Okay now technically this is a one sentence challenge, however the prompts were taken from an old Tseng/Elena fifty sentence I liked and they're also in the wrong order to be the actual challenge. 'Cause That's just the way I roll. Furthermore in a bit of a shake up the sentences themselves are just sneak peaks into bunch of drabbles/oneshots I will be writing and which will be posted as chapters in this story.

You probably figured it out from the summary but this is set in a version of the Sekirei-Verse inspired by 'Claws and Kisses' in which Akitsu and Haihane are also with Minato. If you have yet to read that fic I advise you to stop reading my awful work and go read the best thing in this archive. Namely 'Claws and Kisses'. If you have then I hope you enjoy taking a look at my work too.

Fifty Feathers: Glimpses

#01 - Market/Shopping/Mall: One peaceful afternoon they had all visited a mall, his finances bothered him that day, never realising the trinkets he bought them each were more valued then gold.

#02 - Jealousy: Once Kazehana was jealous of Takami, from the arms she now longed for it seemed the very stupidest thing in the world.

#03 - Potatoes: Even in a curry he could tell the irregular shape of Tsukiumi's badly peeled work, few things tasted sweeter.

#04 - Telephone: Once Musubi had liked the style of Minato's phone; now it just made her think of the horrors of the Plan.

#05 - Hands: Heat powers, inhuman endurance and wonderfully soft hands, three ingredients of the perfect backrub.

#06 - Devotion: An idle toe traces frozen hearts on a hospital floor.

#07 - Innocence: He gapes at her, embarrassment forgotten; "So that's what one really looks like," Kazehana mutters, "kind of scary."

#08 - Freedom: It is an apt name; In their arms he feels more free then he ever imagined.

#09 - Smile: The mirror shows a pale face over his shoulder -white hair, shadowed eyes and dark smile- reaching toward him grimly; "Good morning." He chuckled out, passing Haihane her toothbrush.

#10 - Fear: Tsukiumi was fearless, of course, she just wanted to cling to him in the night, nothing to do with that film they watched at all.

#11 - Kiss: Ku-chan enjoyed being winged by Onii-chan, so why did he refuse to do it again.

#12 - Blood: Even Miya dared not mention the extra laundry around Homura's shocked pale and and furiously blushing face.

#13 - Name: Sekirei are given no family name, giving them his seems the perfect solution.

#14 - Sensual: After years of trying, Kusano finally convinced Minato she's not a little girl, she refused to admit it was because she no longer was.

#15 - Moon: She gazes at the moon -limbs splayed, claws sheathed- and they wait for him to return.

#16 - Hair: The way her hair came alive with her anger had never failed to fascinate him.

#17 - Tears: She is heedless of her tears, only of her broken wings spreading at last.

#18 - Chocolate: Despite it being only her hands bound Matsu demands he remove her new coating without the use of his.

#19 - Lightning/Thunder/Storm: He sees a pair of terrified orange eyes in the doorway and lifts his blanket, he'll brave Miya this time.

#20 - Love/Sex: An exhausted Homura slumps to the pillows and grins at her Ashikabi as the doctor announces their child a girl.

#21 - Death: She thinks of days when all she knew was battle and laughs.

#22 - Life: She clings to life with everything she has, dying will mean she can never watch her wonderful Mina-tan again.

#23 - Melody: He watches her play, her drink -for once- abandoned, and he's falling for her all over again.

#24 - Sickness: On the occasion they fall ill, nothing in any world can take him from their side.

#25 - Forever: He lies spent and bleeding, waiting for a Shinigami; but when she appears it is only to point to desperate silhouettes far off in the distance and he finds the strength to fight on.

#26 - Hell: Soft flesh on all sides, loving bodies, tight to his; he finds his denial of enjoyment in such things sorely tested.

#27 - Heaven: A good meal, interesting documentary on, peace and quiet all around, a small paradise tainted by this desperate loneliness.

