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USAF Daedalus

The Daedalus was a proud ship. Now on her way again to the Pegasus whit supplies and the Flagship Team of the Earth outpost was SGA 1. And it seemed as if the voyage to the distant Pegasus Galaxy would be without any problems and very short, now it only took 7 days instead of 14, thanks to the new Asguard hyperdrive which was part of the new technology given to the Tau'ri by their now deceased Ally and Friends. However Murphy is a very active fellow and well something had to go wrong, or happen. Well the story starts as the ship leaves hyperspace in a system which was located at the edge of the Milkyway Galaxy. This was because the system was mentioned in the database of Atlantis, that there had to be an something of importance let by the Ancients.

"Cornel Caldwell we have left hyperspace and are scanning the system now." "Good, Dr. McKay do you know by any chance where this ancient gizmo is located." "It's not a gizmo Col. It's a device of importance, and well not quiet it is mentioned it should be located behind the moon of the third Gas giant of the system." Said Rodney." Helm take course on the third gas giant of the system full military trust." "Yes sir" and whit that the ion sublight engines flared to live and pushed the ship towards its destined point.

30 Minutes later they have reached their target.

"So Dr. McKay where is it whatever you search?" asked Caldwell. "Like I said I don't exactly know where it is, but it should be behind one of the two moons." " Ok, Foster take course to the nearest moon. Full military trust." "Yes Sir." She said. After a minute the ship reached the dark side of the nearest moon. And as they came around they saw a large ring like structure. "Dr. McKay is it me or does this look like a really big version of a stargate?" because the structure looked something between a supergate and a stargate. " Well it really looks like it. And.." however his answer was cut short as a alarm blared. "Sir, the energy levels of the object just ski rocked, whatever it is it's activating now." Said the sensor officer. And indeed in space the hug ring began to glow and then whit a blue white whus a event horizon like on the stargate appeared. "Cornel, I'm getting all kind of information's of the gate. Sir something is building up." Said McKay and whit that the ship was enlightet in white beam and everything began to shake. "What the hell is happening? Foster get us out of here." "Cornel it appears that we are trapped in a kind of tractorbeam. We can't escape without risking getting ripped apart!" shouted . "All hands this is the Captain prepare for turbulence and any other problems and important hold tight on something" said Caldwell. The others who were standing, SGA1, held on where they could. The whit beam began to tow it nearer and nearer to the eventhorizon. And then they passed through. " Status report." " Sir all systems are green sir. No damages at all." " Sensors what do you got" " Sir we are in a unknown solar system." Said the Officer. " " Sir I'm detecting a ship on course to us, however the ship seems to travel in realspace at multiply times the speed of light." "ETA" "Two Minutes" " Ok sound general quarters, all hand battle station." "Activate shields and load tubes 1-4 whit Mk8 and activate AA railguns, but keep secondary and primary weapons offline." " Yes Sir" " Cornel Caldwel, I've analysed the sensor readings and to be true it seems as if this ships it travelling by what you could classify as a Warp drive" said Rodney." So what, you mean to tell us that the spaceship enterprise is coming to us and we'll meet Captain Picard." "No Sheppard I 'mean, yes it seems to be the same principle as in the show, but it can't be the federation as it's just a TV show. Two minutes later a white vortex opened and a ship came out. A ship whit an eerie familiarity. And a message was received