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Chapter VIII-The Final Clash-End Game

Dark Tower: Orochimaru's lab

Dark Sasuke entered the lab as he kidnapped Kushina from Naruto and Sasuke. Dark Sasuke awaken the clone inside the water-tank as Kushina couldn't believe what was inside the tank. Dark Sasuke dropped Kushina down letting Kushina get a full view of the clone.

Kushina at first covered her mouths as she gasp "My god what have you done." Kushina couldn't believe what she saw with her eyes a female clone of her son Naruto Uzumaki.

Kushina glare at Dark Sasuke "What are the hell are you doing? Why did you clone my Naruto! You fucking bastard!" Kushina shouted.

Dark Sasuke chuckle "Just wait and see Kushina."

Outside of the Dark Tower:

"I'll save her no matter what stands in my way. It ends here and now."

"Orochimaru said there's a secret level below his lab. We need to dig deep."

"Maybe we can help." A familiar voice spoke, Naruto and Sasuke look back to see Pain and Neji standing behind them.

"Is there anyone inside the tower?" Naruto asked.

Neji stared at the tower "No, but I can see three beings running down to a third level."

"Neji even though you lost your eyes you can see like you had your eyes."

Neji chuckle "As I said before I can see more than I ever could. But I do see many forces coming out from the third level."

"Pain you would please get rid of the tower." Naruto said as Pain nod his head.

"With pleasure stay back, Shinra Tensei!" Pain blasted the tower away two hundred away outside of the village. Out from the giant hole were hundred of dark samurais.

"Get out my way."

Down below: The Dark Tower

Dark Sasuke carrying Kushina over his right shoulder as he ran down the stairs as the clone of Naruto, Naruko follows Dark Sasuke without question.

"Let me go damn it, you've lost Sasuke." Kushina struggle to escape of Dark Sasuke's grasp.

Suddenly there was a loud explosion that went off. That explosion shook the underground floor a bit as pieces of the ceiling fell down nearly as a piece hit Kushina on the head knocking her out.

"Kushina where are you?" Dark Sasuke could hear Naruto's voice.

"Damn it." Dark Sasuke ran off deeper into the underground floor.

Naruto and Sasuke reached the first floor of the underground part of the dark tower. The two looked around to see where did they go? Naruto looked the around only to see a small drips of blood that went down a cause of stairs.

"This way!" Naruto and Sasuke ran down the stairs.

Entertains Way:

Dark Sasuke ran with all his might as Naruko trip and fell on the ground. Dark Sasuke was about to turn to pick her up but stop when Naruto and Sasuke caught him right there.

"Let her go you bastard." Naruto yelled.

"Make me." Dark Sasuke smirked cocky. Naruto vanish before Dark Sasuke only to reappear with his fist to Dark Sasuke's stomach force him to let Kushina go. Kushina was bleed from the back of her head, still unconscious.

Naruto place Kushina down as Naruto turned his sights to the Naruko who eyes had a blank stare within them. Naruto stared at his female clone for a moment before looking away bringing his full attention to Dark Sasuke.

"A clone really? What we're you planning on doing." Naruto quickly pause "You know what I really don't want to know. We'll end this now." Sasuke stood by Naruto's side really to end it all right here right now.

Naruto and Sasuke teamed up striking blow by blow to Dark Sasuke, performing team combos on the evil Uchiha. Naruto uppercut Dark Sasuke only for Sasuke performs his old lion-combo on Dark Sasuke.

Sasuke recover from their combo attack as he smiled at the two ninjas before he started to cough. Naruto saw blood coming out from Dark Sasuke's mouth. Sasuke didn't waste time using this moment for him and Naruto to end it all.

"Back off." Dark Sasuke told the two. Suddenly Dark Sasuke went to the first level of his curse seal. Dark Sasuke blocked both of the two tag combos and turning it against them. Dark Sasuke grabbed Sasuke by the head as well as he did to Naruto and smash their forehead to one another causing a huge headache to the two.

"Bastard!" Naruto cursed Dark Sasuke, Naruto grab Dark Sasuke by the hair and kneed him in the face as Sasuke grab Dark Sasuke by the hands allowing Naruto to strike by delivering hard punches to Dark Sasuke's stomach.

Naruto didn't stop there he went straight at Dark Sasuke's face as well "Take you bastard, you deserve every punch." Dark Sasuke spit his blood at Naruto's face while smiling as he chuckled.

"Do your worst. You can't stop me your punches won't do Naruto. I kill you once I'll do it again but before that. I want to see you break down as I take what you cherish the most!" Dark Sasuke stomp his right foot down on Sasuke's left foot gaining freedom from Sasuke's hold on him.

Dark Sasuke quickly toss a smoke bomb at the two and ran off with Kushina and Naruko.

Naruto let a furious roar "GET BACK HERE!"

Naruto and Sasuke chase after Dark Sasuke as they entered the first area of the womb. The two stop when they discover the first area of this place, the walls of the place look like tissue and muscle the walls were lifelike.

Both Naruto and Sasuke were creep out by this place. Orochimaru was right this place was indeed a living place but also a creepy place as well.

Suddenly something came out from the walls that caught the two's attention.

"What…the hell." Naruto said as his eyes in shock as his gaze upon what they saw. What the two saw was a woman coming out from the walls. She was naked but she looked so familiar somehow Naruto wasn't sure and so was Sasuke.

Suddenly another naked woman came out from the walls and so three others came out. So the boys were cornered by twenty naked women who all looked the same. The naked woman who looked all the same had a creepy friendly smile as the color of their skin was bit off the left side was white and the right side was black.

"Sasuke-kun we need you. We want you; please give us your chakra pretty please." The large of naked woman asked him.

"Seem like they want you Sasuke." Naruto smirked.

Sasuke sign but smiled anyway "Yeah I guess you're right."

"Oh don't worry we want you to Naruto-kun." The women said which made Naruto worried.

"They're just trying to keep us busy here. We need to hurry or else we'll never save Kushina." Sasuke nod his head agreeing with Naruto. Sasuke summon Chidori only to smash it into the ground shocking the twenty naked women.

