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Martha the women who held the dress smiled at me, two other maids helped me out of the dress it took about at least 30 min. to do. I sighed in relief as my chest could breath properly again, "Okay m'lady hop in the tub" she said ushering my naked body behind a curtain.

I looked in the tub, it was lukewarm water it rose petals floating in it. I climbed in and relaxed in the water it was so relaxing I didn't want to leave. Martha came in and I gasped she hushed me "oh hush it's nothing we women haven't seen before". Then she cleaned me up until i was pink and raw.

After my bath; Martha led me out of the small room and back into my room. "Time to dry up m'lady" she said getting a towel and drying my body "uh I can do it thanks" I told a maid who reached forward with another towel.

"No! M'lady it's my job for me to do this you must stand there" she scolded me gently, I nodded and waited for them to finish with me"

Martha walked forward she put on the mid night corset top. "turn around m'lady" she ordered I did and she grabbed the nylon string looped it through the wholes and pulled. I cried out and grabbed my chest "sorry but men always love women with a tiny waist" she said.

I wondered if I should be offended, on the last loop she put her heel on my back and pulled as tight as she could. I screamed loud and clear "it tight enough" Martha cooed me and tied up the remaining strings.

"Now onto ye skirt" she said giggling "oh my young men will not stray a glance away from ye" I weakly smiled at that while she put on the skirt looping it with my corset so it looked like it was one whole dress.

She sniffled and grabbed a crystal brush and combed it through my hair "oh my little babe ye so beautiful the only women with golden hair besides ye mother" she cooed at me her hands running up and down my hair. When she was done she did it some weird up due where she piled all my hair on top of my head with some diamond clips, a few strands framed my face.

She looked at me and giggled "there now done let's look at ye in the looking glass" she opened the wardrobe and one looked at me I let out a murder scream. Martha covered her ears whimpering. When I was done "w-w-w-what you c-c-an s-see my b-b-breast" I stuttered.

I admit i looked pretty even but when i looked down at my chest their they were popping out in crescent moon shapes, "M'lady that's what ye been wearing all ye life since ye 13th birth moon" she comforted me. I nodded quickly taking deep breaths "now let's see ye mother" Martha said grabbing my wrist and pulling me out of the room and outside in the castle.

I gasped in awe at every little thing i saw it was so beautiful, the walls were a cream and glassy the floor were gray stones with beautiful pictures on the walls framed with bronze, diamond, silver or even gold. She led me to a huge bronze door, grabbing the monster like knocked she let it go making one loud thud.

"Come in" a gruff voice called. Martha nodded to me and I opened the door, and tears filled my eyes there stood my mother all beautiful wearing a maroon corset dress like mine but with more glamor her long blonde hair in a braid silver cords braided in with her hair.

Next to my mother was a man i didn't know but he had black hair with piercing dark blue eyes and very muscular "oh Daughter come here" the man said. I nodded and slowly walked towards him "Chloe dear Sir Roman is coming" mother said i looked at her and i quickly felt the tears form in my eyes.

I tried to held them back but it looked like they had a mind of their own and followed down my eyes and to the floor. "Sweetheart what's wrong" the man asked "nothing" I chocked "i just missed you mother" I replied. Mom smiled and held out her arms and I ran into them crying into her shoulder. She petted my back hushing me gently "it's okay pet" she whispered.

I nodded and wiped away my tears "there now no women will cry in front of everyone else it shows a point of weakness" she said. I nodded again "so sir Roman is coming and dear please don't do anything harsh like last time" the man said.

I was wondering what i did last time "or the time before that" I grimaced smiling sheepishly. Mom giggled and the man sent me a hard look "listen to your father sweetheart" she said. I almost gasped this was my father. I looked at him again and nodded.

