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Then at the ground appeared a guy with deep brown hair, grassy green eyes and a bit tanned skin. He wore a cream top and brown pants and he was barefooted. Then all he did was chant a spell and blocked out the assassins (Honestly that's a lot of 's') but they burned it down which made the guy furious

"Zeme dzird manus pamatus un pārvērst šos vīriešus kokiem (That's Latvian language….)" He casted as the assassins grew branches and leaves, feet turning into roots, arms into branches, hair into leaves and well…. You get my point after that he turned and knelt down before Lucy

"My master have what I've done is good enough for your entertainment?" He asked as Lucy shook her head no furiously

"I am not your master, raise your head for you are my friend." Lucy smiled at him as she put her hands on his shoulder

"Friend?" He asked as Lucy nodded

"Earth, go back and rest. You deserved it well" She added as he disappeared and a small flower appeared on where he previously stood.

"That's just…" Gray trailed off

"Wow…" Lucky said waking out of his trance "They're the Elemental right?" he asked as Lucy just nodded

"Elemental? What's that?" Natsu asked with pure curiosity

"Elemental are spirits of elements, they have been lost for a whole millennium, a magic forgotten and buried" Lucky explained

"Dang he's such nerd, always gotta be the smart one" Raze smirked as he grumbled they could tell that Lucky was getting pissed but held his ground

"So, where'd you find them?" Lucky asked as Lucy looked back to the forest

"Well, I heard someone calling me so I went to check if it was just my imagination so I followed the voice and led me to the keys" Lucy explained as Lucky nodded

"So after all these years, they were just waiting for you to arrive here?" He asked as she just nodded

"I guess so… Must be hard for them…" Lucy said as she sadly smiled down at the newfound keys, suddenly…

"No Lucy! It was worth sleeping for a millennium just to see an angel from the king of spirits descend upon us!" A guy popped out (I think I'll just draw him and I'll make that MY account picture XD) he had dark night black hair with electric blue tips with white underneath, silver eyes and pale white skin. All he wore was a simple grey top and dark blue skinny jeans and… converse (wow) and not to mention a snowflake marking with a white bluish dragon necklace, and a bracelet miraculously made out of ice (did I spell that right?)

"Winter you should go rest!" Lucy tried to argued

"No! After a millennium of sleeping I shall not sleep again because I have rested long enough!" Winter protested

"You're quite stubborn and cold hearted Winter" Lucy smirked as Winter's eye twitched

"I am not cold hearted!" Lucy smirked as if she's saying to herself 'I've pushed the right buttons' or something like that

"But the king said so" Lucy chuckled as they started a cat and mouse game which made all laugh at their entertainment after a while of that, Lucy and Winter were both sitting against each others backs on the floor out of breath and a bit laughing

"It sounds like you two just had-uhhh bleep?" Raze laughed as the others did so as well while the two turned beat red

"Let's sleep so we can be ready for tomorrow" Lucy said after they calmed down

"Yeah, you're right" Erza said as they all slept and waited for the next day's events.

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