A Father's Daughter

Chapter One: Trapped


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Feudal Era (year 1495 A.D.)

By the time Higurashi Kagome had reached the age of 16 she had accomplished much more than many people twice her age had. She transcended time, fought evil, defended the innocent, met people who were true friends, endured life and death struggles on a daily basis, learned what it really meant to truly be in love, had her heart broken and her soul torn apart; she learned what it really meant to be there for your family, and what sacrifice really was, she discovered her own strength and power, destroyed the most cruel and malicious being in the universe and somehow made it into the high-school of her choice.

She knew she had accomplished much and had gone through so much just to survive, she also knew she would never be that carefree girl she was over a year ago ever again. She was no longer an innocent, she would always see the world differently from anyone else, always see the things nobody else could in her time.

Blood stained her hands.

Now though, now she just felt like something was missing. Naraku and Magatsuhi had been destroyed almost a week ago. Many villages have been celebrating their demise and the inutachi were trying to make their dreams come true.

Sango and Miroku had married the day after the final battle ended knowing all too well that time was precious and shouldn't be wasted. Mushin presided over the ceremony while Inuyasha and Kagome acted as witnesses.

Shippo began studying even harder to be a great kitsune; he learned whatever he could from anyone he could, he even asked Totosai to teach him basic sword-fighting and smithing after the festival was over. He thought he could be good at making weapons as a fire kitsune and he wanted to be able to do something productive for his friends. 20 years of apprenticeship would definitely be worth that.

Kirara went with Kohaku who began traveling soon after the battle ended; continuing the legacy his father left him. While Sesshomaru returned to his own lands with Rin and Jaken and Ah-Un in tow.

Leaving herself and Inuyasha as the only ones who'd not recently become unnaturally happy.

Kagome knew in her healing heart why this was. They needed each other; their love could make them both whole again. It was what she wanted- what they needed, but Inuyasha refused to see that. He had barely spoken to her in the last few days, and often left as soon as he smelled her coming. He was avoiding her and she knew why. He was afraid she would be taken from him like Kikyou; that she was going to choose her time over his. He didn't want her to say goodbye. That wasn't what she wanted. She might be young, but she knows what true love is. Kagome wanted to spend the rest of her life with Inuyasha, that's was why she was now walking towards the Goshinboku where she knew he was going to be.

Kagome stepped right up to the great tree placing her hand over the scar left by Kikyou's arrow over 50 years ago. She smiled softly, thinking of the past, and then she called out,

"Inuyasha, I know you're there. Could you come down please, I want to talk to you."

She heard his feet hit the grass and his infamous "feh", but she didn't turn around. She couldn't, she knew she would lose her nerve if she did.

"Well wench, I thought you wanted to talk." Kagome reigned in her spark of anger; he was only lashing out because he thought she was leaving.

"I just came to say that I'm going back to my time tomorrow," in her mind's eye she could almost see his brow furrow, his arms clench tighter over his chest while his ears fold back. "I want to say good-bye to them, to my family." Kagome stopped then. She wasn't certain he would want her to stay with him, she only assumed, what if she was wrong, what if that wasn't what he wanted and she was choosing the wrong time because of that assumption. Why won't he say anything?

Kagome slowly turned around, "I-Inuyasha?" Lips crashed onto hers. A clawed hand dug itself into her hair, while the other pushed her up against the tree. Inuyasha pulled himself away for a moment. He needed to hear her say it.

"You're saying goodbye to your family, to the time you were born in, to everything you used to know…why?"

She opened her eyes and smiled brightly at him, "because I want to stay with you, in this time, forever. Inuyasha, I love you." He kissed her again, longer this time and with even more passion. He finally heard her say what he knew in his heart all along.

He knew it was time to ask her what he had wanted to for almost three months now, so breaking off the kiss again, reluctantly, he said, "Kagome, I love you so much, I know I don't deserve it, but would you…would you marry me."

"Yes, Yes oh Yes!" She cried as she used his head to pull herself up to kiss him with all the joy that was bursting from her heart.

And so Kagome and Inuyasha spent a passionate night together, making love for the first time. Discovering interesting little things about the other's body and feeling nothing but absolute blissful hope for their future in the past.

The next morning, Inuyasha saw Kagome off at the Bone-eater's Well. They both felt it would be better if Kagome broke the news to her family on the other side by herself, she would be back before nightfall.

As she stood on top of the well, Inuyasha pulled her in for another kiss, he whispered for her to hurry back and watched as she winked at him and jumped into the well.

He turned to walk away, expecting her to come back at the agreed upon time, when he would be there to meet her, but as he took the first step away a bright blue light erupted from the well. Inuyasha was thrown forward from the intensity of it.

He heard a strange voice in his head speak.

'Now the balance is complete,

And all is as it was meant to be.

Time's gateway closes and opens and closes again,

It will only open when her life's at its end.'

No…No…No, this can't be!

Inuyasha leapt into the well, only to look up and find himself still in his world. The well was closed. Kagome was stuck in her world, he in his and he would never see her again. He pounded on the dirt beneath him in rage.

"NOOOOOOO!" A ferocious roar tore threw him ending as an animalistic howl. His eyes bled red and jagged, purple stripes adorned his cheeks. His demon had taken over in his grief. He would not let this be the end, it couldn't be. Tears ran down his face unbidden. She was gone and she couldn't come back.

All around wildlife fled the area in fright. Humans heard the terrifying scream and prepared themselves for a demon attack. Demons heard the sound and knew it meant that a male had just lost his mate, his life-partner. While a certain unusual group of humans and demons heard the cry and knew something happened to Inuyasha and Kagome.

Sango, Miroku and Shippo ran into the clearing to find Inuyasha huddled in his demon form next to the well.

All that was heard was his repeated mantra, "She's gone, the well closed, she's gone, the well closed…"

She's gone and the well is closed.


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