Author's Note: I haven't written a proper fanfic in like years. Over the past few months I've delved into the world of Glee and never really gotten back since. Out of all the pairings, Brittana has become my favorite. San and Britt are two of my favorite characters and I was happy to see the relationship that formed between them. I had tried to write many fics about them in the past but none ever made it past the critique stage before I scrapped them. So lets get down to the juicy stuff. This is a rated M story for rated M reasons. The more chapters go by the more nakedness you will see. I'm pretty sure I'll continue this story but I don't exactly know how long it'll be. I just needed to get this up here because this fic seemed right. I finally felt like I wrote a story good enough for me and good enough for whoever decides to read this. This fic is set in Santana's POV and begins in the Never Been Kissed episode where Puck and Artie take the girls out to Breadstix. I was watching the episode just the other day and I realized, this would be a great story teller. So I tried to stay original to the date and then explain all that happened...later. I not only wanted to convey Santana's feelings for Brittany but also for Puck. I believe she has some connection with the guy no matter how much of a douche he can be and so I explored that. This fic stays true to the season so everything that has happened before and after this episode will still be in tact. Enjoy it people and if you like it a lot I suggest you review and tell me exactly why.

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Chapter 1. Sharing Is Caring

It was hard to lie and say I hadn't missed Puck. It felt like ages since he'd been sent away to juvie so when he and Stubbles McCripple-Pants approached Brittany and I in the rehearsal room, I took him up on his offer almost immediately. It was a bittersweet feeling. Brittany had been my warm body replacement up until this point. It was perfect. We were already so comfortable with each other. Why not see each other naked every now and then too? I slept over Brittany's nearly every night. She was the best replacement I'd ever had. Better than any other boy at Mckinley. I wasn't ready to give that up.

I wasn't quite sure why Artie was following Puck's lead so loyally. Brittany had told me that she slept with the poor excuse to ensure she had a solid duet partner. I thought that part was comical already but when she told me he was a virgin and that he claimed Brittany had "walked all over that," I laughed even more. Artie Abrams would never have a girl like Brittany. Ever.

The boys picked Britt and I up around nine. They were late just as they promised. Puck always gave me that I don't really give a shit attitude. I was familiar with that too which explained how I managed to bear his company for so long. We were two of a kind.

On the way to Breadstix, Puck and I drove up front. I examined my man's expressions as he shifted into gears. It had been way too long. His jet black hair had grown out to its suitable length. I noticed an intricate pattern of muscles had formed over his forearms and biceps. The tendons in hands sprung out much more freely; those hands looked stronger. Juvie had done Noah Puckerman some good. I had the sudden urge to ask him to stop the car right then. I wanted him to make the sharpest U-turn this car could handle and drop Artie and Brittany back off. I wanted him to take me right here in this very seat.

As if reading my mind, Puck glanced over at me and smirked. The confidence that oozed out of that face was dripping over everything; including me. I bit my lower lip in just the slightest way before sliding my hand over the center console of the car; into Puck's lap. Tonight was going to be long and rewarding, I was sure.

Before I could begin my routine of heavy petting, my hand froze itself the instant I saw Brittany watching me in my car door mirror. Her presence was suddenly surrounding, encasing me in this box of metal and leather. She was sitting directly behind my seat with her head pressed against the backdoor glass window. I couldn't release myself from her gaze. Those eyes were piercing the very fabrication of my thoughts. She was reading every twinkle of mischief and desire in my smoldering eyes. I swallowed the lump that was forming in my throat. It was only Brittany that could dishevel my churning thoughts and inhabit them like an intrusive suggestion without having to utter a word. Those eyes were sharp to every expression I made; every idea I had. She knew me like a watchmaker knew his watch. Every tick, every missing spring; she knew it. No one at Mckinley gave her enough credit. While Brittany was often delayed in class, she was brilliant with me. She knew how to play this game. Our game. I praise her for being the only one who knows how to please me. I'm a bitch to everyone else. I'm a bitch and everyone knows it. Brittany knows it. Brittany also knows how to handle it. She handles me. Puck handles parts of me. But he can never put the entire package together without bailing somewhere along the lines. That's okay. He's the closest anyone's ever gotten besides Brittany. That's why I cherish him too. I cherish them both for being my limbs; my anchors. They stick to me like an adhesive I can't rub off and so it keeps me together.

