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Patch and Marie laughed happily as they walked back across the barnyard. It was almost lunchtime, so they were returning to meet up with their respective families. Neither of the two could remember when they'd had such a good time. Patch was used to a lot of running around – it came with the territory of having such a large family – but Marie had never had a run like that with her brothers before. She was a little tired, but it was a good feeling. Plus, she had gotten to see the most beautiful field she'd ever imagined. Marie smiled at Patch and said, "Patch, I can't remember when I've had such a good time. I wish it didn't have to end." "Me either, Marie, but we'll be able to have more fun together," Patch replied. "I know, but-"

Suddenly an obnoxious voice rang out. "Well, if it isn't Patchie-boy!" It was Mooch. He and his gang had just come around the corner of the farmhouse, no doubt planning on causing trouble. On seeing them, Patch glared and said, "What do you want, Mooch? I was having a good day until you showed up." "Oh, the guys and I are just doing our own thing. How 'bout you? What are you doing with this cat?" Before Patch could answer, Marie chimed in, "Patch was giving me a very nice tour of the farm. Now if you'll excuse us, we were just leaving." Then, before Mooch could fire back, Marie beckoned Patch to follow her. The pup and kitten walked off, leaving Mooch glaring at their backs.

*****line break*****

Patch trailed just behind Marie, trying hard to keep his mouth from gaping open. Finally, he spoke up, "Marie, that was amazing! You handled Mooch perfectly!" Marie smirked and said, "It wasn't so hard. He's obviously not used to anyone talking back to him." "Well, some of us do, like Lucky and Cadpig, but you're right. Most of the others just try and avoid him," Patch said. Marie then asked, "But then, why do two of your brothers hang around him?" Patch grimaced and said, "Well, Whizzer is a lot like Mooch. He loves pulling dumb pranks on people. As for Dipstick, well, he's not that bright, so he usually just follows whoever gives him instructions. Mooch does that a lot, so they stick together." Marie frowned and said, "That's actually rather sad." "Well, Dipstick does know, somewhere in him, that hanging out with Mooch isn't the best thing, but he's so used to listening to him that he just goes along anyway," Patch replied. By this time, they had come to the farmhouse. Neither spoke for a moment, before Patch said, "Well, I don't know about you, but I'm getting hungry. I'm gonna head for the chow tower for lunch, then I guess I'll head for a nap in the barn while you watch your soaps with the girls." "All right. I'm headed for lunch too. Thank you for the wonderful time, Patch," Marie said with a smile. Patch smiled back and said, "It was my pleasure." Then he turned and ran for the chow tower. Marie watched him go, and then walked through the doggie door into the house.

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