Are You Happy Now ?

Chapter Two: Start of Something


~Before Uchiha Itachi became ANBU captain; before he became known as his clan's murderer; before he was even the Uchiha Prodigy- he had a best friend. Now as Naruto's 18th birthday comes to pass, and his greatest wish is about to be granted; family.

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And here's the second chapter…

Kagome gasped as she was startled awake. She breathed heavily for a few moments as she realized she had no idea where she was, or in whose bed she was in. She wanted to cry.

"Oh, you're awake." Kagome looked over to the door where a young woman, late twenties maybe, stood looking in. She had short curled hair and warm brown eyes. She wasn't very tall, a little under average height, and wore an apron. Her short dark brown/ black hair was curled and her eyes were warm like hot chocolate. She looked like a civilian, but she had a very nice smile.

The woman crossed the room and knelt beside the bed, smiling softly at the young kunoichi. "My name is Higurashi Kun-loon, I am Takeo's wife and this is our home. May I sit next to you Kagome?" Kagome nodded, she didn't know this woman, but she seemed really nice and her instincts told her to trust this nice lady. Kagome trusted her instincts as every good ninja did. Kun-loon crawled on top of the bed and sat next to the shaking girl.

Kagome watched Kun-loon for a moment before the older woman spoke to her again, very gently, "Kagome do you know why my husband brought you and your brother here?"

Kagome scrunched up her face as she remembered what Takeo-san had told her before, "People were… sent… to kill my family, Takeo-san was… ordered to take Souta and me away… from Konoha." She became upset as she remembered everything else, "he said that we couldn't take Naruto, and we left my baby brother behind." Kun-loon handed Kagome a tissue to blow her nose with, and another she used to wipe away her tears.

"Yes, he told me that too. I'm so sorry you had to leave your brother behind, and I'm sorry for all the terrible things that have happened to you." Kun-loon hugged Kagome, who let her, when she saw how upset the woman was getting. She was almost as sad as she was.

Kagome felt so much pain in her chest, she held onto the woman as she cried even harder now, "it's not fair! I-I didn't even get to-to say goodbye!" Kun-loon only held the little girl closer to her breast, trying to offer what comfort she could. She couldn't possibly understand what this poor child was going through, having lost nearly her entire family and all of her friends in one night. The chances of her ever seeing any of them were so very slim.

For an hour they sat like that, curled into each other, comforting, and crying. Trying to let all the sorrow and grief out at once, barely believing that this happened to one innocent little girl. They stayed like that until Kagome fell asleep.

Kagome would eventually call Takeo and Kun-loon Higurashi, Papa and Mama. She never forgot her real parents; she simply grew to love the Higurashi's as much as her own family. Grandpa Higurashi was just weird; the first time she met him the priest stuck a sutra on her forehead and said, "Demon, be gone!"

Everyone agrees that Gramps is psychotic, maybe even going senile. He's just plain crazy, but he makes her laugh.

It was easier for Souta to adjust than Kagome, but Kagome made sure to sneak into her brother's room each night and tell him everything she could remember about her parents. She started this when Souta told her he had trouble remembering what their mother looked like. She was so afraid that if he forgot anything about their world he would never be able to go back. So she took it upon herself to be his personal remember-er by telling stories about their parents and what great ninja they were. But, she had a secret she wouldn't even tell herself, she was afraid that if Souta forgot she would forget too and forgetting would mean breaking the promise she made to Itachi.

During the day, Takeo continued her ninja-training before and after school; which she only started attending when the Higurashi's realized Kagome and Souta weren't going home anytime soon. It seemed Minato and Kushina had left the care of their oldest children in the hands of Higurashi's. They were now the Namikaze children's legal guardians and took measures to keep people from asking too many questions.

Within months of their arrival, Kagome and Souta were "officially" adopted by the Higurashi family. Kun-loon, who was unable to have any children, was thrilled to finally have some for her own, even if it wasn't by blood.

Two months after the Kyuubi attack on Konohagakure

The thunder demoness, Souten, was dying. She was a great warrior, feared, respected, and beloved by all who know her. She had mated the kitsune she had been in love with since her childhood when he gave her his rare and colorful "cra-yons", and would now follow him in her body's death. The nine-tailed Shippo, or Kyuubi, as the humans of this world knew him, had discovered he could transform into a chakra beast, a bijuu. A century ago, she and Shippo realized they were in a world different from the one his human sister was from. There was no Tokyo in this world, only assassins called Shinobi. They got by though, and life was good. Then one day a human with demon eyes came to their den. He killed one of their young and took the other, bringing its body to the Village Hidden in the Leaves. He stank of greed and hate, and there was something about him that was reminiscent of an evil hanyou from long ago. Shippo had gone into a fierce demon rage and placed the Shinobi village under attack. Souten could do nothing to stop him; it was like he was under some sort of spell, but it wasn't until the last day of the attack that she realized something.

