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Playing house with the groom
Two: The woman with no background



"Shut up and fucking run!"

Natsume had a sour face on as the two of them ran through tall and green young trees aimlessly. "Why are you suddenly speaking English now? You destroyed my wedding yet you didn't have any plan at all but to run?" He had been cursing her from the moment she 'kidnapped' and pulled him through unknown passageways and roads but then he couldn't deny that he also liked the idea—just a little bit. Why? Of course he had to meet his Ayumi.

"You wanted this as well you stubborn jerk!" she retorted tugging him through the wild forest. "Now trust me on this and run!"

The two swiftly sprinted over wild flowers and chucks of wood through the wet and moist ground. The moment they escaped the church, quite a number of men chased after them and fortunately, since Mikan was a 'country girl' she knew where to hide and where to head—the farm.

They halted inside the barn where the two of them panted and sat down, not minding the dusty ground with bits of hay scattered around.

"Pi-chan!" she slapped her forehead and hit her head. "I forgot my horse!"

He looked at her in annoyance, "Huh? Seriously, this is your plan? Hide me inside a barn? They will find us shortly, I'm sure. It's not so hard for them to find out who you are after all."

"Why are you throwing all the action on me? I only pulled you out of that situation, now you go find your woman!" she glared at him.

"What? That's stupid! They'll get me eventually if I go out in broad daylight."

"Fine. I'll help you reach wherever you came from, but I need to get my horse first! Who knows what they'll do to it. Argh!" He looked at her in disbelief. A horse was more important than the Natsume Hyuuga. Mikan stood up and dusted her already dirty white dress, "Now listen," She walked towards the other end of the barn where she opened another door, "head out straight then when you see the tallest old dead tree head left and continue walking. You'll find a white house over there. Just stay there while I go back."

He picked the key she tossed and anxiously looked at her. "Is that your house? Then they will really find me faster than I expect."

"That's the owner's house. No one actually knows that place, the owner rarely comes back. She's always busy… My hut is somewhere else nearer here so hurry up and start walking Mr. jerk."

"I have a name, Jumper girl" he stood up and headed for the door, "It's Natsume Hyuuga."

"I have a name as well you jerk! It's Sa—

"Who cares about your name? Hurry up so I can go back to Tokyo."



Natsume followed what Mikan said and walked fast to find a classy white circular bungalow with half of the walls made of glass, making the living room transparent from the outside. It really was a hidden place which made him feel at ease at least for the moment.

When he entered, the lights automatically lit. "Not bad."

It was a good warm house complete with what you needed if you live in a boring country side. It had two living rooms, one was plain white and black from the sofa to the center table, the wallpapers and the huge flat screen TV. The other one was behind a white wall which was brown and filled with patterns and had wallpapers that were replicas of French paintings from the renaissance.

The kitchen was kept neat though some of the utensils were already dusty. One or two plates were still wet from washing which made him wonder. "So she's a caretaker here?"

He spent some hours just touring inside, completely lost in admiration of the simplicity and classiness of the place; spacious white-tiled bathroom, one huge bedroom that looked unused but maintained well.

The room had all the windows covered with white and gold curtains, and the wallpapers had very odd designs—music sheets. It amazed him. Opposite the bed was a white grand piano, and when he pressed the keys, it was well-tuned still. "She could've been using this while her master was out. Bad jumper girl."

He saw the telephone beside the bed and tried to test if it was working. His parents took the liberty to cancel all his cards and take his phone away when he resisted days before the marriage. Even Koko had to suffer some so that he wouldn't consider helping Natsume from running away. He punched Ayumi's number and waited.

"Hello?" a small voice answered.


"This is?" her voice was weak and he found it weaker than usual.

"It's me, Natsume."

"Ah. Natsume-kun… Well,"

"I didn't get married today." He tried to be cheerful.

"I know… but then… I didn't know you had another woman…"

"Another wo—No that was-!"

"I'm sorry. I got to go—"

And he was left hanging. "She knew. She misunderstood. But how?" He sat gloomily, hitting his head from time to time, calling himself idiot and cursing.

When he pushed the curtain to take a peek outside, he saw that it was already afternoon, the skies orange and the trees around looked brown because of the sun's rays.

