. "He must weight even more than me? And we don't have a cart!"

Rocket thought for a moment. H just had an idea, but Kaya would not like it.

"Wait until I get my paws on Rocket!" Hukaro snapped, pacing around the Main Hal of the Den, just in the northern entrance. "Risking Princess Fen's life like that, unforgivable!"

"If you don't stop, you'll make a ditch with your big, stinky paws." Ryuu stated, sitting a few steps away, staring at the Beta Male irritated.

"You're the one to talk! You're in charge of Fen's wellbeing, and look what nearly happened!"

"You can't blame him for that, he was assigned to escort the delegates through Mist Forest, he couldn't have known Rocket would help Princess Fen sneak out of the Den." Jerome pointed out from his place next to Shaoran and Toba.

Ryuu taunted Hukaro with a grin. "Ha."

"Well, who am I supposed to blame, then?!" Hukaro snapped.

"Yourself, for a change."

"WHAT?!" Hukaro's voice echoed in the Main Hall, and the surrounding caverns. "ME?!"

"She's your future mate, and you can't even know when she will try to do things like this. Unlike me, you were actually in the Den."

"You're so lucky you're not under my jurisdiction, Ryuu….!" Hukaro stared at him with an angry glare.

"Why must the two of them always be arguing about something?" Shaoran shook his head.

"I'll never understand males." Hikari shook her head.

Before Hukaro and Ryuu could say something else, a gray Hunter rushed into the Main Hall from the northern entrance, looking scared out of his wits. "Hukaro! Kaya, Rocket and Barlow are back with the Overworld delegates-!"

"What are you waiting for?!" Hukaro snarled. "Bring them here so I can kill Rocket!"

"But sir, They've brought a captive!"

"What?!" Ryuu jumped to his paws and approached the Hunter. "What kind of captive?"

"They called him a… what was it… Marilan, no…. Arillin…. M'arrillian!"

"M'arrillian?!" both Ryuu and Hukaro repeated simultaneously.

"You mean the Creatures Tom and the others were talking about?" Shaoran inquired.

"I guess so. It's like a giant eel or a sea serpent! I've ever seen anything so ugly!"

Just as he was done speaking, Ryuu's ears caught the sound of something being dragged down. Kaya, Rocket and Barlow walked into the Main Hall, with ropes tied around their waists, and panting like they were pulling a giant rock. They dragged the M'arrillian into the Main hall, the other end of the ropes tied around his thick neck. He had a thick rope acting as a muzzler tied around his snout. Tangath and Bodhal helped by pushing the eel soldier from behind. The three finally stopped, a few pawsteps away from Hukaro and Ryuu.

"Damn it! If I had known I would pull a giant eel back to the Den, I would have rather stayed behind with the pups!" Kaya growled, gasping for air.

"What are you complaining about? I'm the one doing all the work here!" Rocket protested.

"What's that thing?!" Jerome pointed at the M'arrillian with a terrified expression in his face. "It's horrible!"

"More importantly, Rocket, who gave you permission to sneak Princess Fen out of the Den?!" Hukaro yelled at the blue-furred Hunter.

Rocket gulped. "W-well, I…"

"She could have been hurt by the Galliacs, or worse, killed by the Chamil! How would we answer to the Alphas, then?!"

"She didn't mean to go into battle, she just wanted to take a breath of fresh air!"

"Well, she could have waited for me to return, and I would have sent some of my Clawders to escort her outside." Ryuu growled softly.

"That's the reason she went out on her own account, Ryuu." Kaya stated. "She's tired of being surrounded by guards even when she goes to the bathroom!"

The unconscious M'arrillian stirred instinctively, making Jerome flinch and nearly faint. Hukaro knew now was not the right time to punish Rocket. First they would take care of this M'arrillian, then he'd punish Rocket. "Shaoran, Jerome, Toba!" the three Hunters approached. "Take this… M'arrillian to the dungeons, feed him, but do not let him out! The rest…!" he pointed to Rocket, Shaoran and Barlow. "Come with me!"

Rocket let out a gulp as he, Kaya and Barlow followed Hukaro out of the Main Hall, probably to see the alphas and tell them what had happened, as well to decide what to do with the M'arrillian. Ryuu walked closer to Tangath and Bodhal. "Sorry you had to see that. Hukaro takes threats to Princess Fen very seriously."

"We can see that." Bodhal muttered under his breath.

"I must say, I'm impressed." Ryuu commented. "Most encounters with Chamils end up very bad, few manage to defeat one, and you've just entered that group." Ryuu grinned slightly. "For outsiders, you're not that bad."

"Well, of course!" Bodhal's chest swelled up with pride. "I had the situation under control!"

"You talk much, Bodhal, for hiding behind Barlow for the entire battle." Tangath stated.

"I wasn't hiding! I was analyzing the situation to plan a strategy!"

Ryuu rolled his eyes, though his grin remained. He caught a shadow in the corner of his eye, however, spying a them from one of the dark tunnels. Ryuu had the eyes of a hawk and the ears of a fox, there was no one in the Tribe that could pass by him unnoticed. He couldn't tell who was in the tunnel, staring at them, but he could tell it was another delegate from one of the other Tribes.

The shadow realized Ryuu had noticed hi,, and retreated back into the shadows.