"What are you doing" I exclaimed at him..."Derek" I called...I glared as his eyes devoured my chest "Derek" I growled, but he only licked his lips.

His hand hesitantly reached out "Derek" I said a bit louder.

I stayed quite as I watched his hand reach out and a millimeter away my from breast.

I reached out and slapped him. His head snapped to the side leaving a small red hand print on his cheek. "You disgusting pervert" I snarled hitching up my dress and stomping off.

A moment later I heard heavy footsteps "Chloe god dammit wait" he called but I ignored him.

Until a hand reached for my elbow I turned around and glared at him "what" I spat. He sighed blushing slightly "sorry I was distracted" he muttered.

I grunted and he smiled slightly "you look beautiful" he said softly kneeling down in front of me. I was angry but I couldn't stop even though I tried the hardest to stop the small smile appearing on his face. I looked away quickly but Derek saw it and smirked

He wrapped an arm around my waist tugging me down on his knee.

I sat there until he leaned upwards and kissed me softly, it felt good to kiss him again so I wrapped my arms around his neck kissing him back so hard that it bruised my lips. "My lady!" a voice called.

I jumped up quickly wiped my lips, Derek wiped his own lips too. I turned to see Martha looking around for me, "go run hid do something" I hissed.

He glanced at me and opened his mouth to say something "go now!" I hissed softly pushing him away. He glared at the Martha who had her back turned to us calling my name, then he ran off.

Sighing in relief I turned around only making me yelp when I saw Martha there with an anger expression...crap crap crap crap crap crap! she caught us now she knows she's going to kill or hang Derek.

She opened her mouth and I closed my eyes waiting for the blow "why were you outside" I almost sighed in relief she didn't catch us 'thank god!'

"I uh wanted to feel the air" I said lamely "you can do that in your room just open your window" she said grabbing my wrist dragging me back into the room, frowning I let her drag me away. We reached the gate and I turned to look over my shoulder and my mouth went dry there stood Derek.

He held the ax over his shoulders...Derek's white cotton shirt opened half way exposing his tan sweating stomach, his jet black hair was sticking to his face from the heat those green eyes following reassuring me that we'll get through this together.

Turning back around I let myself be dragged into the lord and lady's mansion.

Tonight Martha made me a wear another corset dress and I seriously didn't like it plus it was white and way too much of my breast showing.

-Dress on my profile-

Right now we were having appetizers with red wine. I gently picked up the whine glass and took a small sip while father glanced at me in approval "your fiance to be shall arrive in a moment don't mess it up" he warned in his deep voice.

I looked at mother who smiled warmly at me...I was sitting right between them and how was I supposed to act!

We have new servants those workers outside volunteered to help serve the food or do anything tonight it was extra pay the first come the first serve, I held my gold knife and gold fork cutting into my meat then cutting the piece I cut into even more smaller pieces, putting the smallest piece in my mouth I chewed it softly that's when the door opened and father whispered.

"Chin up darling don't let' m show your weak" he hissed, I held my head straight "look 'm straight in the eye and give 'm a sweet smile don't let him show that your afraid of 'm" he whispered more giving my hand a small squeeze then letting go.

The door opened and in came a man wearing wearing what looked like black slacks, with a black shirt above it and a dark maroon sash tied tightly around his waist which held a silver and golden with a sheathed sword.

He had a blood red robe that was attached on one shoulder that went back around and attached to his other shoulder. Thousands of golden designs on or metals clipped on it.

When I looked at his face what shocked me how beautiful he was but nothing compared his beauty towards Derek's beauty, the man had brown hair with dark gray eyes and a slight stubble, "My lord" he rumbled bowing "Sir Roman" father said.

"My lady" he said "Sir Roman" mother said smiling holding out her hand. Sir Roman took it and gently kissed her knuckles "a pleasure to meet ye" he said then his gaze finally landed on mine and those deep gray eyes roamed my body eagerly, clearing my throat I shifted away from his gaze "please meet our daughter Lady Chloe Saunders" father said.

I stood up and curtsied at him even though I hated it when I bended down his eyes went straight to my over flowing chest, he bowed himself "Sir Roman" he said taking my hand gently soothing my wrist "ye have such soft skin m'lady" I managed a weak smile "uh thank you Sir Roman" I whispered hoping that he would let go of my hand quickly.

"Do ye have a garden around here somewhere" he asked looking around "yes we do" I murmured "beautiful how about we go there after dinner" he murmured leaning in a bit too close. I moved away when a hand on my back stopped me...looking down it was my father who held his hand on my back urging me forward toward sir Roman's lips.

Grimacing I glanced at him...shutting my eyes closed in pain I had to do it because I didn't want to embarrass my family...if I did father would have me sent to the dungeons that's what happened last time with Sir Mark.

BANG! we jumped apart and my eyes widened in shock...the kitchen door was opened and the only person standing there was my savior who looked down right anger and jealous, his green eyes piercing into mine with a scowl on his face

-Uniform on my profile-

"My Lord, My lady, m'lady" he said clearly "Dinner is ready" he said bowing before walking back into the kitchen. Even though it was not a good time he did look really good in the uniform, clearing my throat I quickly sat back down.

I was too afraid to look at Sir Roman because I knew he was pissed and there was an ugly scowl on his face and it scared me half to death, the doors flew open again and in came other butlers with carts or trays of food. Derek was the last one with a cart he was strolling it straight towards us with a gentle smile on his face...

HA! that was not a gentle smile to me to everyone it might seem that but it was so fake I can clearly see the aggressive in his eyes. He served us our food his hand would often graze mine and he would apologize while I would blush softly.

"your food" he said simply bowing his head slightly "good now your dismissed" father said cutting his beef with the golden fork and knife. I looked at Derek as he leaned on the wall right behind Sir Roman his arms cross then the only thing came to my mind was "it's going to be a long feast"

Sorry it's too short but eh better than nothing right ;)