Okay.. this is based on one of my WOW characters. I had a several paragraph flash of insight. The thought wouldn't leave me alone, so I wrote it down. Reviews... comments etc. are all welcome.

The blazing sun burned the back of her neck as the scent of dry dust mingled with the rank stench of the dead Hacklefang before her. Leanadas knelt by the slain animal, her fingers working furiously at the mouth of the beast, prying loose its eyeteeth. While not the most valuable of spoils, these sharp bits of bone fetched a fair penny at the local market. A trickle of sweat ran between the valley of her breasts as the tooth finally pulled free. She sat back, the yellowing fang, bloody and tarnished in her delicate hands. Reaching into her belt pouch, she wiped her hands clean and finally looked up. Before her eyes lay the majesty of the Thousand Needles. Tall columns of stone arched over her head, their sandstone glory carved out centuries before by the path of some long forgotten river. It made for a majestic and awe inspiring sight. She sighed and reached for her staff, gripping the smooth wood easily as she pulled herself to her feet. Only another twenty minutes and she would be at Freewind Post, off the valley floor and beneath shady awnings. She was tall for a blood elf with auburn hair that gently waved to the small of her back. Deep blue robes and her long staff identified her as a mage. Hefting her pack carefully over her shoulder, she was about to set off when she felt the hairs prickle on the back of her neck. Turning swiftly, bringing her staff into the guard position, she stared straight at the armoured form of a Knight.

Dark armour fitted his- for she could tell was it a he- form. A heavy two handed sword was held almost negligently in his fingers and a heavy helm covered his head. Yet even with the helmet, she could tell that he was a Night Elf and from the cool glint in his gaze, she knew he was about to strike. In a flash she pulled at the strands of magic and wrapped herself in a bubble of force, deflecting the powerful blow as she prepared the first of her offensive spells. A ball of flame wrapped frost slammed into his armoured form, the ice freezing his joints and slowing him down as the fire singed his skin. He shrugged it off and kept coming, the blade dancing in the bright sunlight. Leanadas ducked and fired off her next spell, a powerful strike of arcane power, and though she saw its impact, the blade still fell. The shimmering shield wobbled under the potent strike and she knew it would not hold for much longer. Fire rushed through her fingers, the spell stunned and wounded, and she saw him stagger, but it would not be enough. One more strike fell against her shield and the spell fell. The blade, slowed by the remnants of the shield, sliced into her side, cutting through the robes like a knife through butter to reach her flesh. She gasped as the cold steel bit into her side and she reached for the magic once more. Fire, potent and deadly, lashed his form once again, yet she knew that she was approaching the end of her strength. He forced her back against the rock, his bade flashing cruelly. The spells that tripped from her hands were weaker now and she could feel the tiredness seep through her. Once again she called forth the magical shield, yet it would not come and she knew she had to run. Ice flowed from her fingers, gluing him in place as she turned to run.

She had only managed a few paces when she heard the spell give and she forced herself to run faster, hoping that she would find allies ahead. Behind her, she could hear the clanking of his armour as he gave chase and she tried to force some speed out of her tired legs. He was gaining; she could almost hear his breath behind her as she dived to one side, the blade missing her by inches. Her chest was burning with the effort of running and as she ducked another swing, she felt her legs wobble with exhaustion. Several more paces and she could barely stand through the shaking in her legs; she fell heavily to the floor, skinning her knees.

As she rolled across the dusty floor she realized that it was not her knees shaking but the ground about her. Pebbles rained down from the rocky pillars and clouds of dust rushed into the air. Forgetting the battle, she turned and looked. The knight had fallen from the strength of the tremor. Behind him in the far distance, she could see a blue wall of water rear from the horizon to the sky.

"Anar'alah!" Her whispered plea echoed, horrified as she looked at the tidal wave. All thought of her battle with the Night Elf forgotten, she scrambled to her feet and headed for the nearest way out of the ravine. Behind her, she could hear the knight following as she reached for the nearest handhold and pulled herself up. Swiftly, terror driving their movements, both elves scrambled up the slope. Leanadas reached the top and she stared down, watching the Night Elf struggle. The water was nearly there, its progress slowed by the pillars but by no means halted. He was close to safety yet his armour held him back. Almost without thinking, she reached down a hand and he heaved himself to the top and crashed in a heap next to her.

The water rushed by, its surface a few feet below their perch. In one horrifying moment, Leanadas watched the boiling fury submerge the once proud Thousand Needles.

"Why did you do that?" The night elf spoke, his voice musical beneath the heavy helm. "Surely saving me would not be in your best interest?" He sat up and stared at her, his eyes querulous and mocking. "What's to stop me from throwing from this high perch?"

Leanadas scrambled to her feet, fear rushing once again through her veins as she stared at the Night Elf. Her magics were still unavailable and even her staff was gone, submerged beneath the tons of water that rushed by. She stepped back, feeling the edge of the cliff behind her heels. He walked towards her, his armour covered in the dust that once covered the floor of the canyon. Leanadas looked blindly to either side of her, yet there was no place to go. Her feet shifted against the edge and she could feel herself losing her balance.

"That's not to say," The knight seized her wrist and pulled her from the edge, "that I'm not grateful." He released her and sat with his back to the wall. "Thank you."

She took a breath and sank to her knees in relief as she watched the elf before her. He reached up and pulled his helmet from his head, sending waves of deep purple hair to his shoulders. On his cheeks just below his eyes, two vivid blue arrowheads stood out starkly from his pale skin. As she watched, he reached around to the buckles on his armour and slowly undid them.

"What are you doing?" she asked, her voice softly wondering.

"Getting out of my armour." There was a ping and his breastplate fell to the floor. "If I'm going to be stuck here, I'd rather not fry." Beneath the breastplate was a rust-spotted, padded vest- this too fell to the dust. Beneath that, a white shirt fluttered lightly in a soft breeze as he leaned back against the rock and closed his eyes. Leanadas watched him carefully, the Night Elf had broader shoulders than male Blood Elves and his chest was clearly toned.

"Getting a good look?" His voice drifted over and she bit her lip. "Or trying to work out where to stick a knife?"

"I saved your neck," she retorted. "Why would I kill you now?"

"You're a blood elf. Treachery is second nature to you."

*Anar'alah means by the light. Okay this is just the start. Should I keep going? Reviews please.