Amu lay on her bed, her eyes searching the ceiling, trying to find somewhere to focus her gaze on. Her mind filled with thoughts, thoughts of someone.

Ikuto…I miss you.

Ikuto left Japan in order to find his father, he came back, and left once more. Only this time, he didn't promise that he'd return. He took a step towards the departure hall, turning back once more to look at Amu.

"Will you return..?" You could see how much Amu wanted Ikuto to stay, tears were just behind her eyes, ready to fall out anytime. Her hands trembled and her voice shook with fear that Ikuto would reply


Ikuto's hand met Amu's face and he moved it towards her cheek. His eyes were full of uncertainty as his lips met her forehead. Amu buries herself in his embrace and prays :

"Please, God, give me more time with him!"

Ikuto pulls away slowly and turns his back on Amu. Tears spring out of her eyes and she collapses on the ground .


Ikuto doesn't bother to look back,he continues walking forth,towards the departure hall. But what Amu doesn't know , tears were falling down his face as well.

2 weeks past and Amu has yet to hear anything from Ikuto. She finally tries calling him.

''The caller is not getting a reponse . Please try again later.''

She decides to try again later at night , but has received no reply still. It then struck her that the timing in France might be different , so she calls at 2pm(France) which is 3am ( Japan ) .

She hears a click.

''Ikuto! Ikuto , you there ?''

Another click was heard and all she heard after was ''beep...beep...''

It was final. Ikuto was gone. Even if he still lived…


The voice Amu could no longer contain, the ears that longed for his voice, the eyes that longed for his silhouette, the nose that longed for his familiar scent, the mouth, that longed for his kiss. The smaller hands, that longed for his bigger hands to hold. But most of all, the heart, that longed for him to repair.

Words could never explain how Amu was feeling. Torn, hurt, betrayed. But most of all, abandoned. By her family, her friends, but the most important person, Ikuto. Amu was nothing but a pathetic little child, who wants her candy. And her mother to tell her, "It's going to be okay." That feeling, THAT FEELING, of… being alone. Sure, to someone like you, you wouldn't understand. You have your family & friends by you, don't you?

"Tomorrow's my birthday! Make sure I see a humongous cake at my doorstep!" Amu repeatedly and ridiculously teased Ikuto ever since they met, but do you know what he replied with?

"Yes, my lady." As if they were servant & master. But not this year. Nothing. Nothing was prepared…