The village leader, the Hokage, had a daughter, a little black haired thing with very familiar blue eyes. She who had befriended so many powerful humans and great youkai in the past was only a little girl in this world. This Shinobi world must be the place the Shikon guardian truly hails from. Souten could only watch from the shadows of the trees as her mate rampaged, while she was incapacitated from trying to protect their kits. She had been so tired.

Too little, too late though. Now Souten was finally suffering from being separated from her lover and children by death. She too would join their numbers, though her soul would never leave this world. Souten knew her mate was made into a Jinchuuriki; his jailer was the Shikon guardian's own brother, so she asked a missing-nin and her family to come to her death bed so she may make one final request. She was still so tired, soon she would be free though, and caged too; all at the same time.

Koryu, now a fully grown Lightening Dragon, cautiously stepped into the room. All these years together, and now the dragon looked like she was trying not to topple the heavy burden Souten was placing on her shoulders. Souten smiled at Koryu as the red dragoness brought in the human couple. They were in a small country home in Lightening Country, the first house Souten and Shippo built in this world. Just outside Hidden Cloud. The woman, the missing-nin, was in the middle of her first pregnancy and Souten experienced momentary envy at her friend's joyous glow. That used to be her with a mate and belly filled with their child. Soon, though, soon she would be reunited with him, if these humans would only say yes. It was saddening too for them, and for Souten, to know their unborn daughter was dying. The man was taller than his wife, but by no means less dangerous, he was one of the last of the Samurai- a dangerous group of warriors in this world that equal the Shinobi in power. They were a fearsome couple and their daughter would be even more powerful than her parents.

Souten rasped to her human friends, "Come closer the both of you, I have a great request to ask of you." She hated how weak she sounded. Kirin, the pregnant woman, and Daisuke, her mate, came to the death bed of their dear friend where she lay frail and sickly. It was disturbing to see the great warrior like this. Kirin had always admired the demoness's power and beauty; it was Souten who offered her sanctuary when she left her village and found her a decent job. And it was Shippo, her life's partner, that introduced Kirin to Daisuke, but both humans remained strong and refused to give their unhelpful emotions any ground. Not in this room, and not now.

Daisuke spoke first, "What is it you want to ask of us, Lady Souten?" He bowed to her to show his respect; she was the only person- man or woman, human or not- who had ever beaten him in a duel of swords in 15 years. She didn't deserve to suffer as she was.

"I am dying, and will most likely die this very hour, unless you give me your permission." Cough, hack, cough- blood landed on the comforter of the bed. Surrounded by fine furs and silk, the extravagance only served to make the unearthly beautiful demoness seem fragile and weak, in a way she never had before. It was worse than they thought.

"Permission to do what?" Daisuke, ever the skeptic, was always questioning everything, especially when it concerned his family's safety.

"Permission to share a body with your daughter. My mate has been turned into a Jinchuuriki, I would never ask you to do such a thing, but I would ask if you would allow me to make your daughter into an avatar. She would carry my spirit within her, along with her own. I would teach her the ways of youkai and how to use my abilities she would inherit, and I would save her life. I can smell that she is dying within your womb Kirin, by joining my soul with hers I can save her. I would be able to protect her from your enemies and as my own children are no more, she would become my heir, inheriting my territory, my wealth, and my strength."

"You are asking us to turn our daughter into a demon. How can we allow this?" Daisuke again. At least Souten could count on Kirin to be more reasonable, one mother to another.

"An avatar is different from a Jinchuuriki, I would not be a prisoner within her, as much as a teacher, and her own personality would be dominant. It will still be your daughter, just with my powers and guidance to help her. Please Kirin, Daisuke; I have lost both of my children. I know what it feels like; I don't want you to lose your child, not when I can save her," Souten pleaded with the humans. This was not only her last chance, but their daughter's as well.

