The next day, a semi-truck pulled up into the cul-de-sac. It dropped off a massive shipment- a massive shipment of Jawbreakers. The Eds all ecstatically ran up to the boxes of Jawbreakers and were drooling like crazy.

Alucard was confused. "You spent $100 on candy?"

"Of course," said Edd.

"That's what we've been trying to get all this time," replied Eddy.

"Butter toast!" Ed jumped in.

"Hmm, well, interesting," Alucard said as he as he and the Eds gathered round.

Alucard said to them, "Wow, well I really enjoyed fighting with you guys. You're probably the best warriors I've ever had fight alongside me…oh! I have one more offer for you- how would you like to become honorary members of the Hellsing Organization? Together, we can fight evil vampires and werewolves and monsters and-"

"No thanks!" said Eddy. We have what we want, and we're happy." Edd and Ed nodded.

"Damn, that's a shame!" replied Alucard.

"Say Alucard," asked Edd, "has your bloodthirst been quenched, at least?"

"Are you kidding?" Alucard answered. "With all the blood and guts I've taken in, I won't have to feed again for a long time! Hell, I may join the rest of the Organization on their vacation in Spain."

"That's great!" said Edd. "Have fun!"

"Oh, believe me, I will!" Alucard chuckled as he shook hands with the Eds.

Alucard then said, "Well, it looks like our missions are complete. It really has been loads of fun. And so, with that, and the hope that we'll meet again someday, I bid you all farewell."

"Good-bye!" the Eds all said as Alucard teleported away.

The Eds sat down and took a moment to think about their friend. Then, their appetites got the better of them. They opened one of the boxes of Jawbreakers, took some out, and began to eat. Now, having reached closure with the other kids, and having all the Jawbreakers they could eat, they had finally achieved their solace.