By the time we arrived at Breadstix I had forgotten we had Stubbles in the car. That brought me out of my ridiculously long fantasies of dining at my favorite place with my two favorite people. Annoyance stabbed at my thoughts when it came to Artie. He was dead weight; literally. I was hoping one day his parents would finally decide to hack off the useless section of his body and donate it to a meat factory. Just get it over with. My complaints about the four eyed loser were never welcomed by Brittany, especially since they had sex. I worried she was growing a soft spot for McCripple-Pants.

Breadstix was packed as usual. The hostess found us a booth in an area that handled more waitress traffic than I would've liked but it was a simple trade off. We either sat here or sat outside of Breadstix. Which one would you pick?

Puck was laying into his juvie stories like he always did when he got out. There was never a time when he didn't have some bizarre tale to reminisce about. Like the time he told Britts and I about the 15-year-old kid who offered Noah a blow job if he scored him a dime bag of weed. Supposedly Puck claims that conversation ended with him punching the kid in the face but often times I had my doubts. I'm pretty sure Noah Puckerman would try anything at least once.

In between ordering my basket full of breadsticks and letting Puck whisper quite suggestively in my ear, I kept an eye on Brittany. Her attention was focused on Artie and how laid back he had suddenly become since hanging out with Puck. I wanted to roll my eyes at the two of them but instead I decided to seek out her very much wanted attention. I let my ankle snake up her bare calf. Her legs were strong from long term Cheerios practice and I loved it. She responded almost immediately, letting her free leg extend itself to my lonesome one. I felt her mimicking my movements subtly. I was surprised to see her baby blue eyes still glued onto Artie's. He wouldn't suspect a thing. Here we were; two cheerleaders getting rather acquainted with their dates while all the while they were playing footsie under the table.

"So there I was, at juvie. In the breakfast line at the mess hall." I heard Puckerman say. "When I noticed me and the guy behind me going for the same waffle." Here we go; another day, another story. "This guy's 6'11, 300, easy. He's got his teeth filed into canines, tats everywhere."

The three of us watched him take breath before saying, "It gets better." Of course it did. "So I turned around and flex my left peck and I flex my right peck." Puck made his chest gestures seriously before saying through gritted teeth, "And I said 'leggo my ego'."

The table flushed with excitement now at his story. I watched Artie lean in to hear more. Brittany on the other hand was concentrating with her best smile not to make eye contact with me as I was still massaging her leg with my own.

"And you know what he does?" Puck asked us with a look of unflappable confidence. "He lets go of my ego."

The table dispersed into praise for Puck and his juvenile victory. I decided to humor him in that moment, saying, "You should be our nation's president."

He gave me that knowing smirk and replied with a maybe. Somebody loved having their ego stroked. Among other things.

My gaze fixed itself on Brittany after a few moments. Her body was turned into Artie and they were speaking in hushed tones. I made out a little bit of their conversation.

"I've been squeezing your leg for like the last hour and a half," she had said to him. Her voice dropped into a whisper when she asked if he wasn't attracted to her. Artie's expression was confused and I bit back a laugh. Though I knew Brittany was smart, sometimes I wondered where exactly her head was at.

I heard what I thought was Artie telling Brittany that he was too distracted by our waitress and I fought the urge to kick the shit out of his limp legs. Instead, I painted on a perfect Santana Lopez smile.

When our granny waitress dropped off the check, I felt Puck's body grow restless beside me. "Alright guys lets move, this meal has been comped," he said comped in a sing song fashion. Puck never paid for food. Even when he had the money to pay, he never bothered. He was too rebellious for that.

Artie was shocked at Puck's dine and dash plan. I could tell Blue Tooth had never skipped out on paying for a meal in his life. He was a crippled choir boy. Britt and I helped ourselves out of the booth and headed for the exit. Everyone at Breadstix knew not to bother questioning me. They remembered my face. I was the girl who had had many employees fired for refusing to give out more breadsticks. They didn't fucks with Santana Lopez.

Britt and I waited by the door as we watched our dates argue over paying the bill. Silly boys. From the looks of it Puck was angry at Artie and giving him a sharp chastise of words. By the end of the scene, Puck was leaving out the door with Brittany and I on either side of him. We had gladly left Artie behind.

On our drive back home I had decided to take the back seat with Brittany. Puck needed to cool off and I didn't want to leave my friend too lonely with the absence of her crippled conquest.

