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Playing house with the groom
Chapter One: Paint the town HOT pink


June 21, 2010 was a Monday, a peaceful one for Sakura Mikan, a 27 year old country girl who usually spends her time in only two places in Kyushu—the farm or the church. It had become a habit for her to loiter in the church every Monday since it is the rest day for priests and there are normally no services. The caretakers would usually let her in without question since she tends to help in keeping the religious place sparkly clean, plus they enjoy her piano playing once they finish their tasks. Mikan had always loved the piano, really loved it—as much as she loved animals (proven by the fact that she lives and works in a very huge farm) but she specially liked the sound of the church organ; the way the sound vibrates and reaches every corner of the place, the way the sound bounces back when it hits the glass paintings of the cherubs.

At six that morning, when the sun had just positioned itself and the roosters started to cackle, she made her way in after her usual morning jog. She'd always be first in before the old ladies with brooms and rugs would come and she would wait for them while drowning herself at the top floor of the huge church where the organ and the choir usually stay during mass.

But then, when the huge varnished doors opened, it wasn't the old ladies and brooms and rugs that came. Only men, sweating ones, carrying a disassembled pink grand piano, huge rolls of cloths and a lot of flowers came. She closed the cover of the organ and leaned on the banister, full of wonder, "There couldn't be a wedding… on a Monday"

"There is."

She gasped and from behind walked her childhood friend, Tobita Yuu who was the resident priest. He was a year older than her and had golden hair and huge glasses that didn't really suit his already round face.

"Yuu!" she said. "Wedding? On a Monday? That's really rude! Mondays are supposed to be rest days for priests! But yeah… they could make a schedule… But still! You guys should be resting!" she protested.

The young priest chuckled at her truthfulness. Mikan is a very frank but kind woman. She practically concerns over everyone that she tends to butt herself in other people's business and more often than not, she ends up neglecting herself just for the happiness of others. She believes that everyone should be happy and free to decide for themselves that's why despite being a smart kind in her younger years, she still pursued music and left her parents who strongly disagreed on her devotion to it.

"Mikan-chan, I gotta go. I'm doing the ceremony and I need to prepare now." He told her.

She nodded and continued staring at the pink piano. To be exact, it was HOT pink. As a musician, she couldn't hate on the piano but she found the color pathetic. "Hot pink? In a wedding?" she giggled on the idea as she stood by herself.

That certain Monday of June 2010 was Natsume Hyuuga's funeral. Tall and lean with raven colored hair and slanting fire colored eyes, he is the heir of an internationally acclaimed corporation. That day was the merge of their family and a well-known car manufacturer, the Tadashi family. By merge, that meant—wedding.

On that very morning, his not-so-special bride to be chose to be very special by getting married on a Monday on a faraway island from Tokyo—in Kyuushu.

He groaned in frustration, "Koko, she chose a Monday!"

"You aren't actually concerned over priests, are you? This date was decide last year and you didn't even know?" Kokoro Yome, a pale scrawny man on a sharply tailored dark green tuxedo pointed out. "Is that really your concern or that you don't really want this marriage?"

The two stood beside the stairs that led to the 2nd floor of the church, Koko leaning against the hand rail while Natsume faced him and the well-polished flight of stairs.

"We both know I don't want any marriage other than—"

"—Ayumi" Koko interrupted. "Gah~ Nat, face reality! You cannot marry her because she has no status. Even if we both want her for you, your bride is named Keiko tadashi who loves—ughh, HOT pink?" He shuddered as he glanced over the huge bulk of HOT pink cloths and the HOT pink carpet. "She sure wants to match even floor…"

Natsume groaned, "well, I wish she is the carpet!" Then he turned quiet, biting his lower lip as he avoided Koko and the reality that the girl he really liked was a poor jobless woman with no place in his world, and instead, he was going to be tied to a stupid bratty princess of Tadashi Motors. "I haven't even told her."

Koko perked on Natsume who just shifted his gaze on the stairs. "Trust me, your mother would've told her by now. She loves hurting people you know. She even hates my spikes."

The groom rolled his eyes but suddenly caught sight of a pair of worn out boots by the stairs. Then it struck him, someone was listening to their conversation. "Koko," he said, still not looking away. "let's talk somewhere else." He instructed, waving two fingers to tell Koko to follow him. The thing that Natsume hated the most was people who meddled in his own business and that moment was in no way different.

He paced out quickly, his footsteps still light and restrained. The sun was starting to warm the ground and his steps made the dust scatter.

"Hey Nat! What's the problem?" Koko, still clueless followed him out.

Natsume turned his heel and faced his friend who stopped a good distance from him. He looked behind Koko and saw a petite brunette on a grandma braided hairstyle wearing a loose red checkered polo and a faded blue denim jumper who was running towards them.

