Chapter 1:

"Hey Luce I'm so bored let's go on a mission!" Natsu pleaded to the blonde who was getting annoyed with her own partner

"Natsu we just got back yesterday and I'm quite tired" Lucy replied back to her bored partner who was sitting next to her

"But-"Natsu was cutted the doors were kicked open five figures appeared wearing cloaks

"Where is the Master?" one of them asked

"What business do you have to do here?" Erza asked

"Who are you anyway?" Lucy stood in front of them one of them removed the cloak that was covering his face he had a messy blonde hair, eyes were hazel like Lucy's eyes and the same age as her

"I'm Lucky a Fairy Tail mage and an celestial spirit mage" he said then he showed his symbol on his right hand it was like Lucy's symbol but it was color red the other removed their cloaks the one in front of Erza had a scarlet hair it was also messy he had dark brown eyes

"I am Raze I'm an ex-equip mage" he showed his symbol on his right shoulder the one in front of Gray was a girl his age she had a raven colored hair she had a necklace around her neck like his

"I am Yuki I'm an ice mage" she showed her symbol at her chest the one In front of Natsu was also a girl she had a rosy hair she had green/black eyes like his and beside her was a female feline

"I'm Ikami I'm a dragon slayer oh, and this is Happy my cat" she said her cat had a lighter blue than Happy's fur

"WHAT?" Natsu and Gray shouted in usion

Mirajane giggled from the bar "I think it's cute it's a opposite of you guys" she cheered for Natsu and Gray

"Pleasure to meet you, I am Erza Scarlet an ex-equip mage as well" Erza said

"What? No way my full name is Rave Scarlet" Rave shouted which made their eyes widen

"And who are you?" Lucky asked Lucy who was looking at Erza and Rave who were getting quite along

"I'm Lucy Heartfilia a celestial spirit mage" Lucy introduced herself

"You? My full name is Lucky Heartfilia" he said but he said it calmly Gray who was with Natsu are trying to study the other them

"Natsu Dragneel a dragon slayer and this is Happy my partner" Natsu said

"My full name is also Natsu Dragneel" Ikami smiled

"Aye, they are like twins on names only" both Happy said in usion

"So I guess your Yuki Fullbuster?" Gray asked the girl in front of him and she lightly nodded

"So you guys are like us but…"Erza was cutted off by Lucy

"You are opposite to us, even if we have the same magic and the same guild our genders are opposite and our names are changed to the matching ones" Lucy guessed

"As expected from myself you are smart" Lucky said then a smoke appeared beside him an girl appeared she had orange hair that was until her shoulders she wore a pair of glasses she was wearing a golden dress "Leo what are you doing here?" Lucky asked

"I was bored in the spirit world and besides seeing the other you would be fun!" Leo said

"So she is the lion spirit neh?" Natsu asked "Hey Lucy bring out Loki so he could see himself!" he added

"No need to shout Natsu I can come whenever I want to see my princess right Lucy?" Loki said

"So this is your lion spirit he's a guy and mine is a girl" Lucky chuckled

"Let's take a seat and get to know each other" Erza said as she led them to a table "Master will be back tomorrow from a meeting so we could wait until tomorrow" Erza added

"Ara, where is Lucky and Raze?" Lucy asked searching for those two she saw Gray and Natsu putting up a fight

"What ice brain?"

"You're an idiot!"

"You're a stripping freak!" Suddenly a table crashed into Natsu "Who threw that?"

"What an idiot you are" Gray was crushed by a table that flew from nowhere

"What Raze wanna fight?" Lucky teasingly asked Raze who was giving him teasing looks

"Out of luck neh Lucky?" then they started a fight while Natsu and Gray was sitting next to Erza and Lucy with the other Natsu and Gray

"Lucy I can't believe you can fight that well!" Natsu cheered grinning at her blonde partner "C'mon I challenge you to a duel!"Natsu shouted

"Uh, Natsu I think you're going to regret what you said" Gray informed his face was pale

"I think we should lay back and watch this go on…" Ikami giggled suddenly Lucy grabbed Natsu's scarf and dragged him outside

"Now, now let's go for a little fresh air neh Natsu" Lucy evilly smiled Lucky and Raze stopped fighting and stared at Lucy who was dragging Natsu out

"This would be quite fun to watch…" Lucky and Raze sat down and as soon as Lucy and Natsu got out she started beating him up until he gave up and begged her forgiveness