The doorbell rang once which made him snap over his sadness. "Oi, Jumper girl? Is that you?" he called out, uncertain if he would open up or not.

"W…we...ll, It's kind of me." She replied from outside.

He opened the door and regretted a second after that.

Sakura Mikan was standing in the middle of two men in black, her hands, he assumed were tied at her back. The horse was at the end of the long line of men in black, looking scared. She flashed him a grin and he snapped.

"An idiot is an idiot after all." He sighed.




Sakura Mikan sat stiffly beside the slumped Natsume on the couch, eyes fixed on the well-polished floor.

"I said, name!" she almost jumped off her seat in fright as Natsume Hyuuga's mother almost shrieked. "Sa… Sakura Mi—"

"Okay, stop it. She's just works in a farm and lives in a small nipa hut. Practically poor and have no proper clothing except this—" he said without enthusiasm, pointing at her now dirty white dress. "Please, just send her out now. She's got nothing to do with this cra—"

"Bank account?" The older lady continued, Natsume being ignored totally.

"00-867-239-593…" came her croaky reply.

"Good." Mrs Kaoru Hyuuga huffed lowly and then sternly stared back and forth from Natsume to Mikan as her nerd-looking assistant scribbled loudly on the planner. "That'd be all—for now"

Mikan sighed the moment his mother disappeared from sight. "God, I thought she'd kill me."

"Wait and see. It'll be a miracle if you even have 10, 000 yen on your account."

"Wait, what do you mean? There's more? You mean…"

"There's a part two. There will be a part three and a part four and so on. Fortunately for you, you just dragged yourself and associated with me, jumper girl"

"I have a name! I'm going home jerk!" she stormed out but men blocked her way even before she could reach ten meters from the receiving area's door.

"You can't go out. I'm telling you. She's had us stuck in here for tonight." He told her, starting to go up the stairs, "Follow me."

"Wait, what the hell's happening to me!" she hysterically exclaimed.

The two went up two floors and reached one huge door. Natsume pushed it without knocking and entered as casually as ever. "Aoi!" he called with which a short chubby girl appeared from a sea of clothes.

Mikan's eyes bulged at the sight of plentiful clothing.

"Give her real clothes." He pointed behind him to Mikan who didn't let the word "real" escape. He was ridiculing her every second that she was with him.

"Oh! The pianist girl!" Aoi squealed. "She looks like a—rugged doll. You looked okay this morning nee-chan"

"Nee-chan?" she lowly mumbled. Natsume quietly walked out as her eye followed him til the door shut close. "eh, umm…"

"Oh you need a bath! I have clothes for you. You're so cute! And petite too and wait—your skin's so smooth and rosy. Wahh how did you do that? Oh the dust and soil is going to make you look horrible! Hurry, use my bathroom! Take as much time as you want! I've got 23 scents of shower gel, which one do you want? This, or this one? It's limited edition you know" Aoi ranted on and on not letting Mikan even mutter a word nor a single sigh.

After a couple more of minutes and some excuses and talking, she successfully managed to make the little Hyuuga to fall quiet and give her some quality time to clean herself.



'What did she just say?'

Madam Kaoru Hyuuga returned Mikan's belongings, bank book, cards, keys and the little things her dirty bag contained while eyeing the petite brunette. Turning to Natsume, she tossed a key and said, "You know the drill. Like I said, I want the two of you to try it out in one year without any other person's assistance."

The young Hyuuga glared at his mother then to Mikan who sent an oblivious look. "You didn't allow me with this when it was Ayumi but with this ragged doll you do?" he pointed right on Mikan's face.

"Hey!" Mikan protested, "Who're you calling a ragged doll?"

Ignoring her, Natsume continued, "Why? You're suddenly being nice."

"I'm not sure myself," the poised madam replied. "But I'd like to see for myself."

"Bullshit!" stormed Natsume out of his mother's study.

"Wait, Hyuu—"

"Miss Sakura Mikan," interrupted the stoic older woman.

"Y…yes?" she said, reluctantly returning to where she was seated a while ago. When the lady of the manor didn't reply, Mikan took up courage to ask. "Umm, why are you doing this?"

"To tell you the truth, I had your background investigated."