She stood between them and immediately gave a look on Natsume, who in turn peered down to see the same pair of dirty boots. "Her." came his reply to Koko who still had no idea.

"Don't do it." She said frankly, eyes full of firmness.

Natsume looked at her in disbelief. A random girl was telling him not to get married and he wanted to really laugh at that situation.

"You know her?" Koko said, eyeing her from head to toe. She was really petite and fair, a good height that reached up to Natsume's shoulders.

"God Koko! I don't associated with girls on jumpers." He sighed. "Who the hell are you, little girl, to tell me not to get married?" he snapped right on her face. "Is Kyushu full of insane people?"

She didn't even move and just stared at him with the same countenance as a while ago. "I'm not insane mister. I am telling you not to get married."

Koko stood in awe at the stranger who dared talk that way at Natsume.

"I don't even know you, your name, and you're totally unfashionable yet you're forcing some delusional idea of yours on me?" he stepped closer to her who didn't even bat an eyelash. She was dead serious. He bit his tongue before saying, "Fine. Give me a reason—a logical one for me to not get this wedding done."

"Love." She said which made his brows twitch. The sun's heat didn't even help since his not so nice temper was starting to surface.

He raised his arm thinking of hitting the meddlesome party but instead turned away clenching his fist. Koko soon followed him but asked her before leaving, "Do I k now you?"

She looked at the goofy faced guy and immediately replied with certainty, "Nope. I know every face in Kyushu." Then she turned to leave too and left saying, "Tell him not to get married."


"A country girl on a horrible jumper had just told me not to get married. Wow, where on earth could you witness such a thing?" Natsume said, talking to Koko who was a step behind and was in deep thought.

"She's totally cool!" he replied with thumbs up.

"I never thought you had taste on girls on jumpers."

Koko shrugged, "at least she's not wearing HOT pink." His retort sent Natsume back to reality—reality that in a few more hours, he was going to get tied and he couldn't even do anything about it. Love? Poor country girl. How could she live believing such a thing is still possible. Well it may… but no—not happy endings…

"Where's the pianist?" Koizumi Luna, the bridesmaid, wedding coordinator and Keiko Tadashi's partner in bitching shrieked as she checked if everything's in order. She furiously dialed on her phone and impatiently tapped her foot. "What?" came another piercing sound from her mouth. "You can't possibly cancel this late!"

Natsume and Koko laughed upon seeing the horror on Luna's face. "It's priceless," giggled Koko.

"What to do? What to do? In 15 minutes, Keiko's coming!" she scampered looking like a mad helpless woman.


"Crazy bastard! Does he not know what he's doing to himself? A marital vow is a marital vow. Once he says I do, if he loves another woman he'll become sinful. Hmph! Doesn't he get that pii-chan?" Sakura Mikan whined at her horse that ignored her and instead focused on eating hay. She patted him and ruffled his long hair pouting to herself and unable to stop thinking about the wedding that was about to occur.

"Nee-chan! Mikna-nee!" a young boy age six ran towards the stables huffing heavily.

"You-chan" she tried to smile.

"Yuu-oni says you should play the piano today."

Leaning low toward the kid, she replied, "But you know, nee-chan can't play today cause there's a wedding happening there."

"Nope. Oni-chan said you must definitely come! And wear something nice too!" he cheerfully said.

Riding on her young horse, Mikan travelled on a creamy white spaghetti strapped dress that flown down her knees. Despite having no idea, she still decided to come and if God would permit it, she would stop a wedding that was only going to hurt people.

Passing by the dusty and narrow road, she saw a lady walking alone by the sidewalk wearing something white too but the person's face was covered with a scarf.

"Excuse me, are you going to the wedding too?" she asked as her pet horse wriggled, eager to run wild anytime. Mikan knew Kyushu too well and that that certain road only led to one place. The other girl nodded which made Mikan offer a ride.

Ceasing by the huge rusty gates of the church, she and the strange girl who barely even talked, went down and walked inside the grounds. Mikan tied Pi-chan by a nearby tree and bid the stranger goodbye saying she had errands to do and dashed towards the back of the church, a small entrance that she often used rather than the huge main doors where currently a lot of classy people were crowding.

Before pushing the old small door open, she remembered to remove the five pins and elastic band that held her hair in an old fashioned hairstyle. The she pushed the door, shaking her head to let her hair down properly only to earn a weird look from Natsume Hyuuga who had just discovered the passage way.

She blinked twice upon realizing that it was the groom so she composed herself and poked the serious face. "I'm still going to say don't get married." She told him.

"What?" he exclaimed, unaware that she was the unfashionable jumper girl.

Mikan gave a last look before leaving and searching for Tobita Yuu.

"Who was that chick?" Koko brightly said as he watched her walk away. He approached the still dumbfounded Natsume. "Are you that surprised that she didn't get the dress code? Keiko hates white."