Naruto dash through the group of naked women thanking Sasuke for giving him the chance to catch up with Dark Sasuke as Naruto said to his best friend "Thank you Sasuke."

"Go on! She needs you Naruto don't disappoint her. And don't be late ladies hates it when their date shows up late." Sasuke smirk at his best friend.

"Hey Sasuke!" Naruto shouted.


Naruto smiled as he gave Sasuke a big thumps up "Thanks for being my friend." Naruto ran off after saying those words.

Sasuke chuckled as he close his eyes as the group of naked women walked towards Sasuke.

"Don't get yourself killed Naruto. Remember this isn't over yet…we still have a promise to keep." Sasuke active his eternal Sharingan he wasn't going to let Naruto fight alone not this time. They will finish this together as the brothers they are.

"Sorry but you're not getting in my way."

As for Naruto:

Getting closer to Dark Sasuke's Naruto dodged the clones of naked women on each floor "Where are you Kushina?" Naruto made a quick turned a corner about to go down another floor. But when Naruto made that quick turn at the corner he wished he hadn't.


Naruto's eyes widen in surprise as he was stabbed in the chest right in the heart by a Chidori blade. Naruto looked at Dark Sasuke's eyes seeing himself with a dying look within his eyes.

(-Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 OST-The Dying-plays-)

Naruto saw Kushina was laying down near a corner still out cold. But soon Kushina open her eyes only to see the first thing she was Naruto dying. Dark Sasuke ripped the Chidori blade from his heart and slash downward.

Naruto fell down on his stomach only to hear Kushina screaming out his name. Kushina ran towards Naruto but Dark Sasuke grabbed her and pushed her down the stairs to the next floor. Naruko looked back at Naruto for a second before following Dark Sasuke.


Naruto crawled his way to the stairs while dragging himself downward.

Feeling his strength slowly fading away from his body but Naruto still pushed himself to crawl as he could hear Kushina called his name again and again.

"I'm coming…Kushina. Don't you…worry I'm coming…I'm going to save you…I promise I would…" Naruto coughed up his blood but he continues to crawl.

"I won't…give up. I can't give up…I…won't let it end…it's not my time…no…I can't die…not now." Naruto stopped crawling as he felt his heart beat slowing down as his breathing slowed down. Naruto could hear the sound of his heart beating.


Naruto closed his eyes as the last beat of his heart gave out.

In a room filled with nothing but darkness. Kyuubi stood over Naruto staring down at him.

"Kid wake up, wake up kid. You can't die if you die I die as well. Are you going to let that bastard kill us again? Are you going to let him take your woman away from you? How would Minato and Kushina think of you if you gave it up now?"

"Fox…I can't…my heart it stop beating…I can't save her…I can't."

"Don't give me that bullshit. What happen to the Naruto I know, the little brat who beat the nine tailed fox! I won't die with a weak host, you can't die. Minato, Kushina even Jiraiya didn't give up when they met their end."

"Jiraiya? Yeah…Jiraiya-pervy-sage he didn't up. I know he didn't give up. He went out fighting…"

"Then get up kid! Show me you are worth the Uzumaki name! Show me you are the Jinchuuriki of the Nine Tailed fox like your mother before you! RISE UP NARUTO UZUMAKI RISE AND FIGHT!" Kyuubi roared.

Naruto felt his heart started to beat again, as red chakra bust from the ground taking hold of Naruto. Consume him whole as Naruto screamed furiously as his eyes.

In the real world:

Naruto's body float in midair as a red chakra hands came out from his back and grabbed his head and shed his skin and clothes off replacing it with pure blood chakra. Naruto open his eyes with large white eyes. Seven long tails came out from Naruto's tailbone follow by what seems to be a skeleton of a fox. As Naruto's size double now standing about seven foot on all four.


The Core of the Womb:

"Naruto!" Kushina yelled.

"Shut up!" Dark Sasuke slapped Kushina. As he holding Kushina's arms up in the air as he used his right hand to ripped the top of her dress off exposing her large breasts as Dark Sasuke ripped the rest of her dress exposing her bare naked.

(-Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 OST-Lightless Struggle-Plays-)

"You're mind there's nothing he can do now." Dark Sasuke grinned as out from the walls of the room a pair of fresh hands by Kushina by her arms and legs keeping her in place.

"Now it is time, here there no curses no seal NOTHING to keep me from my goal. Today is the day you're mine Kushina." Dark Sasuke undid his pants as he was ready to mate Kushina as the female clone of Naruko watched.

Kushina's eyes widen in fear of seeing a part of her son to watch Kushina once again get used by Dark Sasuke once again.

"No, no, no, NO!" Kushina screamed as she felt Dark Sasuke entered inside her pussy. Kushina struggle to free herself but Dark Sasuke slapped her he pulled her hair forcing her to kiss him. As Kushina was helpless and alone in the core of the womb as Dark Sasuke laughed as he raped Kushina in front of Naruko.

"Face it Kushina this is your fate! To be mine my slave once I break your mind. The fun can really begin!" Dark Sasuke laughed evilly loud. Kushina felt her mind going blank, she couldn't think as she felt her breathing becoming short. Her heart was beating fast. Was this it? Was this the end? How it end for Kushina never to be save.

"Kushina I'm almost there! I'm gonna cum!" Dark Sasuke said with pure pleasure within his eternal Sharingan.

'No, no please God don't let end like this! NO, NO! I'm sorry Minato, I'm sorry Naruto. Forgive me…'

Suddenly the roof of the room bust open as Dark Sasuke looked up to see Naruto in his Seventh Tailed Kyuubi form with his mouth open roaring at him. Dark Sasuke quickly pulled away from Kushina before he had the chance to bare a child with her.

Kushina passed out the future she feared of having.

"SASUKE!" Naruto roared.

"What you again you're still alive?" Dark Sasuke looked truly surprise to see Naruto was still alive.

(-Naruto Shippuden OST-Anger-Plays-)

"Why won't you die? Just fucking die! You can't win Naruto! She's mine you can't have her." Dark Sasuke's words reminded him of how back when Orochimaru spoke to him like the Sasuke he knew was like his property.

