In my head somehow Lucy got stuck as older than Molly instead of the other way around, so that's what it is here.

Villain or Victim?

why are you to blame, you ask?
you just played their little game, correct?
yet they call you the villain of this game
when it's obvious you're the victim
why my little teddy, you have much to learn

bestbest friends, beautiful, expected
a fairytale ending, surely
but the bronze queen caught your eye

surely gold was better than bronze
(but she was never second best
she made sure you knew that)
wild (proper) unexpected (precise)
roxanne took you t

everyone was livid
but they accepted (eventually)
of course, little teddy, yo t
roxie always was th one
out of country, out of sight, out of mind
and then dominique stepped in

the quiet one
with books an s
the dreamer who hid from others
you wiped her tears away
and she gave a kiss in return

you never meant t t
you never d i d
she's the one who r a n
but she was their dreamer
so it had to be you

rose was next
red curls and hard-headed
but even as she kissed y o u
her eyes were on the vanilla blonde
she was your cousins
you always knew

as for the bookworm
well lucy was jus d
a kiss shared in secret
she was lorcan's
(opposites do attract)

the sister came next
one of the only little ones
who never themselves
small and delicate,
the girl was a danger t f
(but molly always preferred her own kind)

the youngest for last
cheeky and beautiful
lily was all the others pu r
victoire's beauty
roxanne's wildness
dominique's dreams
rose's hardhead
lucy's brains
molly's spunk

anyone would love her
(everyone did)

you always knew, teddy
don't deny it, you always did
that, like all the others
she'd be gone in the end

so, do you still need me to tell you
how you are the villain of their game?
you aren't, you silly boy
every weasley girl, gone and done
its easier to blame then admit guilt

now that I have answered you
will you answer me?
single still?
you know what I say
maybe you pla after all
hiding the obvious fact as you stare
he stands right there
it's time to move onto the truth
louis is the one you want
so when will you move?

So I was reading yet another thing where two girls were practically fighting over Teddy and I got this idea. It mostly came from Princess Pearl's stories (if you haven't read them, do so now!) but I've seen Teddy stuck with every Weasley girl and everything in between - so why can't the girls be the one's playing him? As for Louis, I originally had it as James, then I checked out the Teddy slash stories with all of the cousins and James had a whole bunch while the others not so much so I changed it. The only ones I 11% support is Lucy/Lorcan, besides that I'm easily open to just about anything.

Anyways, hope you like it.