"So where we headed, ladies? My place?" Puck finally asked, adjusting his rear view mirror in the process so he could see us both.

Brittany and I exchanged a look. We both knew Noah Puckerman's was the perfect place to relax. There was usually plenty of booze, cozy couches and those bagels that Jews liked so much.

"Your place," I answered for both of us.


I couldn't remember the last time the three of us had actually hung out in Puck's living room together. When Puck and I started sleeping together so casually it was as if the three of us had split into two cores. In one core it was just Puck and I. We spent time here in his house. I often saw and talked to his mother, who was constantly trying to show me his baby pictures. Brittany and I were the other core. We spent every second together that I wasn't spending with Puck. That time consisted of Cheerios practice, Glee club, working out, going to the mall, watching moronically romantic movies and of course sex. As much as I tried to keep our relationship as physical as possible, friendship often muddied up the strictly drawn line. Puck and I rarely went on dates. Our encounters were more on the side of sexting each other until he couldn't handle it anymore and had to come over. Brittany and I though, it seemed like every time we went out it was a date.

Coming from the kitchen, Puck arrived in the living room with two glasses of darkly mixed liquor. I pulled my hair tie from my ponytail and shook my locks out over my shoulders before accepting the drink. Taking my first sip of my glass, I realized he had mixed us Crown and Cokes. My favorite. That was one thing I loved about Puck's house. His father's liquor cabinet had some of the best whiskey money could buy. I drank a little more eagerly. The alcohol was smooth down my throat but a little stronger than it should have been. Never let Puck mix you anything. I glanced over to see Brittany had nearly drained her entire glass already. It was obvious Crown and Coke was her favorite too.

Puck settled himself on the couch beside me. In one hand he had the bottle of Crown Royal whiskey and his other rested on my exposed thigh. His palm was sweaty and his grin was wide; tipsy. I wondered how much whiskey he had downed in the process of attempting to mix our drinks in the kitchen. Noah leaned in to my neck and within moments I felt his tongue dart out and lick its way up from my pulse point to my ear lobe. Brittany had removed herself from her seat in the recliner across from us and taken the whiskey out of Puck's hands before the dark contents of the bottle spilled over the furniture. I watched her pour herself another glass and act interested in one of Puck's mother's old chair quilts as Puck placed an eager hand over my chest. The look on the blonde's face told me she would need to be drunk before she could deal with seeing this. Puck and I.

A trail of guilt spread through my knees, up my rib cage, past my chest and into my brain. I was torn. I had missed Puck's body, missed his hands, missed his smell, missed everything. But I didn't want to lose Brittany's touch either. Her soft fingertips, her velvet skin, her toned legs, her pink shaded lips. My solution was to drink; a lot. I gently pressed my hands against Puck's broad chest and signaled the bottle from Brittany. The blonde strode over with a slight waver in her step. She sat on the other side of me so that I was squeezed between her and Puck. I took the bottle with no words between us and took a long drink. The raw liquor burned in comparison to when Puck mixed it with Coca Cola. I didn't care though. I wanted to end this tugging in my brain. The bottle was passed around routinely; each of us tilting the poison to our lips with a complete disregard for the hangover that was to spawn tomorrow morning or what was about to happen right now.

My head was beginning to lighten and loll. I noticed Brittany's own head was resting on my shoulder and her hand was playing with the hem of my Cheerios skirt. Her breath against my neck made the hairs stand up. Words began to slip past my lips loosely. I was amazed I could still talk with my tongue this numb and slacken. I slurred out loudly how much I loved them both and how amazing they both were. Brittany was snickering at something. I wasn't sure if it was from the alcohol or just my random outburst of emotion. I turned to Puck then and fit my hands over his flushed cheeks before kissing his lips. They tasted like whiskey and spearmint. I forced his mouth open with my own and pressed my tongue into his warm and ready one. I ground my lips down on his; leaving no room for air. As we kissed I felt a hand slide under the fabric of my Cheerios shirt. At first I had assumed it was Puck but when I opened my eyes I realized that hand was coming from my right; from Brittany. I didn't break away from Puck's lips to ask her what she was doing. I let it happen. She was unclasping my bra for me and nudging her fingers underneath to cup my left breast. Whether Noah noticed this or not, I didn't care. I wanted this all too badly to stop and ask questions or answer them.