"So you want to become an avatar to save our unborn child and to be reunited with your mate?" Ah, Kirin was the voice of reason. As a Shinobi she was passionate as in everything else, but she was also logical and observant, able to see things most other humans could not, and she was full of compassion- something the many years running from hunter-nin could not change about her. "You want revenge too, I can see that in your eyes." Souten didn't deny it. She would make that demon-eyed human pay for every ounce of suffering her children went through, every drop of blood spilled, every tear shed, every day that went by where Souten only lived by strength of will alone- he would pay dearly.

"If it was me, I would do everything I could to get back to my husband; but there must be some ground rules, Souten. We are her parents, she cannot learn only from you, she must learn the ways of the Shinobi and Samurai, and she will need friends- you cannot close her off from the world. I don't want her becoming a lone avenger for your cause, not until she is at least old enough by our standards to handle it. And Souten, we expect her to be at least a little bit of trouble from time to time, she doesn't have to be a perfect little angel- we will love her no matter what because she is our daughter, and if being our daughter is what you want then I don't see why not." Kirin looked up at her husband, daring him to say otherwise.

A good warrior knows when to surrender, Daisuke was a good warrior, and he knew that what Souten offered was the real deal. She had never led them astray before and he severely doubted she would now.

"I agree, Lady Souten, if you can save our daughter and keep your word as we know you will then we will take a chance."

Souten smiled at the complacent couple, everything was going perfectly and now she could die in peace.


With that they could only watch as Souten's breathing slowed, her eyes close, until she merely lay there unmoving. Death had come for her, but it would not leave with her.

Only Koryu, standing in the shadows could see Souten's soul leave its body, hover and then enter Kirin's womb to join the unborn soul there.

And so it begins.

Four months later- a day's journey from Hidden Waterfall Village

"Push, Kirin, Push!"

"I'm trying dammit!"

"Keep breathing Koi, we're almost there!"

"Shut UP! Next time we have a baby, you can be the one who has IT!"


"waAHH, WAHahhh!"

A baby's wail echoed throughout the room. A little girl with a little tuft of black curly hair. The midwife of a little backwater civilian town cleaned the newborn of the blood and other body fluids before she handed her over to her father. The midwife then left the family alone for a moment; she knew a lost cause when she saw one.

Poor baby nearly died coming out, and now parts of the placenta were left behind. The woman was dying from the inside. Her body was releasing too much blood and the midwife had not the skills to heal her. She would get a potion to ease her passing, but that was the extent of her abilities- she was only a small-civilian-village midwife, not a medic-nin. She didn't have such a thing as chakra at her command to be able to heal broken bones and damaged bodies within a matter of hours, or the equipment needed to remove what was still inside.

She was only human after-all.

Grabbing the herbal potion from another room of the modest home, the midwife re-entered the room, only to find her services were no longer required, but a holy-man's were.

Kirin had passed on to the next life while the midwife was gone- she had been bleeding for a long time and the birth was difficult. She was ready to move on and made sure her husband knew that. Kirin wanted her baby girl named Sayuri, lily, after Daisuke's sister who had been a great help in hiding Kirin (until she met and married Daisuke) from the hunter-nin. Kirin would watch over her and him, and she would wait.

Daisuke looked at his wailing newborn daughter, held so carefully in his callused hands, wrapped in soft blankets. Rain began to fall as lightening flashed and thunder boomed across the darkening sky. "So, Sayuri... my Little Rainstorm; Shh- hush now- you sound like thunder yourself." Tears dripped unbidden one by one down his face, these would be the only tears he would shed for his vibrant wife; he had promised her.

Daisuke stayed at the midwife's home only long enough to give Kirin a proper burial, then with what remained of their things on his back, his katana at his side, and the infant in his arms- they left. Traveling to wherever the wind took them, surviving only as best they could when living on the run.

Three years later




An eight-year-old Itachi was in the middle of a clearing far away from the rest of Konoha; a clearing in the old Higurashi clan land- land that bordered with the Namikaze clan's estate, which was the only reason he was there. That, and it was the only place in Konohagakure he was safe from his father. His Sharingan was still active. He didn't remember exactly when it started, might have been from the day after Kagome left , might have been when Fugaku was forced to retire from the life of a Shinobi, might have been since the beginning, but Uchiha Fugaku had taken to hitting his eldest son whenever he was displeased with anything. His mother never said anything because she didn't know, Fugaku (Itachi refused to refer to him as his father, at least in private) only bullied him when she wasn't around and Itachi made sure Sasuke was neither witness nor victim to their "father's" abusive temper.