Natsume glared at him, "Do all the people in Kyushu tell grooms not to get married?"

Then the ever so vigilant spiky haired Kokoro came to realize that it was 'jumper girl'

"Jumper girl?"

"Yeah, yeah. That girl just now. I'm pretty sure it was her." Koko nagged then sighed. "My memory keeps telling me I've seen her before."

Natsume sneered, "Tch. Your memory practically tells you that every time you come across any girl."


"Oi what are you doing here?" Natsume pulled Mikan's elbow to make her face him, for a split second frozen when she innocently looked at him, her curly hair swaying freely. She looked totally different with her hair down.

"Going to play your death march." She snapped.

Trying not to look at her big bright eyes, he responded, "Nonsense! The pianist had just cancelled a while ago." Appearing like he totally forgot that he was grabbing her arm quite tightly, she took the initiative jerk it way. "Are you gate-crashing now? To what? To stop my wedding? I don't need some stranger to save me from some unwanted marriage! Why are you doing this anyway?"

"Cause it's an unwanted marriage! You said it yourself."

"Are you that hard headed?" he said. "No matter how heroic you may sound, I have no plans of canceling this. Now do me a favor and walk yourself out." He moved his two fingers like walking legs, "Out."

Mikan sternly looked at him, standing on her place and have no intention of moving out at all.

"You really want me to drag you out? Fine." He grabbed her again and already took two steps when Koizumi Luna interrupted from behind.

"I see, you've met the substitute pianist, Natsume-kun."

He poked a questioning look at Luna who was standing beside the priest. "It's her right, father?" she told Yuu who nodded in silence, a small smile on his face intended for Mikan. "Good to see you, Sakura-san."

"Her?" he pointed at Mikan, quite red.

Luna smiled seductively and pulled the frail and petite Mikan. "So, I'm borrowing her for some sound check." And as the two girls walked off, Mikan mouthed at Natsume, "I'm stopping this—no matter what."

Then, he heard two claps which distracted him from watching Mikan being dragged towards the brightly colored piano. "Well, that was embarrassing." Koko suddenly appeared. "How could the unfashionable jumper girl be really a pianist? That girl's really something."

Natsume nudged him and kept quiet to himself. "Sakura… Oh, where have I heard that before?" he heard Koko talk to himself.

"The bride is here!" someone overly excited broadcasted as all heads turned toward the entrance. It was a terrific sight, really breath taking: Keiko Tadashi with her long black hair swept on one side and her face perfectly painted with natural make-up, stepped in the huge church waering her million dollar wedding gown, which was really puffy at the butt part that made her look like a duck. Of course it was HOT pink. And yes—she's like a pastry.

Keiko Tadashi was undeniably a pretty woman with the perfect S line that beat all the call girls Natsume had fun with. But then, she was completely dumb and idiotic. She cannot even spell the English word "chicken" properly. So much for a future wife. What irked him more though was the fact that she practically jumped on him infront of their parents and asked him to do her the first time they met. And most importantly, he didn't like her because he loves only one woman, a poor orphaned city girl named Ayumi Kanzaki.

"I want to throw up." Natsume sourly told Koko.

With everything perfectly set, everyone went to their designated places and waited for the wedding march to play. All is set and it was up to Mikan to make or not to make the marriage reality.

Positioned just behind the groom and best man, Mikan sat infront of the piano and was totally confused. "Sometimes, not knowing much may help people see the bigger picture. I perfectly know how you feel…" she muttered knowing that from the short distance, Natsume could hear her. "Sitting here, I decide if this wedding is right or a very big mistake." But Natsume totally ignored her.

Giving a big sigh, she whispered something to the guitarist beside her and tapped the piano in a certain fast beat, showing it to the other players. And then, she started to play a different tune as the other instruments followed her lead.

The men and women marched anyway toward the altar, a few of them reluctant but afraid to ruin the wedding continued on walking. Mikan was earning a lot of stares and it only got worse when she sang on the chorus of the tune.

Don't say yes, run away now
I'll meet you when you're out
Of the church at the back door

Don't wait or say a single vow
You need to hear me out
And they said "speak now"

For the first time in his life, a girl had messed and made fun of him by destroying a very important company merge. Then the piano stopped, "I told you I'm stopping this wedding." She spoke on the microphone then rose from her seat and forced the taller Natsume to face her. "And you, I'm kidnapping you for a while." She grinned and pulled Natsume with all her might, dragging him to some secret passage only a Kyushu country girl would know.

Keiko Tadashi shrieked and tried to give a chase, this time, looking like a chicken that was running away from death.

Kokoro Yome on the other hand stood watching alone with a grin on his face and purely amused at the turn of events and the faces filled with horror. He smiled to himself, "Boy, I think I'm in love."


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