"I actually figured that out."

A smirk played on the madam's lips. "What surprised me is that I didn't find anything about you. Nothing except your savings, which even gave my men a very hard time. Not one bit of information. I cannot even find the name of the owner of the farm you're working at."

Mikan gave no reaction to this. "That itself should tell you that I'm just another teenage kid who ran away from home years ago."

Sharper than how she already looked like, madam Hyuuga said, "No. A simple case of running away from home won't erase your name from the register, nor erase the name of your relatives and your educational background. I'm not a fool."

"You're thinking too much, Madam. Perhaps you should've checked if I did have any relationship with your son." Mikan smiled, "I should go. As she turned around and walked to the door, the madam said, "But… what is your relationship with Andou Tsubasa?" The words made her stop her tracks.

"A call from Andou Tsubasa from five years ago. I suppose you are aware how his business can turn tables and end my rivalry with the other corporations."

She faced her and replied, "I have no interest in your competition madam. Mr. Andou just had some business with me. I'm just a poor girl whom he hired to play for his simple wedding back then."

"I see." The madam narrowed her eyes, still reluctant despite Mikan's honest and strong eyes.

"Well then, please excuse me."



"So you do have money enough to silence my mother. A thousand yen? Cheap. A million?" greeted the infuriated Natsume the moment Mikan entered his room.

"We don't know each other. It's your fault for assuming I'm penniless. I work you jerk!" she retorted.

"What else?" he said which she only replied with a confuse look. "She can't possibly allow you to live with me just because you have a little money! What else? Who are you? A princess? Huh?"

She groaned. "Princess? Sheesh. Let's see… My name's Mikan. I ran away from home and I play the piano and work at a farm for a living. That enough?"

"Stop shittin' on me!" he slammed his fist on the wall, scaring her out.

A frown was pasted on her face when she said, "That's all important to me. When I ran away from home, my family removed me from the register and I am completely alone right now."

He gazed at Mikan who had her head down and had fidgety fingers. She looked awkward just standing a few meters away from the door while he leaned on the wall totally looking like a cool dark prince.

"I wanna go home." She mumbled.

Natsume just softened up when she said that but then he wasn't the type to console crying kids and replied, "A city if far better than some farm. What taste."

"No… I wanna go home." Another murmur came from her lips.

He sighed. "If you didn't meddle with that wedding, at least both of us would've been in peace. Me making more money and you doing your own business."

"You needed help. You wanted someone to save you. I know."

"What do you know?" he hissed, giving of another scowl. It didn't please him that she was acting like she exactly knew how he feels. How could some old but looking like a kid woman know how he feels? Much more a poor farm girl.

"We're at this stage now. At least be honest with your own feelings!"

He stepped back, tongue-tied. It surprised him that she looked like crying – except the tears. Walking a few meters back, he reached for the comforts of his black leather couch and sighed. "You really wanted to help me?"

"I know what it feels being forced into something." She continued, "It's painful. You want somebody to stand up for you cause you can't on your own…"

"Whatever." He dismissed the idea of the emotional talk before her might spill his own feelings and instead he proceeded to his mother's dreaded command. "You wanted to help so I assume I can bother one year of your life?"

She blinked. "I'm sorry. What?"

"Were you listening to her awhile ago? That woman said to try it out in one year."

"Try what? Dating you?"

"Nah~ Living with me. As a couple that is." He said, taking amusement even though he didn't like the idea of being someone he doesn't really know.

"That's crazy! Why would I do that?" she paced towards him.

Natsume sat properly and looked at her small heart shaped face. "You said you wanted to help me, you idiot!"

"I took you away so you could find this girl you were whining about!"

"Excuse me! I don't whine!" he glared at her. "Unfortunately, according to Koko, Ayumi suddenly went missing so it's take some time to find her."

"You're actually telling me to play house with you for a year?"

"Yeah. Well, I'd rather call it playing house with the prince." He smiled, flashing his white teeth and emitted an alluring aura which displeased Mikan. Jerks are jerks for her. "I forgot to introduce myself properly. I'm Hyuuga Natsume, heir to the well known Hyuuga International Corporation."

Mikan pouted, thinking deeply. "Hyuu… Hyuu… Where did I… Oh! So you're the one who made that inefficient and defective oven of mine! Glad I bought another from another brand."