The situation became real when Puck ripped his lips from mine. He looked from me to Brittany and me again. The wheels were turning in his head quicker than I had realized so when he said what he did next I was surprised.

"Lets head upstairs ladies."

The three of us. Upstairs. Even in my drunken stupor I knew what those words insinuated but for some reason I couldn't keep my body from pulling off the couch, linking pinkies with Britt and stumbling behind Puck up the stairs. My legs wobbled in the process; it was a struggle to coordinate them on each step without losing my damned balance. An intoxicated Brittany attempted to help me out but that was like the blind leading the blind.

Being in Puck's bedroom sobered me up pretty quickly. This was really happening now. I watched him stumble over onto his bed and Brittany followed suit. She sat cross legged on the bed and beckoned me over with a curling finger. Neither of them moved until I settled myself on Puck's queen sized mattress. I had been here many times before but never like this. Puck made the first move, clumsily sitting up to kiss me greedily on the mouth. My hands found the back of his neck and I ran my fingers over the stubbly hair there before running a hand over his mohawk. My lips were parted just enough so that he could capture my bottom one between his teeth. His bite was more rough than playful. Luckily my mouth was numbed but that was going to hurt in the morning.

When Puck broke our kiss his glassed over eyes wandered in Brittany's direction. I saw how those eyes raked over her body and it heated my skin for just a second. He looked back at me as if asking permission to make the first move. She was looking at me too with those wide penetrative eyes again. I just nodded at them to continue, unsure of how else to react to my two friends suddenly considering the idea of making out and a lot more.

They leaned in to each other at the same time. I couldn't exactly read Brittany's face because she was just so wasted already. Who knew what she was feeling at that point. I watched her place her hands on Puck's shoulders to steady herself while he slid his arms around her back to pull her closer. A tiny sliver of panic raised the hair on my skin when I saw her body press into his and kiss him. The kiss was soft, they were still getting to know each others mouths. It put my clouded mind at ease to know that Brittany hadn't kissed him much in the past with the exception of her kissing list.

Their kiss began to heat up. Brittany's hands were cupping Puck's neck and he was squeezing her tightly. Her tongue was dancing around his, I could tell by the way he moaned into her mouth. I noticed my tiny fists were clenching at my sides. I loosened my grip slowly, willing myself to just calm the fuck down. My chest was bruised from the beating it was taking from my erratic heart. Why couldn't I just watch this and enjoy it? This should have been a dream. Not only could I have Puck but I could have Brittany right now too. We could share.

Puck's hands were pulling Britt's hair out of her ponytail. He ran his fingers through her mane as he worked his lips fervently against hers. There was a bulge in his pants I was almost sure of it. There was no way he couldn't be excited by that kiss. Brittany's kiss usually had me squirming within a few seconds. Brittany's kiss. Suddenly I wanted that to be me. I wanted to be where Puck was right now; in her arms with her mouth dominating mine in the headiest kiss I could handle. I wanted to taste the alcohol on her breath and feel that skilled tongue wrestling against mine and winning. I recognized the jealousy that was creeping its way up my spine to sit perched on my shoulder. Why did she have to kiss Puck like she kissed me? Did she kiss everyone else like that? For fucks sakes she had a kissing list. She knew how to kiss. So when she kissed me was it just like every other guy in school? Oh for fucks sakes shut up Santana; you're making a fool out of yourself. Who cares if Brittany kissed you like that? Who fucking cared. Obviously I did.

"Santana." A deep voice called me. Puck's voice. I shook my darkening cloud of thoughts away and looked up to see the two of them staring at me. Puck's lips were red and swollen from kissing Brittany. I looked to my best friend in that moment. She was smiling sweetly with a hint of seduction playing on those perfect little lips. She was motioning me again with her finger to come closer. It was like my body had been switched to automatic and I had no time to stop myself before I slid over the bed, near her. I felt my body warming in her presence as well as my cheeks. We had never done this in front of an audience. This was a private thing between us. It made me wonder how we got to this point. It was only supposed a dinner. Just one dinner. How did it get so fucked up?