"She's isn't yours to claim, she's NOT your property you DON'T OWN HER. SHE'S MINE AND MINE ALONE! GET YOUR HANDS OFF THE WOMAN I LOVE!" Naruto shouted a powerful shockwave that send Dark Sasuke flying towards the wall of the room.

The core of the womb was a large place it was twice the size of the Chunin Exam Arena. Giving Naruto enough room sent Dark Sasuke straight to hell. Dark Sasuke laughed as he went under his second Curse Seal form but suddenly Dark Sasuke's large hand wings grew longer as Dark Sasuke's hair also grew long. Dark Sasuke grew large fangs also a large pair of bat like ears.

This is the final battle between them Seventh Tailed Kyuubi-Naruto Versus Curse Level Three Dark Sasuke!

(-Naruto Shippuden Move 4-OST-Hishou-now playing-)

Naruto dash towards Dark Sasuke to head-butt him. Naruto slash at Dark Sasuke's chest using his blood acid claws to put a mark upon Dark Sasuke. Since he went under Curse Seal Level three he was using a lot of chakra.

"Grand Fireball Jutsu!" Dark Sasuke blew a giant fireball at Seventh Tailed Naruto. Naruto's claws glow bright red as he clap his hands together for a moment as he spread them apart creating a large blue orb that consume his Grand Fireball.

"What when could use water base Jutsu?" Dark Sasuke was surprise.

Naruto smash his fists into the floor as them came out from the left and right side of the room. Dark Sasuke jumped high as he flew around the room dodging Naruto's attack. Naruto was getting pissed how Dark Sasuke was avoiding his attacks.

Naruto roared at Dark Sasuke as the evil Uchiha laughs as he dodged Naruto's attacks.

"Come on Naruto you can do better than that." Dark Sasuke looked at Kushina and thought of a quick good plan. Dark Sasuke summon black Chidori and flew toward Kushina. Naruto's eyes widen as Naruto ran towards Kushina.

Naruto quickly made it before Dark Sasuke. Naruto jumped highly at Dark Sasuke taking his black Chidori attack to the chest. Naruto grabbed Dark Sasuke's wings and ripped them off as Dark Sasuke screamed in agony as he fell to the ground.

Naruto chuckled as Dark Sasuke was now wingless.

"Don't think it's over." Dark Sasuke used his Sharingan using the power of Amaterasu. Naruto ran across the room dodging as Dark Sasuke send Amaterasu after Amaterasu trying to caught Naruto in its dark flames.

While running Naruto saw Dark Sasuke blast the dark flames at Kushina, using his speed Naruto took a blow to defend Kushina when it came around near her. Naruto let out an agony roar while protecting Kushina from Amaterasu dark flames.

Naruto snapped his neck as he fired his Tailed Beast Bomb attack at Dark Sasuke. Dark Sasuke held his arms out hoping to block Naruto's powerful attacks. As the smoke clears, Dark Sasuke stood there standing with burns marks on his forearms and chest.

Naruto let out a roared that cast the dark flames off his body. Naruto shook his head and growled at the Uchiha.

Naruto looked up at the ceiling of the living room, as his eyes widen. Naruto open his mouth as blue and red energy balls cast out from his body. Naruto focus them into one giant ball. But however Naruto wasn't done there, Naruto smash his fist together creating a red colored Rasengan.

The Red Rasengan fused with the giant ball of chakra creating a giant chakra Rasengan ball. Naruto shrunk the ball into the size of a baseball as he ate it. Naruto's body suddenly became like a large ball like before when he fought Orochimaru when he went Four Tails.

Naruto smashed his claws into the floor as he focuses his target on Dark Sasuke.

Dark Sasuke knew what Naruto was planning right away "Don't think that trick will work on me. I'll seal you away!" Dark Sasuke summoned Susanoo to his side as Susanoo stood in front of Dark Sasuke holding his mighty shield.

'Make it count I got to make it count. Give it all I got.' Naruto thought to himself, Naruto held his breath for a moment as he charged up his attack.

Naruto fired his Ultimate Tailed Beast attack toward Dark Sasuke's Susanoo. Defending Dark Sasuke with the great mirror, Susanoo blocked Naruto's Ultimate Tailed Beast Bomb attack. Naruto didn't give up putting most of his energy into the attack, so far Naruto was only pushing Dark Sasuke back against the walls but however Naruto saw there was a small crack in Susanoo's mirror shield.

Naruto panted after unleashing one of his strongest attacks. Naruto felt himself losing control of his Seventh Tailed Kyuubi form. Naruto changed back to his normal self, Naruto had heavy burns marks on his body but his spirit still stand strong.

"Damn it…I thought I had him." Naruto fell down on his right knee as the young Uzumaki was out of breath almost all of his chakra was gone. Naruto stared at Dark Sasuke with a fearless stare he didn't care if he was going to lose or get killed again he was gonna make this his final stand.

"You're done Naruto! Just die and STAY DEAD!" Dark Sasuke shout as Susanoo thrust his phantom blade towards Naruto to seal Naruto's soul away.

Naruto show no sign of fear only a brave stare in his eyes. Out nowhere before the blade could even touched Naruto. A large light blue shield appeared guarding Naruto from having his soul sealed away.

Naruto had a surprise look on his face as he looked back to see it was A Susanoo but he wasn't sure who's it was?

"Glad I came in time." A familiar voice spoke.

Sasuke Uchiha had arrived just in time to save his best friend's soul. Sasuke smirk as enjoy the surprise look on Naruto's face.

"Miss me?" Sasuke smirked.

"I…thank man you saved my ass." Naruto smiled at his friends.

"Naruto stay back you need to recover your chakra. I'll take it from here."

(-Hidden Will to Fight-Plays-)

"I…I can fight." Naruto told Sasuke, the young Uzumaki didn't want his best friend to fight Dark Sasuke alone especially with his Susanoo out as well.

"Naruto I got this. You need to recover. Go take Kushina somewhere safe." Sasuke said as he frown focus his attention on his evil counterpart.

