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It was a beautiful day on the Dalmatian Plantation. Patch was glad of this as he walked across the barnyard. He knew that his family's pets were expecting visitors a little later. His mother had told all the puppies to be welcoming. Patch knew that would be more difficult if it were a rainy day.

Just then, he heard the sound of a car pulling into the farm's driveway. Patch ran over to greet the new arrivals. The first to step out of the nice-looking car was the driver, an older male human. He moved to the rear door and opened it. An elderly lady stepped out. Patch gave a friendly yip of greeting. The lady smiled down at him and said, "Well, isn't this a surprise. When I heard the family here had pets, I wasn't expecting dogs." This confused Patch until he saw a family of cats jump out behind the lady. He was surprised too; no one on the farm had expected cats were coming. "This would be worse if Lieutenant Pug weren't away," Patch thought ruefully. Then he stepped forward and introduced himself to the family. Patch learned the tom's name was Thomas O'Malley and his wife was Duchess. The two male kittens were Toulouse and Berlioz. When Patch came to the girl, he almost got tongue-tied. For a cat, she was very pretty. Then he swallowed and said, "Welcome to the Dalmatian Plantation. My name's Patch." She looked at him and replied, "I am Marie. Thank you for your hospitality." "Yes, thank you for coming to greet us. You have very good manners," Duchess said. Patch blushed and said, "I try, ma'am."

Thomas then spoke up, "So, are you the only one here?" Patch shook his head. "Oh no, there's a lot more than just me. Follow me and I'll show you." By this time, Roger and Anita Radcliffe had come out to greet the new arrivals. "Welcome to Cherry Tree Farm," Roger said. "We're so glad you came to us, Madame," said Anita. "Thank you for your hospitality and your help," she replied. Berlioz asked Patch, "Help with what?" But someone else answered him, "My pet, Roger, is a musician, of sorts." It was Pongo, Patch's father, along with his wife, Perdita. After another round of introductions, Duchess said, "Pongo is right. Madame contacted him to write some new music for some friends of hers. She liked his 'somewhat unorthodox style,' I believe." "Well, whatever the reason, some new faces are always welcome here," Perdita said. As they were talking, the Dalmatians were leading the cats up across the yard. Toulouse spoke up, "Patch mentioned that there were more of you." "Oh, Patch was downplaying our numbers a bit," Pongo laughed.

As they turned a corner around the barn, all three kittens' jaws dropped open. Patch grinned as they saw the other puppies running and playing all over the barnyard. Duchess and Thomas were also surprised. "How many of you are there?" Duchess asked in an astonished voice. Patch and his parents exchanged a look, then Patch answered, "Well, counting us, there are 102 Dalmatians on this farm."

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