by Kayryn
Disclaimer: Barbara Machin's and BBC's. Not mine. Never was, never will be.
Rated: G
Spoilers: Not really, but it was inspired by what is by now known as 'the scene' from Conviction.
Author's Note: My first dip into the WtD pool. It's very short so not beta-read. If someone wants to do the honors, be my guest. ;)

Boyd was in trouble and he knew it. She was quite furious with him and he would have to do some groveling before he was forgiven.

"Kindly keep your hands to yourself when there are other people present!" Grace admonished him, her voice raised. It was never good for him when she raised her voice. It was a good thing the others were not in the immediate hearing distance.

"I wasn't…" he started but was interrupted, quite rudely in his opinion. And yet he couldn't help but smile at her. She was so beautiful when she got angry.

"Yes, you were, Boyd." Grace sighed. Whatever would she do with him? Well, other than... Keep your head on the right track, she told herself. She licked her lips. Damn Boyd with his boyish charms and smiles. He was really too old to get away with such things, but she was helpless against them. And damned if he didn't know it.

"Alright, so I was, but I can't help myself. Actually if you think of it, it was entirely your fault," he calmly reasoned. She was losing her concentration. The licking of her lips was a sure sign of that. This wouldn't be quite so difficult after all.

"How do you figure that? No wait, I don't want to know," Grace sighed. She needed him to leave so she could focus on her job. Then maybe they could leave at a reasonable hour and... Oh, get a hold of yourself, Grace!

"You are much too enticing to be around," he told her, his voice having dropped an octave.

Try as she might she couldn't stop the blush from spreading to her cheeks. Hearing him express his attraction to her always got to her. Before their relationship had reached its current stage she had accepted that the time for her to be loved by a man, desired by a man had passed. He had changed that for her. He had shown her over and over that she was still wanted, and that someone still found her to be beautiful. Damn him. He knew her weaknesses and didn't hesitate to use them.


"I know, Grace. We need to work. I won't say another word," he turned on his heels abruptly and stalked into his own office.

"You didn't even say you were sorry," she called after him, her gaze already on the papers in front of her. She was startled when she realized he was standing just inside her door.

"You'll have my full apology when we go home," he promised with a sly smile and a raised eyebrow. Then he turned away again, entering his office and closing his door behind him.

Grace shifted in her chair.

Damn him.

The end..