Naruto protest having Sasuke taken care of the matter at hand, but Sasuke looked back at Naruto "Naruto, you've never given up on me, when everyone else did. Now, I'm asking you...trust me...have faith in me...Konoha's been won back to us because of you. Let me be the one to end all this and make sure that this never happens again."

"Yeah but…" It pains Naruto as what Sasuke said was true they did won back Konoha all that was left is to be defeat Dark Sasuke.

Sasuke turn his attention back to Dark Sasuke "He is born from my darkness, he is my darkness. The darkness I could have become if it wasn't for you, Naruto. It sicken me for this could of have been my fate if it wasn't for you. I am grateful to you Naruto. You were my first real friend, we were enemies at first than became rivals and now we're best friends…we're brothers."

Naruto stood up as he'd place his right hand on Sasuke's left shoulder "I leave that task to you. Don't fail, you left the darkness because of the light I shown you. Now Sasuke it is time for you to shine blight to cast the shadows of the darkness away."

"Go on get out of here." Sasuke smirked.

Naruto freed Kushina from the hands that held her in place. Carrying Kushina in his arms Naruto turned away leaving the final task to Sasuke.

"I was so close…damn it." The evil Uchiha cursed.

"You really think you almost won?" Sasuke had a cocky smirk on his face.

Dark Sasuke grinned "Yes I believe I would have. I almost had that slut within my hands. So close to break that curse, she was made to have my child."

Sasuke bare his teeth "You're insane."

Dark Sasuke laughed "Maybe I have. But this world was almost completely mine. Konoha is mine I have the eight tails beasts, I have the eternal Sharingan. Power, women, glory I nearly have it ALL!"

Sasuke shout at the Dark Uchiha "You are just a monster a beast born from darkness taken the form of Sasuke Uchiha. You are no Uchiha you're a monster. You enslave Kushina and the others for your enjoyment. You believed in Tobi's lies. It was the Uchiha clan OWN fault they met their end. If you wanted Kushina to forgive you for killing Naruto why do all of this. She forgiven you long ago, why make her suffer, because she's the wife of the Fourth Hokage and the mother of Naruto Uzumaki?"

Dark Sasuke suddenly let out an insane laughter before he answers Sasuke. Dark Sasuke chuckle while he grin his sick grin made Sasuke's skin crawl "When the Kyuubi curse me that day when I killed Naruto. At first I did felt bad for killing him, Naruto ask me one thing before he died. He asked to look after Kushina to make sure she stay safe out of harm way. I bet Kushina told you I came to her asking for forgiven and she forgiven me through sex." Dark Sasuke told Sasuke, suddenly Sasuke caught on quickly.

Sasuke growled "So it was a lie?"

"YES IT WAS! The power of the Sharingan oh how I love these eyes, Madara or should I say Tobi taught me how to use my eyes well. So I plan on having a little revenge at first, taking advantage of Kushina's broken heart so was easy. Kushina hated me for what I did to Naruto. She curse me she told me she would hate me forever. But I used my Sharingan on her making her forgive me, controlling her. It was so much fun."

"You cold heartless bastard! So tell me what lies and what's the truth?" Sasuke asked.

"The sex was real of course I was controlling her, I place a piece of my chakra within Kushina. A small tattoo on her body where no one would even think to find I believe Kushina at least once explain to you how she couldn't kill me because saw Naruto through my eyes." Dark Sasuke chuckle again "I trick her with a strong genjutsu every time had a chance or will power to kill me. A memory is trigger forcing Kushina to submit to me every time. But she never gave in to the lust like the rest even with a slave collar, the drugs. Her mind never broke I could never figure it out."

Sasuke yelled as his blue Susanoo dash toward Dark Sasuke's Dark Susanoo as Dark Susanoo block his attack as their shield struggle against one another "Because she'd never gave up on hope. She believed one day you will die and she will be free of all of this. She is the wife of one our greatest leaders. She wouldn't kill herself to allow you to cause pain to others. She sacrificed herself in order to protect her son's friends and love ones. You may have killed Naruto but his hope and dreams lived on in Kushina. Kushina carries the hope of her son."

"Whatever it was, it kept me from breaking Kushina's mind the little whore."

"You are the whore! You betray your promise to your best friend you took and use his mother and your very own mother. You helped the bastard who murdered the Uchiha clan. You nearly murder the hope of this world.

"Doesn't matter, Kushina is STILL under my control. Once I kill you I'll finish off Naruto and finish sealing the child with Kushina." Dark Sasuke laughed loudly. Sasuke growled as his blue Susanoo strike with a down slash of his sword. As Dark Susanoo counter with a sword clash as the two Uchihas struggles against one another as their eyes focus on one another.

"Tsukuy-" Dark Sasuke was about to finish speaking one of the infamous Uchiha clan attack. But Sasuke quickly reacted.

"Amaterasu!" Dark flames shot open from Sasuke's eyes consuming Dark Sasuke's Susanoo in the dark flames burning through his armor. Blue Susanoo took this chance and cut down but Dark Susanoo blocked with his mirror shield but thanks to Naruto the crack on Dark Susanoo's shield cracked even more as the mirror suddenly cracked in half.

Dark Sasuke quickly escape as blue Susanoo cut Dark Susanoo in half and sealed him away within his jar. Sasuke smiled as he felt a sudden victory taste in his mouth. Sasuke ran towards Dark Sasuke after he dispels his Susanoo as the two went hand to hand combat.

Dark Sasuke was lost large amount of chakra from his Susanoo struggle with Sasuke. Dark Sasuke changed back to his normal form. Sasuke grabbed Dark Sasuke by the hair to head butt him, follow by a quick roundhouse kick to the back of his neck. Sasuke body smashed down upon Dark Sasuke after the Evil Uchiha got knock down to the floor.

"I'll end this." Sasuke told himself.

Elsewhere with Naruto:

Entering a floor above the core room, the floor was empty to signs of any enemies. Naruto lay Kushina down against the wall. Kushina woke up to see Naruto smiling at her. Kushina hugged Naruto, the red hair beauty was glad to see him alive.

