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Here goes nothing...

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(*-Hikaru POV-*)

Thunk, psshh

Thunk, psshh

Thunk, psshh

I listened to the steady rhythm of crates being loaded onto the cargo ship and pushed into place. Nobody said a word. Kaoru was somewhere below deck, listening for anything that might be useful to Kyouya.

Our mission was to find out four key things (And anything else that could help):
1.) Where this ship was going

2.) What country this ship belonged too

3.) What was in these crates

4.) How long the trading had been going on It's not as easy as one might think. How long the two countries had been trading would be hardest. Now if only some one would speak, I would know who was helping who.

I grunted as I shoved another heavy crate into place. Listening carefully, I heard one of the crew members swear. It was in french. One thing down, three more to go...

(2 hours later)

The cargo ship had left the dock in the dead of night, and was silently slicing through the water. It was heading North West...To Canada? If it turned East, we would be going towards Russia. It seemed more likely because we'd been in a war with them for well over a year. But if the military had taught me anything, it was to never assume.

(*-Koaru POV-*)

Listening to the thunk of crates, I stood below deck with some crew members. I had already figured out they were French, because they had been discussing tactics for the last half hour. Nothing terribly useful had come up yet. It's a good thing both Hikaru and I knew the language.
It was starting to get a little boring though...
Some crates were being brought below deck. They were thought to have bombs in them. I have absolutely no idea what lead them to believe this, but I wasn't arguing. It was one of the things we had to know. One of the men pried off the top of a crate with a crowbar. Not appearing to eager, I looked inside with the rest. It was loaded with all kinds of guns...AA12 shotguns, Barret .50 Cals (sniper rifles), PP200s, and FALs.

Kyouya would want to hear about this...

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