Itachi could handle the physical abuse; could handle being thrown into and through walls, could handle the bruises and cuts that bled too much and made him pass out, could handle a few broken fingers, could handle being a puppet for the clan, he could handle trying to fight against a man who outranked him and used that to his best advantage every damn time. He could handle all of it as long as no one else got hurt. It was because of those very "training sessions" that his Sharingan activated for the first time, only a week after Kagome and her brother had gone into hiding. Fugaku was always harsh and rough, he knew just what to say, how to say it, and how to hurt someone to make the pain last…to make it last for a long while as a reminder and go unnoticed by mother.

Today…today was the worst though.

He actually thought he was going to die today. He thought his "father", his clan headman, the man he was supposed to love and trust, was going to kill him today. He had already gotten quite a few bruises- nothing major- and a cut lip, from sparring with his still genin teammates, Uchiha Shisui and Inuzuka Hana (Hana had a really good left hook that caught him by surprise), when he arrived home Itachi noticed Fugaku was in the "family" room deep in thought, Sasuke was in his room probably taking a nap. He thought he might be able to get by the room with the monster pretending to be a man in it, but it was no use. Uchiha Fugaku didn't get to be clan-head without being a very, very skilled ninja as well.

Fugaku called Itachi into the room and asked him only one question, "What is this Itachi?"

Itachi quickly glanced at the envelope in his right hand, and heard the sound of metal jingling, then turned his gaze back to the window looking out to the private family training grounds surrounded by trees just beyond Fugaku's head. It had the seal of the Third Hokage stamped on the front.

Oh no, Itachi had mentally blanched at the sight of the seemingly harmless letter that was to confirm he now owned an apartment in the city, near the Hokage tower. Those were supposed to be his new apartment keys. The only outward sign of Itachi's unease was the very slight paling of his skin. If he hadn't stayed behind for that extra ten minutes to talk to his sensei he would have made it before the mail-carrier did and he would be getting ready to move out tonight.

"It appears to be a letter, Father."

Fugaku walks in circles around Itachi, treating him like prey, while speaking slowly, quietly, arrogantly, aristocratically, never with any outward signs of anger. He always seemed calm, he was assertive and manipulative, and exactly what a true Uchiha was supposed to be- look to yourself and your clan first, teammates second, but only if you must. Trust no one. Friends like Inuzuka Hana and Namikaze Kagome and Umino Iruka were not part of the equation that allowed his clan to thrive for so long. Oh, many of the branch family members had friends who were non-clan and even civilian, the elders of the Uchiha clan really only pressed this issue with the main family. Especially with Itachi now that he was chuunin and the heir, since he had few friends, and only one of them was clan- the elders refused to have the next heir be only half Uchiha. They had to keep the bloodlines pure to keep the clan's kekkai-genkai strong. They, the elders and Fugaku, had been upset when a third Uchiha had not been part Itachi's team instead of the Inuzuka girl, and it was often enough reason that Itachi was with her and his non-Uchiha sensei almost daily to throw Itachi into a Sharingan- induced genjutsu filled with pain and hatred courtesy of the man circling him.

Itachi hated his father, and he almost hated his mother for not seeing what her husband was doing to her son, and he envied Sasuke for being too young to face his father's wrath alone.

"This, boy, is a letter from the Hokage himself stating that you are now the owner of an inner-city apartment. A home outside the Uchiha District."


Itachi went flying across the room from the unexpected back-hand. A table had broken his fall, literally.

Before Itachi could fully get his bearings he was being lifted up in the air; a much larger hand tightly gripped the collar of his shirt. He didn't struggle; experience told him it would only be worse if he did.

"Understand one thing, little prodigy, you may be my heir, but you are nothing and you will never be anything more than that. You are a tool for the Uchiha clan, bred and raised to be a weapon for the clan. You belong to me and I will never let you leave, anywhere you go I will follow, no matter where you hide I will find you. You. Are. Mine." A sharp punch to his stomach had left Itachi gasping for breath; still he didn't make any other sounds. He never did. He refused to give Fugaku the satisfaction.

"It would seem our little sessions have not been enough in teaching you how to behave properly," Fugaku grabbed his son, hauling him upright, and proceeded to drag him up the stairs by the arm. Fugaku had plenty of time to "teach" Itachi, afterall, Mikoto wouldn't be home till tomorrow morning she was busy taking care of her lonely sick aunt.