"Kushina, I need you to stay here. I'm going to go help Sasuke. We're almost done. We almost got him; you'll be free all of this." Kushina nod her head as Naruto saw a sudden surprise look in Kushina's eyes. Naruto looked back to see his female clone standing right behind him.

Naruko didn't say anything as she only stare at one who DNA she was born from. Naruko place her forehead against his as Naruto felt Naruko giving him her chakra. Naruko fell down on the floor after passing her chakra to Naruto.

Naruto didn't understand why his clone did this but something told him. His clone shared his reason his goal stopping Dark Sasuke. Naruto ran off to help Sasuke to end this nightmare once and for all.

Back at the Core:

Sasuke ran crossed the room dodging lighting base attacks Dark Sasuke was throwing right at him. Sasuke counter them by dodging them with ease so far.

"Water Dragon Jutsu!" Sasuke said launching a water dragon to counter Dark Sasuke's thunder bird jutsu. The room quake as the jutsu clashed.

"You're pretty damn good. Feel like I'm fighting myself." Dark Sasuke couldn't help but smiled.

"We're nothing alike freak."

Dark Sasuke smiled at Sasuke for a moment before frowning "Is that so? You have the Sharingan, you use very familiar attacks."

"Kakashi Hatake was my sensei and he was yours too."

Dark Sasuke chuckled "Fair enough there. But here is where it ends for you." Dark Sasuke perform a six hand sign as he yelled "Grave Hand Jutsu!" out from the floor a pair of six hands came out grabbing Sasuke by his arms and legs forcing him to fall on his knees.

Dark Sasuke ran towards Sasuke with a Chidori ready to finish. But from nowhere a shadow overcast Sasuke as Sasuke looked up to see it was Naruto. Naruto took the Chidori blade his left shoulder as Naruto dropped kick Dark Sasuke in the face.

Dark Sasuke bounce off the ground twice before he recovered "Coming to save your friend huh?"

"Naruto what are you doing here? I told you to leave with Kushina!" Sasuke yell.

"And what kind of a friend I would be if I just left my friend behind to die just for me?" Naruto chuckle while holding his bleeding left shoulder.

"Shinra Tensei." Naruto spoke as the six hands that held Sasuke suddenly were destroyed by an unknown force.

"Sasuke give me enough time. I am going to put my chakra into one attack. This will finish him for sure." Sasuke nodded his head as Naruto held his right hand out as his focus his chakra into his right palm focusing all of his chakra both his and the Kyuubi's.

Naruto watched Sasuke fight his counterpart giving it his all. Giving Naruto the time he needs to get the job done Sasuke earth type jutsu to keep Dark Sasuke away from Naruto.

"Dragon breath jutsu!" Sasuke fired a spray of flames from his mouth. Dark Sasuke counter with water barrier jutsu. Dark Sasuke smash his right fist into the ground pumping water into the ground as a water fist bust from the ground uppercut Sasuke in the face.

While in uppercut in midair by the water fist jutsu, Dark Sasuke grabbed Sasuke's right arm and dislocated his right shoulder and stabbed him in the stomach with a kunai blade. Sasuke fell down defeated as Dark Sasuke ran towards Naruto ending any chance for him to win this battle.

"DIE!" Dark Sasuke shouted as he thrust his right hand towards Naruto.


Naruto's and Dark Sasuke's and Sasuke's eyes widen as all three of them. Naruto felt blood on his face as Dark Sasuke's cough up blood from his mouth. Standing between Naruto and Dark Sasuke was none other than Kushina.

(-Naruto Shippuden OST-Despair-Plays-)

Kushina had an emotionless look on her face. Dark Sasuke had his right hand impale right through Kushina's stomach as Dark Sasuke felt Kushina's left hand thrust right through the left side of his chest bleeding on the beautiful Uzumaki.

"I promise myself I won't lose Naruto ever again I let anyone take him away from me again no one not even you Sasuke…"

"You…bitch." Dark Sasuke back handed Kushina away from him after taking his right hand out from her stomach, Kushina was bleeding to death if Naruto didn't act now she was going to die.

"Kushina!" Naruto yelled.

"Useless bitch…ever since you show up Kushina has been fighting back. This is all your fault if you hadn't shown up she would be still under my control." Dark Sasuke saw Naruto bare his teeth as a shed of tear was shown.

"What? Are you going to cry? Cry like a crybaby you are. You never did grow up Naruto, you're not a man you're just a boy!"

"Wrong asshole I am not a boy…I AM A NINJA! Shinra Tensei Rasengan!" Naruto deliver a powerful right hook Rasengan to Dark Sasuke's face, sending the evil Uchiha flying twenty feet away from him.

Naruto ran over to Kushina, Kushina was holding on to her open wound trying to stop the bleeding herself. Naruto turned Kushina over to face him "Kushina, stay with me. Stay with me damn it Kushina why did you sacrifice yourself?"

Kushina smiled as tears ran down her face "I…had to do it…I didn't want to lose you again."

"You idiot…why do it you know I refuse to die. Kushina."

"Because I love you Naruto, you helped me. You gave me the sign of hope. Before you came I was beginning to lose hope…than you came here. You brought hope with you. You are hope, my hope." Kushina closed her eyes as Naruto wipe away her tears.

Naruto tried his best to hold back his tears as Kushina smiled at her beloved hero who was shedding tears as his tears touched her right and left cheek "Kushina I promise to you when this is over. I'm gonna take you away from this place. We're going to live together, start a new life a new family. Just please don't die Kushina."

Naruto could hear Dark Sasuke laughing from behind him as the young Uzumaki looked over his right shoulder glaring at the evil Uchiha "Aww isn't that sweet. If we stand around long enough she will die and I can't let that happen. Get away from her Naruto. Today isn't your day of victory. Your friend is wounded he's near death's door and Kushina foolishly believes you can free her. Just accept it Naruto. Just give up."

"Give up…give up. You want me to give up? I'll fight my way through hell to save this woman. And you want me to give up?" Naruto turned around as Dark Sasuke saw within Naruto's eyes filled with courage and hope.

