He Knew

It wasn't a particularly spectacular moment when it hit Ron. Nor was it dull. Although, depending on your point of view, it could be considered dull. It was a common moment that had happened many times before that never ceased to be dull for him. Then again, depending on your point of view, it could be considered spectacular. Too have such certainty in something and believe it from the very depths of your soul. Yes, that could possibly be spectacular.

It was like any other Sunday morning. Well, any Sunday morning within the past six months since that fateful day they decided to move in together. There had been the small issue that Hermione was at the beginning of her career and his auror training had just finished, meaning they could barely afford a decent flat between them, so they settled for a rather small damaged one. At that point though, they were so ecstatic about the idea of being anywhere where a member of Ron's family wouldn't be living as well, any place looked fantastic in comparison.

Even if that place only had three rooms, was in a dodgy street and seemed to literally be falling apart since something else broke every other week.

Ron was sprawled out on his front in the only decent piece of furniture they owned with a thick duvet barely covering him. He opened one eye hesitantly and quickly snapped it shut as the sun shone through their cracked window and frayed curtains. He slowly turned his head on the lumpy pillow, contemplating going back to sleep again before slowly opening his eyes to decide. He knew he couldn't go back to sleep once he saw what was before him.

Hermione was sat up in their bed against the wooden headboard with a book propped open, resting on her legs that were pulled up to her chest. Her eyes seemed impossibly huge in interest as they darted across the page at an alarming speed for that time of the morning. She took in every word and he noticed how her toes curled in anticipation. He could only just see them peeking out from her once white pyjama bottoms that now had several stains from various other mornings where she'd tried to drink whilst reading. His gaze ran up her legs to her upper body and he noticed she was wearing one of his many maroon jumpers from his mother. It looked like a particularly old one (considering all the loose thread hanging off it) but it still consumed a lot of her. It was crumpled up at her waist and the sleeves were so long she had managed to cover her hands with them completely.

She absentmindedly bit her bottom lip nervously as she delicately turned the page and her eyes darted across the page at an even quicker pace, her impatience increasing. His eyes continued travelling upwards and a smile spread across his face seeing her hair bushier than ever. She'd let it grow out with the excuse she didn't have the time to cut it so it literally looked like a lion's mane around her face. It was knotted, tangled and greasy since she hadn't showered but he still felt the desire to run his hands through it.

She released her bottom lip from her teeth and let out a contented sigh as a smile of her own spread across her face. She continued reading, unaware that he was awake with her complete concentration being on the book. Her toes slowly uncurled and lay flat against the mattress.

Unable to resist any longer, he propped himself up and placed a soft kiss on her cotton covered knee. Her eyes instantly flickered over to him and her smile increased in size. He looked up into her eyes as he kissed her knobbly knee and he didn't remove his gaze while he placed his chin on top of it instead.

"Morning." He said grinning, and she rolled her eyes closing the book and placed it on the bedside table.

"Shut up and give me a proper morning kiss, you idiot." She said playfully, and adjusted her legs so she could wrap her arms around his neck, pressing her lips against his as they lay back on the bed. This continued for a few more moments before she broke the kiss completely at ease.

She was beaming at him, looking straight into his eyes in a way that she'd done so many times before that still somehow made him inexplicably happy whenever he saw it.

That was it. That had been the moment, or moments to be exact, that he realised it. It wasn't dull. But he concluded it had to be spectacular, because it involved her. And that was enough to make anything spectacular. He could never pin point precisely what it was that made a light click in his head in that second like a deluminator.

He just remembered how simple it was and how happy he was with it being simple. They weren't denying their feelings anymore, or to shy to show them, or trying to make the other jealous, or suppressing their desire to be together as they fought for a better world. They were together, had been for a year, and were happy. All the years of waiting had paid off.

He began wondering about the future, and how their lives would be entwined like their past had been. They'd be woven together as one as they continued to grow and grow. They may have their fights and could possibly be apart for awhile, but they would never ever part from one another. Physically they may, but emotionally they would always be within one another. In that sense, they would never part. They would forever be interlaced in eachother's lives, in eachother.

So in that moment, he knew that Hermione would always be a part of him.

We're building a house of the future together

What would we do without you?

Well, if it's so deep you don't think that you

Can speak about it

Just remember to reach out and touch the past and the future.

Love and Anger – Kate Bush

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