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The Proposal

After Harry, Ron, and Hermione were half way back to the Great Hall, Ron ask the one question that he was burning to ask, "Why the Hell did you go into that forest just to die?"

"Simple." Harry had been waiting for that question to crop up, "I was given Professor Severus Snape's memories for a reason. The time had come for me to be given the answers, all the answers." And Harry was off telling them about Snape and Lily's friendship that had started a good year before them going to Hogwarts and right up to the part of Snape knowingly putting a fake sword in the Lestrange's vault.

"Ok I don't get it," Hermione said once Harry had stopped talking to catch his breath and she just stopped in her tracks.

"What don't you get Hermione?" Ron and Harry asked together stopping and looking back at her. Harry was too busy explaining Snape again to Hermione that he didn't notice Ron slipping the Marauder's Map out of his back pocket.

"Got it?"

"Yeah, to an extent."

"What do you still not get, Hermione?"

"Well you say that the only reason that Voldemort told your mother to step aside was because Professor Snape asked him to?"

"Yes!" Harry exclaimed not realizing until it was too late that he was in front of the open doors to the Great Hall.

"Potter, what is the meaning of your shouting I expect you to keep your yelling to a Quidditch Pitch next year!" McGonagall shouted across the hall.

"Sorry Professor but I won't be back here." Harry said and then went off to find Ginny, "Ginny I need to talk to you once everyone has engaged into their own conversations get under the Invisibility Cloak and follow me." Harry whispered to her.

It didn't take long and they were heading back upstairs not to the Tower but to the one eyed old crone and her hump. "Dissendium."

"Where are you taking me?" Ginny asked once in the tunnel.

"For a date in Hogsmeade." was the answer that followed. In what seem like no time they were heading up stairs into Honeydukes. They headed out of the door careful not to ring the bell and headed for the Three Broomsticks. Half way down the street Harry took off the Cloak just in time to see that Madam Rosmerta was putting out her cat and call them over asking what they were doing away from Hogwarts.

"Dear Madam Rosmerta I am taking my beloved Ginny away from the celebrations to talk with her privately and no one needs to know we are here okay?"

"Fine just come in quick so the Death Eaters don't catch you." Rosmerta said in a rush.

"Guess you haven't heard yet?" Harry asked Rosmerta.

"Heard what?" She exclaimed.

"Voldemort is dead and the Death Eaters are running for their lives."

"Good they need to be caught after everything they have done!" she said angrily.

"Rosmerta, do you have an empty room available?" Harry asked in a whisper.

"Yes, I do upstairs and the first door on your right."

"Thank you. Come on Ginny."

"Harry what are you doing? McGonagall's going to kill us." Ginny said.

"She won't find us."

"How do you know?"

"I have the Marauder….." Harry stopped half way.


"It's gone."

"Not possible."

As all this went on in Hogsmeade back in the great hall Ron had taken the Marauder's Map out and said "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

"Ron." Hermione sounded reproachful but Ron ignored her as he watched his best friend and sister seeking up to the old crone "Where does he think he's going?"

"Ron let him be, he hasn't seen her in a year."


"Ron you don't think that Harry broke up with her without a good reason."

"No but-"

"He wanted to protect her from being used which I think was a good idea"

"Ok. Yes, but I'm still following him-"

"Do what you want but I'm coming with-"

"Hermione, you don't have to." Ron said suddenly stopping.

"Ron you need me to keep you in line so you don't interrupt them."

"I won't"

"Ron have some sense, you never wanted Ginny to have a boyfriend."


"So, you need to give them some space. Dissendium." Hermione finished lowering herself down the old crone and said "How do you intend to find them in Hogsmeade, Ron?"

"Well who is the one person…"

"Madam Rosmerta!" they exclaimed in unison.

They went through the tunnel into Honeydukes, through the door and out into the street seeing Rosmerta closing her door behind her, Ginny, and Harry.

"What do you mean it's gone?" Ginny asked sounding astounded that Harry had lost such an important magical object at the present time.

"I mean that it was here a while ago but isn't now."

"Ginny, Harry if you would follow me room eleven is free" Rosmerta announced reentering the bar, "What's wrong?" she added seeing their stricken faces.

"Nothing is wrong, right Ginny?"

"Of course just the same as always."

"All right if you say so. Follow me this way. Room Eleven" Rosmerta said as the reached the landing she said as she heard a bell tinkling downstairs. "I must go. Here's the key."

"Thank you again Rosmerta"

"Don't mention it." She called going down the stairs. Rosmerta arrived downstairs only to find Ron and Hermione standing there one looking about ready to shout the other looking like they were ready to restrain the other by any means necessary.

"Madam," Ron began politely, "You wouldn't happen to have seen Harry Potter with a red head here today have you?"

"Ron." Hermione sounded reproachful but stopped when she saw Rosmerta wink at her signaling that she had a plan in mind.

"Mr. Ron Weasley, right?"


"I have seen Harry and your sister. Would you like to know where they are?"

"Yes, I would"

"Very well they are in the room eleven, first door on your right."

"Thank you, Hermione you can stay here."

"Fine." Once Ron went up she asked "Why did you tell him they were here?"

"Because I saw a ring box in Harry's back Pocket."

"Oh… A what?"

"You'll just have to either go up or wait."

With that Hermione took off after Ron thankfully Ron hadn't barged in yet and she could still stop him.

"Ron don't. You don't understand. He's going to propo-" Ron had cut her off by barging in.

"Ron, what are you doing here?" Harry and Ginny exclaimed. Harry was on his knees with his hand reaching for the ring and Ginny in the chair waiting.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Isn't obvious Ron?" Harry asked.

"No but do continue."

"I will it's better to have witness anyways." Harry paused and took out the ring box and opened it to reveal a beautiful diamond and sapphire ring. And continued "Ginerva Molly Weasley, will you marry me?"

Ron's jaw drop as Ginny said "Yes of course I will."

"Why did you want to seclude yourself, Harry?" Hermione asked.

"Hermione, do you remember Mrs. Weasley's reaction to Bill and Fleur's engagement?"

"Well yeah… oh I see, you are going back to tell them right."

"I'm ready when Ginny is."

"I'm ready. Ron, are you coming?"

"Wha, oh yeah I'm coming."

They said thanks to Madame Rosmerta and went back to Hogwarts. As they went through the tunnel Mrs. Weasley saw them and ran to them and started ranting, but she stopped mid rant when she noticed the ring on Ginny's finger.

"Oh my gosh! Ginny, where did you get it?" was the question that just rolled right off her tongue.

"Mrs. Weasley, I proposed to Ginny and she said yes, please don't raise an objection." Harry cut in before Ginny could answer.

She looked aghast as did everyone else in the vicinity of them but she said with tears in her eyes "Why would I? I always thought of you as a seventh son and now you will be. Congratulations!"

"Harry there is one condition if you want to marry my only daughter." Mr. Weasley said.

"What's that?"

"You must finish your education."

"Ok. Professor McGonagall did you hear I'll be back next year with Ron and Hermione, right guys."

"Wouldn't miss it for the world." They said together.

"There is one place I would like to take Ginny this summer Mrs. Weasley."

"Where is that?"

"To meet my family."

"That's fine by me as long as you don't run off again."

"No more need to run off everything is over. Thank you."