"Yes give up Naruto. You were never better than me I was always better than you. JUST GIVE UP AND DIE!" Dark Sasuke dash towards Naruto believing he'll end this fight here and now.

Naruto smirked as he closed his eyes for a second Naruto focus all of his chakra into his right palm as he held his right hand to his right side as it formed into a blight silver colored Rasengan. Naruto ran towards Dark Sasuke as Naruto jumped high in the air. "You'll never make me…give up."

The Rasengan suddenly grew ten times its size Dark Sasuke's eyes widen in fear as he suddenly stop in his tracks but it was too late he was too close to Naruto about five feet. Kushina smiled as a pair of chakra chains came out from the ground wrapping around Dark Sasuke's arms and chest as a pair of lighting hands came out from the floor grabbing Dark Sasuke's feet.

Naruto saw Kushina and Sasuke was using the last strength they had within them to help Naruto.

"No, damn it let me go. Let me go you can't do this to me. I almost won! You won't stand in my way. I won't allow this. You won't win! Just give up you can't win! You can't kill me!" Dark Sasuke struggle his best to free himself but only to fail escaping. Dark Sasuke looked up at the anger in Naruto's eyes.

"You give up on making me give up! You'll never make me…GIVE UP UZUMAKI RASENGAN!" The giant suddenly shrunk into nothing but when Naruto palm touched Dark Sasuke's stomach. The Giant Rasengan reappear consuming Dark Sasuke in its powerful force as Dark Sasuke felt his body being torn apart his arms snapped apart his legs were twisted off.

Dark Sasuke screamed in agony as Naruto wasn't even done "Suffer for everything you done! Reap what you sow! GO TO HELL!" Naruto put all of his chakra into the finishing touched as Dark Sasuke's chest bust open as Naruto's face was half covered in Dark Sasuke's blood but Naruto kept on pushing.

'Do it Naruto, you can win.' Kushina thought as she believed in.

"Naruto do it NOW! FINISH HIM!" Sasuke yelled.

Naruto shouted "RAGHHHHHHHHH!" Dark Sasuke's eyes widen greatly as he saw a ghost image of a young Naruto at Naruto's as both Narutos screamed with all their might as the Rasengan grew stronger and bigger.

"GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Dark Sasuke let his death scream as his body twisted from within before the walls of the womb was covered in his blood and guts. The giant Uzumaki Rasengan was send towards the wall of the womb as it exploded upon impact.

Naruto fell down on his knees panting as he chuckle at first before his chuckle turned into laughter. Soon Naruto stood up to pump his fists into the air as he yelled "I WON I DID IT I DID IT HELL YEAH! THAT'S RIGHT WHO THE NUMBER ONE NINJA? NARUTO UZUMAKI! THAT'S WHO I'M THE BEST NO ONE CAN BEAT ME!"

Sasuke got off the ground heavenly wounded but a live Sasuke couldn't help but smiled upon seeing Naruto shouting while celebrating his victory.

"Just like old times." Sasuke said to him, remembering the memories of every time Naruto did something unbelievable he always out all celebrating doing his victory dance.

Naruto heard Kushina chuckle "You…won. You did it Naruto. I did it, you freed us all." Kushina cough as blood dripped down her lips. Naruto ran over to Kushina as Naruto held Kushina's hands together as Kushina smiled at her hero of hope.

"Thank you Naruto…you freed me."

"Kushina don't die, I beat him. You're free now. You can live with me now, come on Kushina. You're strong. Don't die please I begged you. Don't leave me." Naruto place his hands over Kushina's wound and closed his eyes as he tried to use his chakra to help healed the wound.

'Come on heal her, come on fox give me chakra.'

'Kid you use it all on that attack. She's not going to make it.'

"Come on don't die. Kushina don't die!" Kushina felt her eyes become heavy as Naruto's voice began to fade out as death was coming closer to Kushina. Kushina could hear her heart beat slows down.

'I'm sorry Naruto but I can't keep that promise. I wish I really wish I could live with you. But don't be sad you freed me from my suffering. Even though you weren't my Naruto, I was happy that I got to see you again.'

Suddenly Kushina heard a voice 'To think my wife give in so easily when it comes to death? I thought she was better than this, isn't she Naruto?'

'Yeah I thought my mom was a totally badass, she'll never give up never give in.'

Kushina open her eyes to see her Minato and Naruto standing in front of her. Minato was wearing the Hokage outfit that night he die and Naruto was his Genin self just the way he die.

"Hello Kushina." Minato smiled. Kushina hugged her husband and son as tears ran down her face.

"I miss you, I missed you so much."

"We missed you too Kushina, we watched you from heaven." Minato said as Kushina frown as she looked away in shame.

"You saw it all?" She asked as she looked at the ground in shame.

"Yes. But that doesn't change a thing Kushina. You're still the woman I fell in love with and the mother of our son." Minato said as young Naruto grinned.

"I saw it mom that other Naruto saved you. He's totally rock! He gave it his all. He saved you he even saved his Sasuke." Young Naruto grinned with a fox likeliest.

"Kushina, I am proud of you for keeping yourself from falling. You kept your hope strong even in your darkest hour. I'm glad I married you Kushina." Minato kissed Kushina as Kushina smiled as she was with her family finally.

"Dad looks like it's time for us to go." Young Naruto said as Minato nod his head.

Kushina smiled as she nodded her head "Let's go."

Minato closed his eyes shaking his head "I'm sorry Kushina. You can't come with us. Your place is in there not here."

Kushina shook her head no "Why can't I join you? I missed you two so much, tell me why I can't come with you?"

(-Naruto Shippuden OST-Byakuya-)

Minato smiled at his willow wife as he gently brush her beautiful hair "Because Naruto needs you. And you need him." Kushina wipe her tears away as Minato continue speaking to his willow wife "He loves you as much as we do. You still have a future to be happy Kushina. Kushina you suffered so much it's time for you to earn your happiest. Go you deserve this happiest with the other Naruto. We will always be there for you Kushina. Our love will never vanish and our hope will continue to grow. This world has been in the darkness too long. It is time for the light of hope to shine upon this dark world."

