Daedalus meets Enterprise Ch7

And the battle began

The Deathgliders of the hat'acks together whit the Al'ceshs launched and bore down on the others. Countering these were the 16 F302 of the Daedalus, while outmatched, this was not a problem, as the pilots of the four squadrons of the Tau'ri ship were already used to it thanks to the Wraiths.

In the leading fighter of the Wraith buster squadron sat no one else than Lt. Colonel John Sheppard.

" This is Wraith buster one, to all squadrons, good haunt." "Wraith buster one fox two."

And from the other fighters the same calls came as they all fired their missiles, which mostly hit. Al'cesh and gliders ceased to be, and in retaliation fired their weapons. Golden bolts came towards the 302, which simply evaded thanks to their highly maneuverability and also thanks to the poorly targeting systems of the opposition side and the range.

The fighters were now less than a hundred meters away from each others, the earth star fighters had used a big part of their missiles, which had destroyed many of the enemy but there were many more. Now they used their railguns and shot streams of highly accelerated trinium bullets towards them at a high precision but now the enemy targeting was too better and some hit, a F302 on the right of Sheppard was destroyed by a pair of the golden bolts. In retaliation a F302 shot a missile at the glider and destroyed it.

And now it came to a full blown fur ball, 302, gliders became entangled, while the Al'cesh continued towards their intentioned targets, the two earth ships.

Bridge Enterprise

"Captain a dozen contacts what appear to be bombers are on their way towards us" "Ok, begin evasive actions full power to impulse drives. Target them whit the phasers. Load forward torpedo launchers and target the nearest LA ship" "Ay captain." Suddenly the ship jolted violently as a trio of golden plasma bolts of one Hat'ack struck the Federation ship. "Captain shields down to 85 percent" this was a shock as this was just a small salvo, it appeared that these ships even through less advanced than the Daedalus still packed one hell of a punch.

"Helm bring us up in position, then fire torpedoes"


The Enterprise went up in correlation to the position of the enemy Hat'ack and fired four proton torpedoes, which impacted on the shields of the Lucian controlled Goa'uld ship. Her phasers on the other hand had targeted a number of Al'cesh and these small bombers, even through shielded, had no chance as the phaser cut through their shields like a hot knife through butter. And now whit more power they were turned on the hostile ship and the Enterprise did a strafing run, missing by mere inches the deadly and powerful plasma bolts.

For the Daedalus the situation was another thing, she was much more powerful and was now showing it. A blue beam left her nose and shot toward an unfortunate Hat'ack, it went through the shields and holed the ship. Following this was a missile equipped whit a Mark III nuclear warhead of 1 megaton, which struck the ship and destroyed it completely. Two Hat'acks were flanking her and bombarding her whit plasma bolts, the Tau'ri ship retailed whit a full salvo of Mk VIII equipped missiles, four 8 for each ship, while some were shot down at least five hit each one and detonating, bathing the ships whit radiation and nuclear fire. Weakening their shields, and also giving the Daedalus the time needed for her to turn one of her asguard beam weapon batteries at one of them.

Bridge Daedalus

"SITREP, Lt." " "Sir we destroyed one Hat'ack" and in that moment another Hat'ack exploded as it was struck by two blue beams, "Make that two. Two are engaging the Enterprise and from the looks of it she is holding her own against them but just barley, as her weapons are weaker than the ones of Hat'acks in regard of raw fire power, the same can be said for her shields. Wait sir one of the Hat'acks just lost shields, sir the Enterprise just destroyed one. Sir our fighters are still outnumbered but have beaten the enemy as the enemy has lost over half of his initial fighter complement, while we have lost four 302." By that coment one could feel the sadness, then this were 8 brave soldiers who would never returne to their loved ones, who also would possible never find out why these pilots have died, but at least these fighter pilots died in the knowledge that they were serving their country. " Sir the three remaining Hat'acks just jumped into hyperspace." "Alright, call back our fighters, and I want a report concerning our supplies and ordinances."