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It was a nice, peaceful Saturday afternoon. The sun in the sky, birds chirping and an empty house. Well except for the lump that was on the couch making soft muffled snores. (insert one human shaped lump here)

Yes this was the much-enjoyed weekend for one Kuchiki Rukia. Blinds drawn, lights off and total peace and silence.

… … … (just give it a second) …



In a matter of seconds, the lump had fallen off the couch with a dull *thud and a black head of hair could be seen peeking out from the tangled mess of blankets and pajamas.

This was the peaceful morning of one Kuchiki Rukia, and that's how the seemingly peaceful part of it shattered into a million crystal pieces.

From under the twisted mess of covers arose one very pissed off Rukia.

Clad in rumpled up pink "Chappy" pajama shorts and matching tank top with an expression that could rival a bull ready to charge, she looked highly upset that her sleep was disturbed. (well to say the least…)

"Oi, midget! Watcha doin?" yelled a vice from the open doorway.

Doorway? Open? Since when?

Head snapping to the side to face the noise, Rukia was met with a cocky-as-ever Grimmjow, with his ever present smirk.

It was only after he had stepped full through the door that Rukia noticed him dragging behind a less-than-cheerful Ulquiorra by the back of his Shirt collar. (insert kawaii anime sweatdrop) His facial expression showed that he was about to pass out. (Or maybe choke to death)

Great just what I needed on my quiet weekend at home… She let out a sigh.

"Well look at what the cat dragged in" she tried to say in a nonchalant manner although it was coming out like nails on a chalkboard.

"WHADDA YA MEAN CAT?" that seemed to get their attention and a stupid question as well. "I am NOT A CAT!" Grimmjow fumed while still holding on to his poor friends collar.

"It's a figure of speech trash…" Ulquiorra was able to grit out while trying to pry his bluenette friend's hands off his shirt. "It wasn't meant to take literally."

"Shut up emoface Im not stupid!" and with that final word out of Grimmjow his grip loosened and Ulquiorra met the earth with a dull thud.

This was the Morning of one now extremely pissed off and sleep deprived Rukia Kuchiki. Little did she know, there was more to come…

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