Young Naruto agreed with his mother "Dad's right mom. Go and be happy you deserve it. You truly do. Remember you're our number one. Keep my hope alive you and dad gave me your love. And when I die I gave you all of my hope. It kept you from falling, so turn my hope into light, light for the future."

"Courage, the light of hope and the love of a love one these are what made the village hidden in the leaves. To Sacrifice yourself for the people, your family your friends so they can live in a future worth living. That's the future I want you to have Kushina." Minato place his right hand on Kushina's stomach where her fatal wound was. In the blink of the eye Kushina was heal.

"Live in happiest Kushina. Share your happiest with Naruto. Never let the darkness into your heart never let your light of hope. The future of the hidden leaves rests with you now. Goodbye Kushina." Minato and young Naruto vanished as they faded away into energy flies.

"I will I promise I won't let our hope dies. I won't give up I'll never give in."

"Kushina! Kushina! Kushina!" Kushina turned around as she heard Naruto called her name. Kushina closed her eyes as she nodded her head.

"I'm coming Naruto."

Back in Real World:

Naruto was performing CPR on Kushina trying to revive her. As Sasuke watched as his best friend tried to revive the woman he loved.

Just as Sasuke was about to tell Naruto she was dead. Kushina's eye's shot open as she gasps for air. Naruto hugged Kushina, so glad she was alive. Kushina rest her head on Naruto's left shoulder as she closed her eyes as Naruto picked her up carrying her in his arms.

The ceiling of the womb core started to fall apart "Naruto its time to go." Sasuke said as Naruto nod his head as the two ran out the core room but not before Sasuke stop to look back at the room one last time.

"Amaterasu," the core room was sent on fire as the dark flames easily consume the room as the ceiling caves.

"Come on Sasuke let's go." Naruto yelled. Sasuke stood there a for moment before he ran off with Naruto and Kushina.

While running to the surface as the place was no longer holding it together. Naruto stopped when he saw his clone still on the floor. She was alive but out cold "Sasuke help her."

"But Naruto she's."

"Help her." Sasuke didn't bother to asked why, Sasuke took the clone carrying her over his right shoulder as everyone haste the clock escaping before its caves in on them.

The other pathway was closed off Naruto and Sasuke went a different path hoping to find the exit quickly. While taking a different route to find the exit the two discover a tunnel where it lends they weren't sure but had to gamble it.

Running down the large tunnel there was a light at the end of the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel was indeed but there was one problem. At the end of the tunnel was nothing but a big fall a very big fall.

There was a large waterfall down below "Um Sasuke I think we should turn back." Naruto said while sweat dropping while both him and Kushina didn't like the looks of this. Sasuke signed as he kicked Naruto out of the tunnel as the two Uzumaki yelled as they fell.

"What!" Naruto said as he fell.

"The!" Kushina spoke next.

"Hell Sasuke!" Naruto finished.

Sasuke jumped down as the two fell hundreds of feet down as the two landed into a large deep pool.

After getting out from the large pool of water, Naruto and Sasuke high five one another as the two smile friends smiled at one another. Kushina smiled at the two but suddenly Kushina's eyes widen as he she shut her eyes as she hold her head as she let out a painful scream.

"Kushina what's wrong?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke gasp as he remembers "Damn it's not over yet. Naruto grab Kushina." Sasuke place Naruko down on the ground as Naruto did what Sasuke asked while Sasuke asked Kushina to open her eyes Kushina opened her eyes as she stared into Sasuke's Eternal Sharingan.

Kushina's Mind:

Sasuke open his eyes as he found himself within the mind of Kushina. Sasuke looked around the place only to find a pitch black place.

"Where are you?" Sasuke spoke as he heard Kushina scream. Sasuke looked behind to see Kushina being attacked by Dark Sasuke. Dark Sasuke appearance was different he looked young about during his Genins days. Dark Sasuke grip Kushina by her hair as he pulled it as he talked her down.

Dark Sasuke looked to see Sasuke walking toward him.

"You're still alive." Sasuke frown.

Dark Sasuke chuckle "Of course I piece of me lives inside Kushina as I said before. You and Naruto ruin my plans. I'll break her mind within her mind here and now. You can try if you wish."

Sasuke came running toward the Evil Uchiha. Dark Sasuke used Kushina as a human shield. Sasuke stopped in his tracks "I knew it, you like Naruto you're weak when it comes putting others in harm way." Dark Sasuke laughed.

Suddenly Dark Sasuke saw Sasuke grew a small smile as the good Uchiha chuckle "What so funny?"

"You once spoke you and I are the same. We have the same eyes, same chakra. But when it comes to others in harm's way you're wrong you have forgotten Kushina isn't just Naruto's mother or the wife of a Hokage. She's a ninja and a ninja knows their lives will always be in risk." Sasuke turned his back as he started too walked away.

"Don't turn your back on me! Face me!" Dark Sasuke yelled.

Suddenly out from nowhere a beam of lighting came out underneath Sasuke's left arm. Dark Sasuke was too slow to react. The beam strikes Dark Sasuke right in his forehead. Dark Sasuke let go of Kushina as Kushina ran away from Dark Sasuke about two feet.

"Who are you?" Dark Sasuke asked.

Sasuke closed his eyes as he smirked "You still don't know do you? Same jutsu, same eyes, but unlike you I follow the path in the light. I am not afraid not anymore. But I rather die than become you. I am an Uchiha who follows the path my brother wanted me to follow. Now I know why Itachi said those words. He knew the darkness in me would destroy me one day. He force it out of me by hatred, for me to focus all my hatred toward him and him alone."

Dark Sasuke suddenly gasp "No, you're."

"You're hate is not strong enough. Pathetic, little brother hate me continue to hate mate, hate me. Tell me have you ever thought of killing Itachi after you took over Konoha. Did you continue your hatred toward Itachi; did you get your revenge for he did to the Uchiha?" Sasuke asked.

Dark Sasuke chuckle "No, I didn't bother. Why should I, he wasn't worth it. I had power but decide to use that power to take Konoha. Itachi died before we fought he was a waste of my time."