He huffed in disbelief, "Wait! We take pride in having the least average of defectives you know. And you're actually buying products from our rival companies!"

She nodded. "Yeah. ImaiTech and CherryMach products are more durable and efficient."

A vein popped on his head as he clenched his fist. "Oi little girl, are you really trying to piss me?"

"Ah! So that's why you're trying to marry the Tadashi-pink-pastry!" she remarked without hesitation again.

"No! We're just expanding you little!" he held his shaking fist. "Annoying" he said which he didn't expect to be replied with a bright smile. Straightening himself, he coughed and let the ridicule pass. "Anyway, back to living with you in one year—"

"Nah. Not possible." She crossed her arms. "Just marry the ImaiTech daughter and your business will flourish to eternity!" Mikan giggled.

"Yah! You just ruined my wedding with some heiress. What's with that stupid suggestion?"

"I'm kidding. Kidding!" she waved her hand. "One year…hmm" sitting on the couch's armrest, she faced her back on him. "I guess it's fine. I haven't been doing anything much for year now. But then," she twisted a little bit to look at him. "Just one year! Within that year, find this Ayumi and spend your life happily with her. I'd gladly play as your fairy godmother, Natsume." And Mikan smiled, this time sweetly that the cool guy was swept away.

A blush crept on his cheeks which he didn't realize at all. "I… know that! I hope I don't see you after a year then."



Koko tossed the tenth Ferrero wrapper he ate, letting it land somewhere on the carpet making Natsume roll his eyes. "Koko, I called you to help not to mess my room again. Toss one more and I'd have you thrown in the pool while tied naked."

The threat easily sent him shivering. "Nat! Not that twenty feet pool!"

"I'm surprised that he was thinking of it more than being naked." Whispered Mikan.

The best man dragged himself towards the groom and the pianist, sulking. "Fine. You two are going to live in a condominium and would pay rent monthly. Nat would continue working in your pop's place while you miss pianista will?"

Mikan stared at Koko, her eyes directly on his. She then tilted her head and unconsciously acted cutely. "Working in the farm is not enough but I don't have any other job."

Koko was sent speechless. "Na… Nat… I wanna give her my bank savings!" he said comically.

"Idiot! Obviously the farm is not an option. We'll be staying here in Tokyo. Just in T-O-K-Y-O." he repeated right on her face while whacking Koko with a pillow. "Just tell me one thing you're good at and I'll help you find a job."


"No good."


Another vein popped on his head. "What for? You idiot!"

It took seven more nonsensical responses from Mikan before she actually fell silent while Koko never strayed his eyes away from her. He didn't even touch his favorite donuts that were specially prepared for him.

Natsume on the other hand sighed thinking his friend really wanted to hit on the petite and little pianist. He threw another pillow on Koko's face and said, "Can't you wait for a year, you goofy spikes? You're almost drooling!"

"I am no—" the bestfriend was about to banter when Mikan cut him off.


The two men turned their heads to look at Mikan. And that did it for Koko; she was just too familiar and adorable and cute and she called him with his name. "Wha…t is… it?"

"Is your company still hiring?"

"What do you mean?" Natsume turned his full attention on her.

"You know my work?"

"How do yo—" Natsume was once again in disbelief.

"You're rude! Have you forgotten about me? Sakura Mikan?" she confidently said, expecting him to do remember her.

"Sa… Sakura… Miiii…" then Koko's eyes bulged out. "Sakura-senpai!"

"Yeah!" she grinned. "Well this is my last option since Natsume won't let me work somewhere with lesser pay."

"Oi Koko, you seriously know this kid?"

"Yes. Sakura-senpai is—Tokyo University Accounting Department's pride. She placed first on the board exam five years ago." Koko mumbled half aware as if he knew it by heart.

"Tokyo? I thought you're a country girl?" Natsume demanded an explanation.

"idiot! Just because I live in a rural area doesn't mean I'm illiterate or as low as you think!"



'Sakura-senpai… senapai' Koko started to feel warm, heat crawling up his ears and cheeks. 'Senpai… my… Sakura Mikan-senpai… my' he gulped. 'my…'


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