Brittany took my chin into her hand, something she had done a dozen times before. It made the anxiety in my stomach deflate for a moment. It felt like we were alone. I imagined we were in her room on a Saturday. The sun's rays were piercing their way in through the window, warming her milky skin. Her hair was down and surrounding me as she laid me down on her bed. Her lips were welcoming to mine. Her tongue was gentle and it stroked the insides of my mouth with a layer of love I'd never really experienced from anyone else. My hands slid around her back, my nails kneading gently into her skin like a cat. She alternated between sucking my lower lip and digging her tongue into the cavern of my wet mouth. Her fingers were dancing their way up my stomach and ribs; her touch was like a million feathers teasing me. Her hand slid up my chest and rested in between my breasts. My heart was pounding its way into her palm. She literally had my heart in her hand.

Suddenly I felt someone elses hands. I wasn't on Brittany's bed anymore and she wasn't hovering over me. I realized now where I was again; Puck's room, still kissing Brittany but Puck's hands were under my shirt, stroking my sides. His teeth were scraping over my shoulder, gnawing at the bone like a fucking animal. It wasn't gentle. It wasn't sweet. It wasn't Brittany. That panic I had felt earlier returned and hit me square in the stomach. What if he told someone about this? There was no way he'd keep it to himself. He just couldn't. Noah Puckerman slept with two of the hottest cheerleaders at Mckinley at the same time. He would be a legend and I would never live it down. Where it was wrong before it was really wrong now.

I realized I was practically squished in between my two cores once again. Brittany; tender and cozy. Puck; raw and ragged. I know there was a choice to be made here but I didn't want to disappoint either one of my lovers. And so I did the only thing I could. I chose myself.

I broke Brittany's kiss and moved my hands to my sides to stop Puck. They both gave me a look of turmoil and stopped everything they were doing. I was the center of attention now. They were studying their favorite little toy with amusement, confusion, and hunger.

"Bathroom," I said simply. Before they could react I jumped off the bed and headed out the room into the hall. My walking was still not the best but I made it to the bathroom in one piece without breaking anything. I quietly closed the door behind me and sat on the toilet with my head in my hands. It felt like I was spinning around even though I was in a very immobile position. How did I get myself into this situation? I found myself wishing we hadn't left Artie at Breadstix. This would have never even started if he was here to distract Brittany. We probably would've never even come to Puckerman's.

The three sharp raps on the door made me jump from my seat. Fuck. Puck was chasing me, I was sure of it. Another knock. Why wasn't he opening the door yet? One more knock came; followed by a voice. A soft voice.

"San, can I come in?" Brittany asked me through the wooden door.

I nodded but realized she couldn't see and so I answered back with a yes. The door opened and the cheerleader stepped inside, crossing the bathroom tile, heading straight to me.

I looked up at her, "What are you doing?"

Brittany smiled down at me, "I had to pee too."

The way she said it made me realize it was just an excuse to follow me. She was checking on me; making sure I was okay. I was so grateful to have her.

I laughed in relief at her statement and stood up to look at myself in the mirror. We were both in its view and I had to say we looked like hell. Our Cheerios uniforms were as wrinkled as an elephant's trunk and our hair was wilder than an '80s hair band. I turned to her and took her hand in mine.

"Can we bail? Please?" I asked meekly in a voice that sounded nothing like my own. I don't know why I felt the need to even ask because as soon as I had said the words Brittany was nodding her head and leading me out of the bathroom.

We tiptoed our way down the hall and to top of the stairs. This was going to be difficult for two drunks. We held on to the railing for dear life as we tried to turn our feet into the quietest padding these steps had ever faced. Brittany was doing a terrible job of course and every other step was creaking but we made it down without disturbing Noah. I grabbed our things on the couch and Brittany snatched the bottle of whiskey. I rolled my eyes at her before we ran out of the house into the cool night. While I was draping Brittany's Cheerios jacket around her I noticed a look of distraught.

"What's wrong?"

She was drunkenly pouting at me then. "I really did have to pee."

A deep laugh escaped my throat and I had to cover my mouth to not tip off Puck. There was no where else to go besides the side of Puck's house where there were a couple of shrubs she could hide behind. I felt a twinge of guilt about Britt peeing publicly on the Puckerman property but that was only because I liked his mother and didn't want to hurt her feelings. I had no choice though, Brittany was gonna pee no matter what; she was too drunk to hold it in.

When Britt was done I took her hand once more and led her out to the sidewalk. We began our trudge back to my house which thankfully was not too far away. Her head was lolling onto my shoulder as we walked. She never let go of my hand. Not once. I realized my decision to leave was not just about me. It was about Brittany too and how much I didn't want to share her with anyone else.