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Chapter 1:

Help Me

Alexander thought his day was going perfectly well and without any hitches; the prisoners were in good condition for their worth (none of them had died prematurely, at the very least), and the Grunts and Brutes were patrolling the dark passageways of his castle exactly as he wished. At this pace, he would have a lot of the vitae he needed once he killed several of the prisoners that were more prepared and had been spiraling ideally into the advanced stages of insanity from suffering multiple, vicious afflictions and otherworldly torment from Alexander's own hands. He wanted to smile at the thought, but a nagging idea presented itself quite suddenly, and he felt the corners of his mouth sag downwards in a worried frown. It wasn't going to be enough. He needed to set up Daniel to aid him in his grotesque work, and he needed to do it quickly.

Just as he thought of seeking out the young man, he heard a strange noise. Alexander was used to strange noises; really, Castle Brennenburg definitely had more than its fair share of peculiar sounds, but this one was different. For one, it was – human, and the sound almost pierced his practically unfeeling soul, for its cry was very unlike the ones of the prisoners he kept down below. This sort of soft sobbing that he heard through the walls of his study was not one that was begging for mercy or that was calling for a stop to the pain, no; this one had a deep, ringing melancholy to it that nearly made him feel genuine pity for the owner of it.

Alexander rose. The sound was disappearing down the nearby hallway. Without having to check, he knew who it belonged to. After all, Daniel was the only human who lived in his castle. Alexander decided that he needed to go see what was bothering the man this time. The young one was always troubled by something, no doubt. Whether it be nightmares, the dark, or memories of his past, Daniel was constantly on edge or on the verge of tears. He appeared to have a miserable enough existence. Perhaps he should be grateful that his death would advance Alexander's plans on getting home.

Still, Alexander wanted to find out what was wrong, for he still needed Daniel in his scheme, and he was curious because the sniveling was more intense, it seemed, than he had ever heard before from him. It was all very interesting to the older man, for even though he had lived among humans for centuries, he was still analyzing many of the facets of their natures. They were all so different, so unique, and so very entertaining to the baron. Daniel was no exception, of course. He was probably the most unique one of them all.

The old man walked down the length of the hallway so he could catch up with his apprentice, who, surprisingly, had already reached the guest room he was staying at that was located next to the baron's study. Alexander wondered if Daniel meant to ask him something, which was why he had been in the corridor that housed his study in the first place. He considered just leaving the younger man to his own devices, but he found himself raising a hand to knock on the door before he could stop himself.

No reply. Nevertheless, Alexander wasn't one to be deterred by such a thing, and he entered the room in his grand, gallant way as his red coat swished on either side of him, his legs creating short work of the distance between he and Daniel's bedroom.

The boy didn't appear to have seen or heard him. He was on the floor and on his knees, his arms resting on the sheets of the bed and his shoulder-length hair covering his face and eyes as he whimpered.

"Daniel." Alexander effectively announced his presence by articulating the young man's name.

The Briton jumped at hearing the voice, and quickly stood up to face his elder. "A-A-Alexander! I-I did not think you w-would come i-into my room like t-this." The human's voice was strained from the lump in his throat, and his face was still red and a little tearstained even though he had tried to recover his composure as rapidly as he could in front of the baron.

"Your weeping could be heard from quite a distance, Daniel."

"I'm sorry."

"Never you mind an apology. Pray tell, what is wrong, my dear boy? It is the middle of the day, so I doubt it is yet another nightmare that ails you…"

"No, it's definitely not a nightmare," Daniel replied slowly.

"What is it?"

Daniel breathed in heavily and then expelled the oxygen in a swift sigh. "Do you ever feel so hopeless, that the thought of living any further breaks you down to the very core?"

Alexander couldn't say that he had, after all he had everything that he could ever want on this world, and torturing the prisoners eventually evoked a sort of sick, twisted pleasure in him. But he felt as though he could connect with Daniel on some level. Alexander sometimes felt discouraged about being able to go back home, but he possessed an arrogance and confidence that Daniel did not, and he didn't let it get to him like Daniel obviously did.

"Yes, but you must learn to move on from feelings like that, Daniel. You can't let them drag you down and rest on your shoulders like heavy blocks of stone. If you are always carrying that weight around, then it'll be a major detriment to your health. I need you in tiptop condition, Daniel, and really, you should be more concerned for your own wellbeing, too." It was true, Daniel seemed worse for the wear at the moment. His eyes had bags under them and his hair was disheveled, as well as his face having the obvious flustered look of one that had been crying moments earlier.

"Thank you, Alexander…Your words have helped me." But Daniel didn't look consoled; his entire countenance still reeked of depression and despair, and its appearance was making even Alexander feel a little glum despite the fact that the day had thus far been wonderful.

"Perhaps you need a little more convincing. Come, my boy, let us avail ourselves of this room and go to the kitchen. Maybe a meal will help take your mind off of things."

They ate in silence. Daniel didn't look as if the food had helped lift his spirits, either, even if he was eating with the baron (which was rare), and even though he was eating what Alexander knew was one of his favorite sorts of meals. Had there been an event that troubled him to the deepest dregs of his spirit and threatened never to let him find peace? The entire ordeal with the Orb was taxing, the baron knew, but he still didn't think Daniel would let it get to him so much. The young man was usually quite cheerful, actually, but it was probable that the happiness was just a façade, and it never showed what he truly felt to him until now.

"Well, Daniel." Alexander sighed after he said this, and he put his hands on either side of the table exasperatedly as he stood up from his chair. "I don't know what else I could possibly offer you that will help ease your mind. I bid you adieu."

"W-Wait!" Daniel's chair clattered noisily in the wake of his usual clumsy fashion as he stood up, too. "I think a walk around the grounds in this daylight would assist me. The castle and the woods is such a beautiful sight to behold, after all, and I love nature. Could I go?"

Alexander pondered the consequences of such an action for only a brief moment. At the time he felt no reason to deny him of what he wanted, especially since he was so damn sad-looking. He said yes, and soon he had to stifle a chuckle when he saw that Daniel was so pleased with his decision that he had to hold himself back from reaching over to wrap his arms around the baron.

"Thank you, Alexander! I promise you, I'll be back soon and you will not regret this!" Daniel bounded off, more content than he had been for a couple of weeks now.

The older man looked after him, and although he felt satisfied that he had helped lift Daniel's spirits, he had a particular bad feeling in the pit of his stomach about this resolution that he couldn't place.

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