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(*-Kaoru POV-*)

I sat staring out of the plane window, on my way to America. It had taken a lot to get here. We'd been flown by helicopter to Canada, our story that we had just moved there because we thought it may be safer. The Americans had left there airport open, determined not to get into any wars and keep life as normal as possible. Hikaru and I had packed lightly, bringing few personal items.
Anything that had Japanese writing on it, or the flag, was left in our rooms at the Dark Lord's castle. We had been given American clothing, and other things two people would typically have when moving to a new neighborhood.

We were posing as two brothers staying together after graduating from college. We had both gone to 'Yale', and had the most real degrees you could find (even though they were fake). Kyouya had somehow managed to get us fake birth certificates. Because we were a little to old to have just gotten out of college, the years were wrong. In fact, the only thing that had stayed the same is that we were identical twins. Tamaki had applied make up to us so we looked more American. Our hair was died brown, and we were wearing blue contacts. It made our eyes look green.

I glanced at Hikaru, and saw that he had fallen asleep. I didn't blame him. The flight to Cleveland was about 17 hours long, and there was still 3 hours left. It was a very nice jet, one of Kyouya's private ones. Still, one could only sit still for so long.

I glanced once more at the passport in my hand. I didn't bother to read it, having already memorized the contents. And, English was rather hard for me still. We had had to practice for months to get rid of our accents and become fluent. My brother was better at it than me, so he would do more of the talking.
The language was so much slower, the sounds so different. And there were two different writing styles. Cursive and print. Cursive was easier for me, because it was closer to the symbols of Japanese kanji. Despite the difficulties I had with it, hearing it spoken still amazed me in a way. Each word seemed to slide into the next...

Soon I drifted off, my thoughts blending into dreams full of new languages and strange lands.

(*-Hikaru POV-*)

I woke to Kaoru shaking me. Our jet had just arrived in an airport in Cleveland. I knew we were going to be staying in small house, in a little town called Vermilion near here. Kyouya had wanted us to stay in some apartment building, but Kaoru and I talked him out of it. We still had some standards at least.
We stepped off the jet and got our bags. A chauffeur was waiting for us with a black Lincoln. He loaded our luggage into the back and we drove off, off into our temporary lives for the next 3 months. It was one of deceit and lies. Of course, that's what Kyouya wanted. But he didn't know I had my own plans for this place...

The car pulled up in front of a house on a street near the beach. It was small, but still bigger than Haruhi's old house. The outside was white and the windows had blue shutters. The front yard was a reasonable size, though we didn't have back yard. Our chauffeur drove off after we gathered our bags together and went inside.
The house was 2 bedroom, 1 bath. Everything was just so small here...I was sure the entire thing could have fitted into the foyer of our old mansion. It was already properly furnished and there was food in the fridge.

Kaoru had wandered off somewhere, looking for the bedrooms I presumed. I followed after my twin, and together we unpacked.

-2 hours later-

Knock, knock

I glanced up from the T.V.

"Kaoru, door"

He sighed and stood up, setting down the book he was reading.
"Hikaru, you're so lazy. And You're supposed to call me 'Kyle' remember?" Right, I had forgotten about our new American names. I was 'Henry' now. They were still strange to me. I hoped I got used to it soon.

Koaru pulled the door open, and I was surprised to see a middle aged American women standing there. She was holding a brownie dish covered in foil that had a sweet smell wafting out of it.

"Hello, and welcome to the neighborhood," She stated with a bright smile "I'm Nora, I live across the street. I noticed you moving in earlier and baked some brownies to welcome you"

By the time she finished I was standing next to Kaoru at the door.
"Thank you very much" He said, working to get a bit of a Canadian accent.
"We greatly appreciate this. Why don't you come in and have one with us?" I asked with a charming smile to the older woman. "That sounds very nice, thank you"

Kaoru shot me a look, but led Nora into the kitchen

For a while we each had a brownie while Kaoru and I explained where we're from and why we had moved here. The story was pretty solid, and Nora seemed to buy it. She seemed very interested in the fact that we were twins. We'd been around the same people so long, it was sorta of strange to be discussing it.
Eventually she had to go, but not before I managed to get some infomortation about her. Unfortunately, it was boring and un-suspicious.

After she had gone, Kaoru gave me another dirty look.

"What?" I asked, offended

"Are you trying to get us discovered? Why did you invite her in?" I noticed how his words were melding together and a mix between Japanese and English.
"Okay, two things. First of all keep your voice down. Second, I wanted to gather information about her. That's why we're here isn't it?"
"Well yeah, but...Are you sure you didn't say to much?" Kaoru asked nervously "Relax, it's okay. Don't be so paranoid. Now, c'mon. I'm tired. We'll see what we can find out tomorrow"
"Okay...Fine" He still looked a little unsettled, but otherwise okay.

And with that, we went to bed.

(*-Kaoru POV-*)
-Pre~Dawn Morning-

My breath misted slightly in the cool air. I jogged down the street, coming back from an early morning run. I'd been out memorizing the neighborhood. I was just passing a house down the street from ours when I heard some voices. They were whispering about something.
Glancing around, I quickly slid into the bushes under the a window. I could see shadows of people faintly on the curtain.

"Do you think we should report it?" The first voice asked. I couldn't distinguish if it was male or female. It was times like these I was fustrated at my lack of knowledge for the English language.

"Maybe not yet. What's so suspicious about two guys moving here from Canada? We should at least gather some more info" The second voice answered. It sounded more...male? My eyes widened. Surely they weren't talking about Hikaru and I?

"You're right...why don't we invite them over? Sort of a 'get to know the neighbors' kinda thing. We could check their story out then"

"Alright. But..."
"Alex, what if they're like us?" The voice sounded nervous and hopeful at the same time "Nick, I know you want to end the fighting, but don't get your hopes up. We don't even know if they're from Japan. And just because we're willing to betray our country doesn't mean anyone else is" Alex reprimanded.
"Yeah..." Nick said dejectedly "But don't give up. Maybe there's hope after all" They were speaking so softly now, I almost didn't hear the last part.

Trying to slow my racing heart, I crept out of the bushes and hurried back to the house Hikaru and I were staying in. He would want to know about this.


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