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Chapter Twenty-Seven

Unveiling Sirius

"So, that is how I ended up back in the land of the living." Sirius ended rather unceremoniously. "Now that you guys know my tale; Is there anything I need to know?"

Harry looked at Ginny and Tabitha before answering, "I asked Ginny to marry me, and she said yes. I also found family I did not know existed before. Mostly because someone," Harry stressed the last word to imply guilt to Sirius, "forgot to mention that my father had both a twin and a little sister. Apparently, my aunt married a Muggle Milkman and had two sons and a daughter: Colin, Dennis, and Annebelle Creevey. I think that is all. Now we need to figure out how to reintroduce you to the wizarding public. Thankfully since Kingsley cleared your name posthumously the Kiss on sight order no longer exists but your will was read and bequeaths were given out. So, if you have any ideas let's hear them?" Harry asked those around him.

Ginny, Tabitha, Sirius, Poppy, Kingsley, and Harry all sat and thought about possible ways to bring Sirius back into Wizarding society. After a couple of hours Harry finally said, "Just hold a press conference and explain that a power unknown to us wizards and witches brought back someone who was innocent because he should not have passed into the veil as punishment. If need be, say that Fudge's administration caught Sirius after the other death eaters and decided to just end the issue by sending him through the veil instead of wasting time waiting on a dementor. After all Fudge did release a statement saying that Sirius had died that night but did not say how he died so it has been a complete mystery for the wizarding public." Harry looked around at those around him like cat who got the canary. The ladies present just stared at Harry like he had never made a radical statement with certainty.

"Harry," Kingsley began. "I am not sure blaming the previous administration is the right way to go. At least when claiming someone has come back to life." Kingsley tried to look apologetic but came across more disbelieving.

Tabitha addressed Kingsley instead of Harry saying, "Kingsley, I believe Harry's plan has some merits. By blaming Fudge, you and those that work directly under you can escape unbelievable scrutiny. Besides Fudge was the last head that would not listen to his people and tried to make the public to believe that a teen was a threat to the Ministry instead of actually investigating what Harry was claiming. The public will believe that Fudge tried to cover up his own wrong doings. It is the easiest way to introduce this concept. Besides the people of Magical Briton are a sheeple. They will believe anything."

"Okay, I guess that may work. I just hope the head of departments believe it as well." Kingsley said a bit reluctantly. "I will need help from you Sirius to make this believable. Especially since Harry never tried to do anything against Fudge directly after Sirius died."

"Simple, I was too distraught and had a war to fight to try to fight the Ministry as well." Harry answered Kingsley's roadblock.

The after the discussion in the Hospital Wing Harry approached Headmistress McGonagall to ask for permission to attend the press conference at Hogsmeade station. "Headmistress McGonagall, I would like to attend the Press Conference for Sirius this afternoon at 2PM. Minister Shacklebolt wanted all the support that he could muster." Harry finished flashing McGonagall puppy dog eyes.

"Oh, Mr. Potter," Headmistress McGonagall said with a sigh. "the Minister sent a Patronus and asked for your presence so, I have excused you from your afternoon lessons tomorrow. There will be a carriage at the front door for you and myself to take down to Hogsmeade Station for the Press Conference. We are to be there for moral support for Sirius and to help collaborate Minister Shacklebolt's explanation. Please be at the front door no later than 1:15 PM so that we have time to be briefed by Kingsley before the press conference. There is a small train station building that he will be using as a green room and to have a place for Sirius to wait until he is called out." Harry nodded indicating that he understood his instructions. "Very well Mr. Potter I will see you tomorrow at 1:15pm. Enjoy the rest of your day."

The rest of Harry's day and most of the next morning were normal. He ate breakfast and lunch with his friends and then he departed at the grand staircase to meet McGonagall outside the front doors. The ride to the station was quiet but Harry could hear the crowd in the distance. Minister Shacklebolt had not called for a press conference since August, so this was a big occurrence in the community. Most Ministers would call a press conference for just about anything. Harry had even found an old Prophet that stated that Past Minister Fudge had called a press conference for a large donation that had been made to the Ministry. So, now with a Minister that doesn't call a press conference every other day; the press was a bit excited for a press conference instead of being exasperated. Once the carriage reached Hogsmeade Station Harry descended and held out a hand to help Professor McGonagall. An unknown Auror led the two into the station proper to meet Kingsley, Sirius, and Tabitha.