"Okay mother" I said. She bowed her slightly same thing with father. I curtsied and she waved her hand dismissing me, I walked out of the room and almost ran into to Martha, she was grinning "so what did the lord and lady ask?" she said

I sighed she was just like tori asking for all the juicy details "my mother and father wanted me to know that Lord Roman is coming" I said she nodded giggling "oh i heard he is quite handsome" she whispered. I rolled my eyes "I'll be in the kitchen if ye need me" she called walking off

I nodded and turned the other direction to find a way of out of this dang castle...after hours of searching i finally found the outside door. Sighing in relief i walked out "excuse me m'lady!" a voice called. I turned around to see a handsome boy running towards me, he was in robes like a guard or something "yes" I said. He bowed slightly before speaking "m'lady ye'r not allowed to go outside" he gasped.

His eyes shut in pain as he clutched his side standing up correctly "why" I demanded. He looked shocked before recovering "m'lady ye never go outside" he said "besides m'lady...lord and lady will surely have me hanged if ye went outside" he said gulping rubbing his neck

I glared at him and he winced "I want out so i demand you to open the gate" I growled. He stepped back "I'm so sorry m'lady but i just can't do that" he said running away. I growled stomping my foot a group of young ladies walked past me they all stopped then bowed and walked away talking again.

I slowly followed them and the gate opened. Slipping out i looked around and blushed...all around me were guys very muscular with their shirts off, some of them chopping wood. Others racking gardens some making swords or weapons and the rest just hanging around.

All of them stopped what their doing and looked shocked at me...one of them had a frown on but bowed the rest followed him as well, I bowed my head slightly and they went back to working. Walking past them I kept on think "I need to find Derek" I sighed heavily and looked around one more time before my eyes got set on the most handsomest guy ever.

He was tan his shirt was off and he was chopping off, the only thing that came to my mind was 'he's got a very hot back' I blushed 'shame on you chloe your in love with Derek" I mentally scolded myself

My eyes widened when the man stopped and turned around, then a pair of familiar emerald green eyes stared right back at me in shock those eyes looked at me up and down then resting on my chest for a moment then back up at my eyes "Chloe" he whispered. "Derek" I chocked back.


"What in the world did you do!" Simon growled at me, while I painted my nails a dark blue "hello earth to bitch!" she snarled. I glared at him "you better watch it" I warned.

"Hunter!" I called, a moment he came in bounding as a beautiful white siberian tiger. He growled at Simon who squeaked and jumped back "come here" I cooed, Hunter immedietly came to my side and with his rough tongue licked my cheek

I giggled "stop it now we need to paint your nails" I said. He huffed but sat down on his rear placing his huge paw on my thigh while I took out a white nail polish with black

"I just sended them back in time...both of them are smart they now how to get back" I said, he sighed "but what would happen if they didn't" he argued back. "Then let's have a moment for their lives...people and tiger please bow your head" I said solemly taking off my beanie bowing my head. Hunter grumbled and bowed his head as well.

Simon followed then remembered what he was doing "what the hell Tori your going to make them sacrafice their lives for your own fun pleasure!" he shouted and walked off

"Nobody understands us do they" I cooed placing both of my hands on either side of Hunter's furry face, he growled "now they don't" I whispered kissing his head..."you know I always wanted a tiger when I was little" I said painting each other nail white, he hummed rubbing his head on my cheek.

"yes that's a shock you might think me of a girly girl...that's what most people think me of as; but that's my sister Tiffany she's the girly girl," I told him "there all done now let's do the other paw" I exclaimed.

Hunter looked down at his paw and huffed in approval at his white and black nails, I took his other massive paw and kissed it. He leaned forward and licked my cheek softly "I love you too" I whispered approving of his affection.

He quickly changed back to himself and I stared into those blue green eyes and shoved him slightly "great now your making me turn into Chloe all mushy and gooshy" he smirked.

"but I got you to say 'I love you'" I smiled then turned serious "yes now but let me see your nails" I demanded. Hunter chuckled "of course Mistress" he purred, and I glared at him "don't push it" I warned. He laughed and let me paint his nails; Molly walked past by the door and glanced at us "ew your turning Hunter gay!" she shrilled.

"He's not gay" I said sighing rolling my eyes...this bitch..."she's just painting my nails...is that a problem" Hunter growled at her, she huffed and sauntered off. Hunter turned to stare at me, and I glared "what?" I exclaimed.

He just smirked and leaned forward to kiss me but I shoved him back "nails first" he grumbled and agreed to me.

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