Fugaku never paused, he kicked the door open, throwing Itachi inside to bang against the opposite wall and turned on the lights. It took Itachi a moment to realize where they were and less to understand why. This was Sasuke's room, and the boy toddler looked so bewildered and nearly frightened by all the loud noise. He calmed when he saw his brother at the foot of his bed, but wanted to bury himself under the covers at the scornful look on their father's face. He had never seen their father look so angry before.

Itachi, dazed from hitting the wall, struggled to stand. He could feel a lump forming on his head; it was going to be one hell of a headache in an hour or two.

Fugaku reached the bed where both of his sons were. One attempting to defy him, the other cowering from him. He grabbed Itachi around the neck, his fingers digging deep into the soft skin, certain to leave aching bruises. He hated insubordination. Fugaku snatched Sasuke by the arm and ordered him to be silent while he spoke with his brother. He hated people who showed fear even more.

Fugaku squeezed until he saw a tinge of blue around Itachi's face, but still the only sound was Sasuke's whimpering. Pathetic.

He loosened the pressure around his oldest' throat.

The stars slowly vanished from Itachi's vision as the much-needed oxygen entered his burning lungs. His Sharingan had activated in response to the brutal attack on his body. Itachi came to a realization. Fugaku wasn't just trying to hurt him…he was trying to kill him- or hurt him so bad he wished he was.

Red eyes stared into their reflection on the older face. The black tomoes circled round and round.

Itachi hated his father.

He stabbed Fugaku quick and sharp twice, forcing him to release both boys. Fugaku snarled at them his eyes practically glowing with rage. Itachi pulled his baby brother close to him, shuriken at the ready. For the first time since the abuse began, he was defending himself- for his brother.

"You belong to me, Itachi. You both belong to me. Your emotions make you weak, a good Shinobi relinquishes all emotional attachments and disregards feelings- you are weak and pathetic because you do not. You are ruled by your fears, and this makes you nothing. Emotions are obstacles in the way of the serving the clan. The clan is superior to all else, including the village."

He leaned in close.

"You live because of me for this clan. You were made to be a tool for its use, and its use alone. You are the Uchiha prodigy. You cannot escape it, it is what you are. And one day you will die for it."

He lunged at the boys, grasping only smoke as Itachi transported himself and his beloved brother away from the horror of that house.

Fugaku stood back. It didn't matter to him if they left for a while; it just made it all the sweeter later. Afterall they had to come home sometime.

An hour later Fugaku called his military police (?) together to search for the heirs of the clan- he was getting bored by himself. For an hour the Uchiha's scoured the village searching every nook and cranny with no sign of either child. It was only to be expected since Itachi is the youngest chuunin ever, soon to be a jounin, he was a real prodigy.

Finally Fugaku informed the Hokage that his sons had disappeared and were not to be found. When the Hokage asked what had happened, Fugaku said that he had been angry with Itachi who had taken his brother and run off, and since they cannot be found was worried that they may have been kidnapped for use against the clan.

Fortunately Sandaime thought that this sounded a little odd, so after dismissing the Uchiha he sent for his most trusted ANBU agent, the son of the White Fang, the copy-cat ninja, and avid fan of Icha- Icha graphic novels- Hatake Kakashi.

Kakashi, out of official black ops uniform, went to the one place he knew Itachi went when he wanted to be left alone; the border-land between the Namikaze and Higurashi estates.

When he arrive in the clearing that was made special only by the unusual dry well at its center, he watched from the shadows of the trees as Itachi continued throwing shuriken and kunai perfectly every-time, and Sasuke watched his brother with wide eyes taking in how his big brother stood, his technique. And he wasn't the only one amazed at the lazy, but sharp and deadly accuracy with which the boy threw

Kakashi just knelt in the tree observing the brothers, one the best friend of his little sister, the other the same age as the baby brother he wasn't able to know. Kakashi's eyes narrowed upon noticing unusual coloring on Itachi's neck as he moved in an unorthodox pattern to make the target practice more challenging. Those look like bruises, bruises caused by strangulation. Something about this whole mess didn't seem right. Kakashi looked Sasuke over checking for similar markings finding them on the exposed skin of an arm. Ugly black and purple things that made Kakashi's skin crawl when he thought about how the Uchiha heirs might have been hurt so badly, especially considering Itachi was a chuunin well on his way to being Jounin. Only an extremely powerful opponent could have done that to Itachi and Sasuke. Or it was someone at least one of them trusted to be able to get that close. Kakashi could only think of one ex-Shinobi who had that kind of contact with either boy. He always hated Uchiha Fugaku.