#28 - Supernova: For them it is bliss and peace, heat and light; For him it's an explosion of humbling empathy, their feelings igniting his being, their love lifting him towards eternity.

#29 - Confusion: He held back Haihane's hair as she retched and wondered why she still accepted Kaze-chan's drinking challenges.

#30 - Home: Maybe one day he'd get to show them his first one.

#31 - Weakness: "Husband...y-you are our greatest st-str-strength."

#32 - Waves: The peaceful waves, a bright sun, ragged sand, Tsukiumi and a grieving Minato.

#33 - Gift: The kimono was on sale, he'd simply glimpsed it and bought on an impulse, nothing special at all; yet when she holds it he almost thinks he's about to see Akitsu cry.

#34 - Speed: He clings to Matsu desperately, (the bike is obviously approaching the sound barrier in his perceptions) and is leaning in to ask her to slow down when he sees her innocently, rapturous grin.

#35 - Touch: For all her lustful words she is a little afraid of him accepting; with her bandages his touch sets her alight, without them she thinks his touch might kill her.

#36 - Soft: Musubi couldn't understand why Minato left so quickly when she asked him to judge the best-chest-pillow contest, it only made sense to ask him.

#37 - Technology: Matsu schemed furiously from beneath the sofa, her pride would not stand the loss, she would definitely find a way to snatch control of the remote back from Akitsu.

#38 - Pain: The pain is distant, unimportant compared to the bliss that is his touch; her chastity slipping into her beloved husbands hands, right where she wanted it to be.

#39 - Rain: She dances in the rain, desperate to bring the flowers to bloom for tomorrow, when Uzu-chan finally brings her precious person -just like Ku-chan's Onii-chan- to see them all.

#40 - Ears: His observational abilities are sometimes easy to forget about, when he recognizes a photo (on the other side of the bar) of him (in a mask and among a dozen similar looking hosts) by her ears...well it's not one of those times.

#41 - Taste: 'Akitsu has rare tastes' he notes idly, still he rather likes spicy foods; so he and Akitsu eat peacefully while the rest of those previously at the table search for more water sources, Tsukiumi's abilities and the hose already being in use by Homura and Miya respectively.

#42 - Stars: He dreams of stars; his Sekirei (locked out of his room by Miya) dream of Matsu's nice side, fibre optic cables and his face from a thousand dimly lit views.

#43 - Clouds: A bandaged finger points out a cloud with a childlike exuberance and Minato wonders what bastard didn't even think to teach a troubled girl about relaxing on summer days.

#44 - Sun: He's the brightest thing in her life, so surely he'll help her grow like the sun does her plants.

#45 - Comfort: Before finding her husband Tsukiumi had slept in fine hotels paid by her MBI card, but until the first night she spent in his bed she had no idea what real comfort was.

#46 - Wind: Wind and flame then water and ice, the condemned building they were practising in finds itself rendered non-existent and Minato ponders when this insanity became his normal-enough-to-predict life, as the displaced air and debris batters the tree he got behind beforehand.

#47 - Completion: Kazehana had drunk to drown out pain for a long time, she awoke completed at last and wondered at the drink beside her bed; later that morning she sat and wondered how even the Sake, once a bitter-sweet medicine, tasted better now she had found what all Sekirei longed for.

#48 - Sky: In a bland cot, in a vast tower a girl slept smiling; a dream pouring from her soul into her open mind, a dream of a huge moon, and of a burning friend, and a falling bear's fists, all made wonderful by the one who accompanied her into the skies.

#49 - Bonds: There is still some jealousy and anger, no matter how sisterly they become, not that it matters, the bonds they have built in deepest despair and endless love, those bonds make them a family, petty feelings will never change that.

#50 - Happiness: All of them had entered the Sekirei Plan without a choice, all of them had expected different things of it, none of them had ever imagined the pain it would truly bring them, nor the happiness that waited in the wider world and greater life; beyond it.

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