Daedalus meets Enterprise Chapter 3

The Daedalus left Hyperspace just seconds after the Borg ship had exploded. Now she was alone in the system. However she wouldn't be for very long. Because in this moments the long-range sensors decided to chirp again to get the attention of the sensor officer. "Sir we've got a contact" " Oh great another Borg vessel." Said Shephard. " " Cornel I don't think so because it comes from another angle. If I'm correct Sir, we are around the border of the Alpha Quadrant in Star Trek." " So," said Caldwel," this Ship could perhaps be from the Federation, if they existe here, ore from some other Power." " Yes Cornel." " Ok, well then let us stay a bit. Dr McKay I want you to find out how to destroy that gate, because I do not want the Borg whit the capabilities to cross into other Dimensions or Universe." "What you want to destroy it." Asked the Canadian scientist."Yes this is an order, also it's just for the worst case scenario. All hands battle station, sound general quarters." Said the Captain of the Daedalus.

While the Daedalus a battlecruiser of earth prepared herself for a battle whit a presumed hostile new race, the other ship came near the partial opposite ship, it was one of science and exploration which could however stand its ground against any known aggressor in known space, well in their space anyways.

In the CIC of the Tau'ri ship the crew waited the agonizing 2 minutes. An then a white Flash in space.

They saw a ship whit a saucer on top of a main body and two delta like drivepods. On the saucer was a part whit a number NC 1701 D.

The crew of the Daedalus was stuned, not only had they encourted the Borg which suggested that they were in a sort of Star Trek universe; however now it was confirmed before them was the Enterpriese.

"Holy friggin God" said Caldwell. " But that's impossible" remarked Rodney. "What the Heck" brought Shepard out. The crew was also stunned only Teila and Ronon were not because they were not from Earth and didn't understand the ramification of this discovery.

Bridge Enterprise

The Enterprise has just exited warp. " Captain sensor have detected an unknown ship and also a giant ring like structure above the Moon of this planet." "Sound yellow alert and raise shields, but don't activate the weapons yet. Initialize first contact protocol and open a chanel" Said Captain Jean-Luc Picard."Captain sensor have detected what appear to be the remaining parts of a Borg cube." "What! Scan that ship but only passive, we don't want to anger them." "Yes Captian. Captain passive scans reveal a energy output which is nearly on pair whit a borg cube. The ship is also 450 meters long. Visual shows that there are what appear to be turrets for possible weapons of unknown sort. Also there are to hangars, for shuttles or whatever craft they posses." "Sir we're getting a response

CIC Daedalus at the same time

"Sir we're getting hailed. They say that they are as unbelievable it sounds that they are indeed the Federations ship Enterprise." " Open channel. This is Cornel Steven Caldwell of the Tau'ri battlecruiser Daedalus to the Enterprise. We come in peace and mean you no harm. We were attacked by the Borg, and as you can see we kicked their asses back to wherever the Hell they came." Said the commander of the Daedalus. "You mean to tell us that your ship managed to destroy a Borg ship, something we barley can do and need a fleet to do it, was done by your compared small ship." Asked Picard in atonement. "Yes, we did it, and managed it even though we had some difficult's. Well captain Picard, I don't know but I think a face to face meeting would be in order don't you think so." " Yes and I would like to invite you my ship. Say in 15 Minutes. If you want we could use transporters to transport you over." "No thanks but we've got our own beamtechnology. I will come whit some of my people, which will be lightly armed whit sidearms it you don't mind." "That would be acceptable, but no heavy weapons and no more than five." That's ok it will only be me and four others. So then till then." Said Caldwell