"Thank you, Auror Wood." Kingsley stated slightly bowing his head towards the Auror before turning to the others in the room. "We will exit the building together. I will approach the podium to begin the conference. Then I will introduce Harry to talk about the injustice that the previous Ministry did to not only Sirius but also himself. Then Sirius will be brought forward to reclaim the Black family seat on the Wizengotment. I will then end the press conference and usher everybody back in here. Any questions?" Kingsley stated in his slow drawl.

"Kingsley, when was it decided that I would also be implemented as a victim of Sirius's going to thru the Veil?" Harry asked calmly.

"To be truthful, Harry. I am trying to play to the public sympathy, and you are the public darling since you got rid of Voldemort for good. The public will be more willing to accept Sirius back into society. I just want it to be an easier transition for Sirius to be able to be out in public with you or Tabitha." Kingsley said a bit guiltily. "Any more questions?" When no one stated any questions Kingsley continued, "Well, let the circus begin."

The press conference was out on the station platform. Kingsley walked up to the podium as planned only to have the press start shouting out question after question. He allowed this to go on for about a minute before he shot off a loud bang from his wand to gather the reporters' attention. After a moment they all quieted down and once everyone's hands were down there only one hand remained in the air. This hand belonged to young woman from Ravenclaw. Harry was happy to see a friendly face among, who he considered to be, piranhas just wanting to sell any way they can. "Miss Lovegood of the Quibbler, please." Kingsley said addressing the young woman.

"Minster Shacklebolt, can you tell us why you have called this press conference? Afterall you have some very interesting people standing behind you." Luna said in her usual dreamy tone.

"Yes, Miss Lovegood. I have called the members of the press to reintroduce a member of our society that was given an injustice both after the first blood war and then during the beginning of the second blood war as well. Sirius Black was thought to have betrayed James, Lily, and Harry Potter's location to Voldemort that led to the end of the first blood war. He then was thought to have murdered Peter Pettigrew and twelve muggles. We have been able to prove that he did not do either deed. Sirius was framed by Mr. Pettigrew who blow up the street behind his back and killed the twelve muggles. Mr. Pettigrew also was the secret keeper for the Potters. This was discovered by Mr. Harry Potter and his friends at the end of their third year. However, Minister Fudge at the time did not believe or conduct an investigation. Had the Minister done at least an inquiry this could have helped save an innocent man from hiding and eventually death. Two years later in 1996 Sirius came to the Ministry to save Mr. Potter from the Death Eaters and Voldemort who had lured Mr. Potter there to retrieve an item. By the end of the battle some Death Eaters were caught but also Mr. Black was captured and sent through the Veil of Death in the Department of Mysteries. Minister Fudge believed that this was the best course of action at time despite the fact that he could have interview Mr. Black with Veritaserum. Minister Fudge decided against this, leaving Mr. Potter without his Godfather. Now I would like to invite Harry to speak. Mr. Potter."

"Thank you, Minister. Ladies and Gentlemen of the press. Minister Shacklebolt has covered the basics, but I would also like to present to the Wizarding World at large that not only was I denied my godfather in my teen years by Minister Fudge's decision but also as I grew up due to the previous administration not allowing every person a trial. Sirius was not given a basic right of a trial of his peers. Even Bellatrix Lestrange was given a trial and she was caught casting the spells at the time. Sirius was believed to be guilty based on facts that were not verified and that he was laughing hysterically when Aurors arrived at the scene. Pettigrew was an unregistered rat Animagus and was able to slip into the sewers that were exposed due to his blasting curse. I was allowed to read the arrest report and the Aurors on duty did not even examine Sirius's wand to confirm that he had cast the blasting curse that was responsible for so many deaths that day. Due to the incompetence of the previous administration, it allowed Minister Fudge to execute an innocent man and deprived a young man of a decent male influence. Please welcome back Sirius Black to our society. Minister and Sirius, I yield the floor to you."

"Thank you, Mr. Potter. To conclude we will be having Mr. Black take his Wizengotment oath in front of all of those gathered. Mr. Black, please." Kingsley stated turning to Sirius who immediately raised his wand to take his oath. After Sirius gave his oath Kingsley took to the podium again. "Thank you all for coming this afternoon. This concludes this press conference. Due to so many issues concerning previous administrations I will not be having a question and answer portion today. However, if any of you have questions feel free to owl me at the Ministry and I will do my best to answer you promptly." With that said Kingsley ushered everyone back into the station building to wait for the reporters to disperse.

After all, but Luna had left Headmistress McGonagall started talking. "Sirius, Tabitha, you are welcomed to take the carriage back with myself and Mr. Potter." Then raising her voice a bit she addressed Luna as well, "Miss Lovegood, you may as well." Everyone agreed to share a carriage ride back to school and said goodbye to Kingsley before heading there.