Freezing Flame

Warning : un-beta-ed, so typos, confusing sentences, grammar mistakes

Chapter 5

Anna smiled as she put her things into her bag. Hero History was boring as hell but somehow the enjoyed the lesson, mainly because she drew small comic in her notes as she listening to the Professor Lighting's story about Batman and his femme fetale, Catwoman. Anna thought it was kind of amazing relationship. The man was dark, brooding and handsome while the woman was sexy, cunning and smart. It looked awesome in her. Anna turned her head to her best friend who was sleeping with his head on the table. It was amazing how Lee managed to be the top student when all he did was sleeping in almost all classes except for Mad Science, Hero's Strategy and of course Boomer's class.

Anna shook Lee frantically as if she was trying to tell him that the school was on fire. Lee only opened one eye and slowly looked at Anna. He raised his eyebrow and scanned the room. Giving a small nod, he slowly stood up and took his bag. Anna rolled her eyes and walked out the room with Lee behind her. I was useless to talk to Lee when he just woke up. You would totally get ignored or received very weird responses. It was like Lee's brain was still trying to open all the files.

Anna walked into the cafeteria and spotted Warren sitting alone in his usual table with a book on the table. Grabbing Lee's hand, she skipped to the table and sat down in front of Warren. Warren looked up for a moment before went back to his book.

"Hi!" Anna greeted cheerfully.

"Hi." Warren replied; his eyes didn't move from his book.

"You know, I have read the book for almost four times and I never got bore of it. Oh... the final story was a mix of sadness, blood, love and happy ending. I love it so much." Anna began her usual chatter. Well the usual chatter when she was with Lee, not Warren actually. That was why Lee could only stare at her when she talked to Warren like they had been best friend since toddler.

"Yeah, it is a very good book." Warren closed his book and looked at the happy girl across of him. Anna smiled slightly.

"I know, right!"

"Wait, wait, what's happening here?" Lee looked at his best friend and his best friend's supposed to be enemy confused. Wasn't Anna usually ignoring or shouting or whining about Warren?

"Did something happen when I was away?" Anna nodded happily.

"Yes, we're friends now." Anna said bluntly.

"Huh?" Lee's eyes widen in surprise. He looked at Warren and narrowed his blue eyes.

"Warren, what did you to her?" he asked seriously. Warren put his hands up in surrender.

"I didn't do anything."

"You lie! There's no way Anna could act like this! You know Anna; she's the most hot-tempered girl I have ever met! She's scary and always explodes when she is angry. The most important thing is that she isn't in love with you like all the girls here who are dreaming of a dark, brooding, and handsome like The Dark Knight Professor Lighting spoke about earlier. Well, even though I though she has a crush on you-Owww!" Lee held his throbbing head with his hands. He turned to the culprit who smacked his poor head and immediately cringed.

Anna was looking at him with a very angry look on her face. Lee could swear that he saw black aura around her. The black aura was slowly turning into a fire, which was weird because Anna's power was ice.


"You repeat those sentences again; Mr. Raze and you'll find yourself at the aquarium with Piranha in it." Anna threatened. Lee gulped before he moved from Anna's side to Warren's.

"Warren, my best friend has gone mad..." he whispered dramatically. Anna slammed her hand down on the table.

"What did you say?" she roared. Lee whimpered slightly and nudged Warren.

Warren, on the other hand, found himself speechless with the duo freezers. How in the world these two became friend was beyond him. How in the world Lee was brave enough to say those words was beyond him. How in the world Anna could change her personality from the first time he met her to her ridiculous attitude in the restaurant and now like this was beyond him. They were really beyond him. Weird people.

"Can you two please calm down? You're making a scene." Warren said, glaring at the two. Anna, amazingly, started to calm down and eating her lunch, making Lee looked at her in surprise.

"Warren, I'm serious. What did you do to Anna?" Lee whispered.

"He held me in his arms. That was what he did." Anna said flatly. Her answer caused both Warren and Lee looked at her in shock.

"W-Warren... A-Anna, you t-two..." Lee couldn't finish his clause. His finger was pointing to Warren. Warren immediately shook his head.

"No, you got it wrong. Nothing happened like what you're thinking, okay. It just-"

"My parents fought when Warren sent me home few days ago after I borrowed his book. He was the one I leaned my head on when I couldn't help but cry." Anna said softly. Lee's face softened. He smiled.

"Oh... That's good, then."

-After school-

"Hey, let's hang out in your house, Lee!" Anna slung her arm around Lee's shoulder.


"No reason. Tightening friendship bond?" Anna offered, grinning slightly. Lee raised an eyebrow before shrugging his shoulder.

"Sure, why not?" Anna grinned happily and skipped ahead, heading to a certain direction. Lee frowned when he watched Anna was heading to a large tree. He watched as she bent down and it seemed she was speaking to an unseen person under the tree. Lee's eyes widen when a familiar black-red head poked from behind the tree. He smiled and waved his hand.

"You're holding a party?" Warren suddenly asked when both he and Anna stopped in front of Lee.

"Huh? What party?" Lee asked; his eyes widened in surprise.

"A tightening friendship bond party." Anne said shortly before grabbing the boys' arms and dragged them to the yellow bus.


"What what?" Anna asked innocently. She looked around the empty seats before sitting down beside a weird looking girl with a mushroom-like cap on her head. Lee and Warren took the seat behind her.

"You said we should hang out. You never said anything about party."

