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Japan...once a wonderful place full of culture and life, now desolate and beaten. Kyouya had gone to great heights. Unfortunately, like many others, he became power hungry. Soon all of Japan was under his control. He ruled the people with his private police force...actually now it was his not-so-secret military. Everyone who had been in the host club was now working for him.

Tamaki, being the fool he was, didn't get to work in combat. He decoded messages picked up from the enemy armies in times of war. Which seemed to be more and more often lately. He was damn good at it too.

Haruhi planned out special ops, got information on whoever they were fighting, and chose where to attack next. She didn't excel particularly in anything. Therefore, she worked at multiple jobs. Mostly wherever they needed some extra help.

Hunny and Mori were his best close quarters fighters. Hunny with his fists, Mori with a sword or knife. They hadn't lost yet.

Hikaru and Kaoru...because of their identical looks, they were best at going undercover. The twins could infiltrate an enemy base with ease. It was like having some one be in two places at once. The two were thought to be one person, and as long as nobody found out, more intel was gathered this way.

But there was something suspicious about the two...they weren't referred to as little devils for nothing.
It's understandable that Kyouya didn't completely trust them. Oh yes, did the dark lord have plans for those two...

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