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Skool was... normal(?). Only lunch was weird. We all swore the food was growling at us. How does food growl? We all freaked and threw our food away. Then when we got home and went to watch TV, it started glowing.

"Now what," I asked, "I don't want to go back!" I pouted and the rest agreed.

"It's not fair we weren't here long," Jessica said.

The glowing got brighter so we all closed our eyes, and when we opened them Marissa, Skye, Ambs, and Kendrah were gone. So it was just Katie, Amber, Jessica, Kirsten, and me. Though there was a ray gun-type thing in their place. I picked it up against the others protests and looked at it.

It was red, green, purple, and black. There were four buttons on it.

The first one said 'Go Back,' the second said 'Add a Show,' the third 'Add a Comic,' and the last said 'Add a Book.'

"We should keep this, just in case," Amber said. I nodded and kept looking at it. There was a piece of paper on it. The paper said:

This can only be used twelve times, but you can press all four buttons at the same time. Once it is used for the twelfth time, it will disappear. Using it is very simple, you press whichever button and then the person who pressed it thinks about the show(s)/comic(s)/book(s) the person wants to add to the world they're in.
If it is not used in 6 years, the ray will disappear. When it disappears from not being used, the show/comic/book character(s) will disappear also. Use it wisely.


"Wow, that's so... weird," Katie said.

"I know, but should we use it now," Amber asked.

"Who thinks we should use it, raise their hand," I said. We all raised our hands.

"Nikki, you chose," Jessica said. Amber and Katie nodded. I thought for a second and decided on what to add into this world.

I pressed the button and thought, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.

"I wonder when the characters will come," I mumbled.

"Yeah, what did you decide on anyway," Amber asked.

"You know the on comic I read, Johnny The Homicidal Manic," they nodded, so I kept going, "I decided on that."

"Isn't Johnny a killer or something," Katie asked.

"Yeah, but I think I know a way for him to not kill us."

"Oh, okay."

Great, now I have to think of a way...I gots it!

"So, now what do we do," Kristen asked.

"How about we walk around town, you know. See if it worked," I suggested.

"'Kay," they all said.

So we all started walking.

We came to a different part of town. It looked like JTHM, but in color. I squealed.

"I'm guessing this is where Johnny lives," Katie asked.

"Yep," I said, nodding, "Now to find his house. Look for the number 777."

They nodded, and we kept walking. I was looking on the right side of the street and saw the soil and very little dead grass. The number? 777. What did I do? I squealed.

"I'm guessing you found the house," Amber asked. I nodded.

"I'll be right back," I mumbled. I sneakily walked up to the house and peeked in the windows. He wasn't there. He was either in the basement or somewhere else. I ran so I didn't get caught in case Nny came up.

"He in there," Katie asked. I shook my head.

"Awwww. I wanted to meet him." Kirsten. We looked at her weirdly, though things like this are normal for her. I raised an eyebrow, then looked around.



"Nny's coming, probably wondering why we're standing in front of his house. He has a knife." We hid behind a trashcan. Nny just passed us. I guess he didn't see us.

'Let's follow him,' mouthed to my friends.


"Why not?' They shrugged and so, we followed him, at a fairly far distance. He didn't really do anything. He went to the 24/7 and got a brainfreezy, then walked back to his house.

We decided to go back to our house and do something.

"Hey," Ashley said as we came in the door," wanna go to the mall?" We nodded. I totally forgot about my dream at that time.

We started walking to the mall. Walking because we weren't that far from the mall anyway. Halfway there... Jessica and I were abducted!

The ship? The Massive. Strange right? We were facing the screen thing and Red cleared his throat.

How I knew it was Red? He mumbled something, probably to Purple, afterwards. It sounded like, "They don't look like Irkens, but they're exactly how Zim described them."

Oh. Shit. If I leave this ship, Zim is gonna get it. That was probably running through Jess's head also.

"Can you two turn around," Purple asked. We did so. I wondered if we were going to be asked if we can turn Irken.


"You two have some very nice disguises. Would you mind showing us your Irken form?" Red. We nodded slowly.

Ok, become Irken. NOW! Please? I accidentally hit a button on my watch, and I was Irken, with a Pak. Jess did the same.

We still had our hair, noses, and ears, but our skin was green. We had antenna, Paks, and three fingers. Jess's eyes were the same color as normal, blue, but like an Irkens. I'm guessing mine were green, purple, or blue. I had blue eyes before I came to the IZ world.

Blonde hair too. I totally changed.

Red and Purple were back to mumbling.

"They're very pretty." Red. Purple nodded.

"Yeah, I, personally think the green-eyed one would be better for me, she looks less serious than the purple-eyed one." So I have purple eyes? Figured. Did I mention these two SUCK at whispering. They spoke in voices just loud enough so that we could still hear them clearly.

Jess was wearing a green and blue outfit. I was in a purple and black one. Her Pak was sea blue with forest green spots. Mine, Jess told me, was black with lilac spots. Our hair was normal.

"What are your names," Red asked us. He pointed to me, as if saying I was to say my name first.

"My name is Nicole."

"I'm Jessica."

They nodded.

Pov change! Ashley's POV

We were still in the same spot for two minutes after they were abducted... They haven't come back.

"I wonder who abducted them," Katie said.

"Me too, maybe those stupid aliens," I said. They nodded probably wondering the same thing.

"Nikki'll know her way out, we were watching that episode a couple days ago. She loves that one," Amber said that. I nodded.

"I know, she watches it all the time."

"Are we going to continue to the mall," Kirsten asked.

I shook my head. "Maybe later, if Nikki and Jess get back. Let's just get back to the house for now." They agreed sadly.

We headed back to the house and we all went outside. I was watching the sky while everyone else, including Cory, was in the pool. I wondered when they were gonna get back.

Back to my POV

Red and Purple decided to let us go back to Earth after a while of us begging and promising to let them set up a transmission thing in our rooms.

We told them where we lived and they dropped us off. We walked outside, because we heard them in the pool.

"We're back," Jess and I shouted. They came running out of the pool and over to us. We were bombarded with questions which we answered, one by one.

We then had dinner and decided to go to the mall.

We had found around, I dunno, a million dollars in the basement, so we used it for shopping.

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