"Aw, come on Lee. What are the difference between hang out and a party?' Anna asked, blinking. Lee and Warren looked at each other ad shook their heads together.

"Knowing you, there's no."

"Exactly!" Anna grinned. Lee and Warren sighed. What in the world they got themselves into, huh? Hell, probably.

-Lee's house-

Warren looked around Chinese-styles with interest. Lee's house was look alike a bigger and house version of Pepper Lantern. Many red ... things could be found in the house. Warren felt himself enjoying the comfortable and homey atmosphere in it. Warren turned his head to Lee, who was doing something in front of a small statue at the corner.

"He's praying." Anna said, walking past Warren into the house. It seemed that this house was Anna's second home. Warren glanced to Lee for a moment before following the blond-haired girl. Both teenagers walked into a rather big room contained a large carpet, sofas and a very big flat TV. There was a small kitchen at the corner with a large fridge as the accessory.

Warren made himself comfortable on the large sofa. His brown eyes gazed to Anna who was opening the fridge and took out several cokes and a large chocolate cake. Warren raised an eyebrow when she put them in front of him. They wouldn't eat the whole chocolate cake, right?

"Anna, it's nice to meet you." A soft woman voice made Warren turned his head. A beautiful Chinese woman was walking down the stairs (Imagine Gong Lee). Her traditional Chinese dress wrapped elegantly around her slim body.

"Mrs. Raze." Anna greeted happily. Mrs. Raze patted her cheek before turning her attention to Warren. Warren immediately stood up and smiled nervously.

"Who's this?"

"That's Warren Peace. He's our new friend."

"Welcome to my home, Warren. Make yourself comfortable." Mrs. Raze smiled warmly and she held out her hand. Warren took her hand awkwardly. Warren winced a little when he felt that her hand was very cold, even colder than Anna and Lee combined. In reflect the fire power inside him activated and steam appears from their joined hands.

"Ah, a fire power. It's nice. Maybe you'll do some good helping me and my husband melt my house down when these stupid teenagers freeze the house." Mrs. Raze commented as she chuckled softly.

"We never freeze the whole house. We only free the whole living room and garden the last time." Lee said as he walked into the room. Warren raised an eyebrow when he heard that. Mrs. Raze smiled at her son before kissing him on cheek.

"We'll see. I have to go now and please do not make any unnecessary ruckus. Warren dear, I believe you don't mind babysit them for a while?"

"Of course, Mrs. Raze." Warren said, smirking.

"Hey!" A whine from Anna and Lee made Warren and Mrs. Raze chuckled.

Warren sat down and watched the small scene in front of him with a smile. Lee had cut three pieces of chocolate cake and was trying to put it back into the fridge. Anna was tugging his shirt while whining, pouting and persuading Lee to let the cake lied on its previous place on the table. Lee was shaking her hands off him and trying his best to not listening to the annoying blond-haired girl so called best friend.

"That's Warren Peace. He's our new friend."

Anna's words were still ringing in his ear. Friend was a strange word for him. He never had one since he was kid. His schoolmates feared him and it got worse when his father turned himself into a villain. People now only feared him but also whispering and mocking him behind his back.

Now, these two freezers suddenly barged into his life and he found himself didn't know what to do. Was he really their friend? Could he be their friend?

He never expected himself to have a single conversation with them since the first day of school. He had seen them, of course. Who wouldn't see a hot-tempered girl who loved to freeze a couple of boys everyday in the morning? Who wouldn't see a pretty boy who always sleeping in the class but managed to be the top student at school? Not to mention he always there to calm his friend down when she was making a scene. They weren't the loudest people at school (left that to Gwen and her followers), but they had their own reputation.

Now, when he unexpectedly made a small fight with the blond-haired girl, he found himself talking, fighting, joking and even hanging out with them. It was something he never expected in his whole life. He didn't know whether it was a good move to let them into his life. Lee was his boss when he was work while Anna was Lee's best friend, frequent costumer at Pepper Lantern and a girl with a broken-home situation. He didn't know whether he accepted their antic just because he owed Lee his job and pitied Anna for her parents' situation.

"Warren, help me!" Lee's desperate voice broke his chain of mind. He looked up and saw Lee was holding the cake above his head with one hand while the other was trying to stop Anna from climbing his tall body.

They maybe weren't the best description of friends for someone like Warren. If anyone met Warren and asked to think what kind of friends that suitable for Warren, they would immediately thought of a group of handsome brooding boys with same I-don't-give-a-damn-so-stay-a-way-from-me aura around them and similar dark situation. Lee and Anna were opposite of them. They were full of life. Anna maybe had difficult situation at home, but she was all bright and bubbly when she was away from home. Lee was calm, friendly and sometime weird behaviours. Both combined made some interesting duo with Anna almost always bullied Lee with her ideas and Lee whole heartly let himself to be. Now, add Warren into the group. A blond-haired bubbly hot-tempered girl, a calm friendly weird half Asian boy, and a hot-tempered brooding mysterious quiet boy would certainly make interesting combination.

Warren could already picture him and Anna would create a handful of fights and Lee would be the moderator. Knowing how Anna and Warren fight, maybe Lee would end up freezing both of them and locked them in a closet or room when he reached his limit.

"Warren!" Warren smiled as he stood up. Befriending them would be so out of him but maybe befriending them would not be so bad.

'At least, it won't be so boring with them.' Warren though as he wrapped his strong arms around Anna's slim waist and lift her up before carrying her to the sofa, ignoring her scream of protest.


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