"Are you coming down Kakashi or are you going to just stay up there all day," Itachi said, announcing the highly trained ANBU's presence to the world, in a voice as soft as it was forceful, arrogant, and frustrated. Ah, the joys of youth. Only that prodigy knew when he was around, it was something he had picked up from Kagome years ago and retained like he did everything else.

Kakashi walked down the tall tree, showing off only a little for the toddler staring at him wide-eyed and slack-jawed. He continued walking, his hands thrust lazily into his pockets and his hitai-ate (forehead protector) covering the left eye…Obito's Sharingan eye.

Kakashi stopped next to Itachi.

"You want to tell me what happened?" Kakashi stood by waiting for the younger boy to speak.


…Yeah this wasn't going to be easy.

"Did Fugaku cause those bruises on you both? He's been looking for you, you know. Sent the entire military police out after you both- something about how you might've been captured by enemy Shinobi. Personally I think he's off his rocker and doesn't know either of you as well as he might think." Kakashi paid close attention to Itachi's body language, knowing the slightest gesture might tell a story. He definitely noticed how Itachi tensed at the mention of his father, and how he looked at Sasuke when he heard Fugaku was looking for them, but Itachi relaxed his stance and went back to rhythmically throwing kunai and shuriken at the target set up before a tree.

Something was definitely wrong.

So Kakashi changed tactics, which was what good Shinobi did in a difficult situation. He walked over to the familiar dry well and peered into the darkness.

"How long has it been since Kagome disappeared with Souta into the well? One, two years?"

"Three, it's been three years, four months and one week since Kagome and Souta left with Higurashi-san." Kakashi smiled beneath his mask. If there was one thing Itachi would want to talk about it was Kagome.

"I miss her too, her and Souta both. If it weren't for you and her I would be wallowing in self-pity in some tavern drinking myself into a stupor and wishing I could change the past. Wishing I hadn't been so foolish in the first place…" He sat down, motioning for Itachi to join him. He did so, but with great reluctance.

"Itachi, what do you miss most about her? I think I miss her smile the most. That girl could light up a dark room with that smile; she could make a dungeon feel like a palace with one laugh. Yeah, I definitely miss her smile."

Kakashi discreetly gave Itachi a side-long glance, though he hardly needed to; he could smell changes in a person nearly as well as an Inuzuka (a permanent jutsu he did on himself in honor of his old teammate), his highly trained ears could hear every rustle of cloth and every shifted blade of grass. Yeah, Hatake Kakashi was very confident in his physical abilities, each one painstakingly gained through hard work and lots of rough training. None of that had prepared him to see Itachi sitting there next to him, absolutely silent and unmoving, save for the single shining tear making its way down the young boy's face. Well damn. He hadn't wanted to make the unshakeable Uchiha Prodigy cry.


Kakashi and Itachi both sat up straight drawing their kunai. A child's voice cried out from within the well. Itachi motioned to Sasuke to remain where he was, away from any immediate threats. A single black eye shared a look with Sharingan-red eyes before each Shinobi turned to peer into the darkness of the old well, weapons at the ready.

"Itachi! Kakashi-nii! What's up! Umm…you guys mind helping me outta here. I kinda hurt my ankle on the landing."

Neither male-shinobi could believe their eyes; there, sitting in the dirt of the Higurashi clan well, was the very girl they had just been talking about. The girl who had disappeared for over three years, the girl whose smile lit up the dark, whose best friend and adopted brother were staring down at her in disbelief.

Itachi smiled unable to tear his eyes away from her dirt-smudged face. "Kagome…You're back."


I know a lot of people were excited by the sneak peak but it doesn't look like I'm going to get there until next chapter, maybe more. Once I really started getting into this chapter it kinda flew away from me, what really got it was the child-abuse scene, I wasn't planning on having that in there it just sort of happened. Just remember everyone, if the story seems like it's jumping around well I don't particularly want it to, but it has to so that the bulk of the story will come together and you understand how certain events came to be and how certain characters got to where they are or why they behave the way they do. I also wanted to mention that what happened to one of my O.C.'s, Kirin, during the birth was postpartum hemorrhage- a very real condition that is capable of killing when you don't have the right tools to deal with that kind of situation. It usually occurs when some of the placenta is left behind or something ruptures in the delivery process- if you want to know more just Google the medical term.

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