Suddenly Dark Sasuke hit a nerve in Sasuke's heart. Sasuke bare his teeth as his evil counterpart anger him "Itachi sacrifice himself to be hated everyone, even by his own home. You took over Konoha for revenge of the Uchiha clan but you did bother to fight Itachi? Itachi believed in you becoming a hero to Konoha. He…he…" Sasuke felt his heart breaking apart as the memories of Itachi, how Itachi nearly kill Sasuke during many times.

(-Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 OST-Paces toward Death-)

'Sorry Sasuke maybe next time.'

'Hate me Sasuke allow your hatred to be the fuel you need. Only one who shares my blood can defeat. You're not strong enough Sasuke.'

'Sasuke! You will become MY NEW LIGHT!'

'I'll always be there for you Sasuke. Sasuke one day, you might come to hate me but know this. I will always cherish you the most.'

'Sorry Sasuke there won't be a next time.'

"Itachi…I'm always so far behind. Even now I'm not powerful as you were. You're eyes helped me see the new light that Naruto has given me. Your eyes they always had light even when you were surrounded in darkness." Sasuke started to cry but it wasn't just normal tears but blood tears.

"Itachi was a fool a murderer a coward!" Dark Sasuke yelled.

"You are no brother of Itachi Uchiha, no son of Mikoto Uchiha. You are not even worth carrying the title of Uchiha. Vanish from this world be gone to the hell of your making!" Sasuke used Chidori spear to shock Dark Sasuke as Dark Sasuke slowly started to vanish from Kushina's mind.

"Who are you? Gahhh!" Dark Sasuke scream in agony.

"I am the part of you that you left behind." Sasuke dispel the transformation jutsu showing Dark Sasuke who he truly was. Dark Sasuke's eyes widen in shock upon knowing who Sasuke really was.

"Amaterasu," Dark Sasuke within seconds consume in the black flames. Kushina turned her back as she walked while Sasuke followed her.

"Come back! Come back! Help me! Gah help me Kushina! Help me!" Dark Sasuke cried for help. As the two walked away from him, Sasuke didn't even bother to look back. He has accepted the true path he follows the path of the light.

Dark Sasuke suddenly saw Itachi at Sasuke's side. Itachi looked disgusted as he too turned his back on him.

"Help me Itachi! Itachi! Itachi!" As the last piece of Dark Sasuke was destroyed freeing Kushina's mind completely.

Outside of Kushina's mind:

Naruto saw a dark spirit came out from Kushina's head as it faded away into nothing. Sasuke wipe away the blood tear from his eyes.

"Sasuke what happen?" Naruto asked.

"I destroy the last piece of Dark Sasuke." Sasuke said.

Naruto turned to Kushina with a big smile "Kushina you're free completely from him. You're free Kushina. You are his slave no longer." Naruto's words were like a dream come true. Kushina was too choked up to even speak. Tears came running down her face as she soon started too laughed.

(-Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 OST-The way to peace-)

Joy overwhelms her after three years of suffering and pain and guilt. Kushina was finally freed from it all. Kushina soon started to cry as she hugged Naruto letting all of her pain out as Naruto was happy Kushina was finally free from it all.

"Let it out Kushina. It's okay to let it out you're safe now." Naruto held Kushina close to his chest, as her head rest on his where his heart is.

"Kushina, do you know why you couldn't kill Dark Sasuke this time?" Sasuke asked the female Uzumaki.

"Because I saw my Naruto in his eyes," Kushina looked slightly back at Sasuke as she spoke.

Sasuke explained to Kushina "That is correct, Kushina you were his puppet, he use his Sharingan on you. He made you forgive him, all those things you did for him were against your free will. He force you, you're innocent Kushina. It was Dark Sasuke to be blame for the pain, the rapes, and the deaths of so many."

Naruto let go of Kushina as Kushina suddenly start remembering it all. Her true memories of what happen that day "I remember…I remember it all. Naruto my Naruto was dead. There was nothing or no one to bring him back to me. I was angry so angry I couldn't forgive Sasuke what he did. He murdered his God brother he murder my son. I remember cursing him, telling him stay the hell away from me…I remember staring at his eyes and the rest…I don't remember."

"But now Kushina you're free from him." Naruto smiled.

"But everyone…they will still think of me as a traitor to Konoha." Kushina frown as she looked down in shame. But Naruto frowned as he shook his head.

"No Kushina, you're innocent it wasn't your fault. None of it was."

"They will try to attack me or worst." Kushina had a look of fear in her eyes.

"Kushina don't you worry. I'll protect you from them. They can throw everything they got but I'll make sure none of them will lay a finger on you."

"Thank Naruto." Kushina kissed Naruto on his right cheek.

Sasuke pick Naruko up from the ground as he turned to the Uzumaki couple "Come on let's go. We're not finish with this world yet Naruto. Kakashi and the others are waiting for us let's go home."

Naruto nod his head as he smiled now starting a new life with Kushina. Naruto looked up at the sky as the new day has began as the darkness Dark Sasuke cast over was finally lifted

"To home, to Konoha."

Konoha is won back and its people were free. Dark Sasuke is finally dead and Kushina is finally free from her suffering. But however the struggle of the aftermath has begun.

Konoha: Front Gate

The group made it to Konoha only to be greeted by Kakashi, Deidara, Yamato and Pain. Judging by how torn up Naruto and Sasuke looked they gave Dark Sasuke one hell of a battle. And victory was in their hands.

Sasuke was no longer in his disguise as everyone could see him in his true form. Kakashi and Deidara stepped aside as Mikoto Uchiha stood there with a large smile on her face. Mikoto walked towards Sasuke as Sasuke closed his eyes waiting for a slap. But yet Sasuke was surprise as he felt Mikoto's arms wrapped around his neck.

"Mother…" Sasuke spoke with a surprise look in his eyes.

Mikoto smiled "My son my Sasuke-kun you came back, my real Sasuke came back to me."

"Aren't you going to hit me talked me down?" Sasuke asked Mikoto.

Mikoto answer as she shook her head "That wasn't my son that wasn't my little Sasuke-kun. You are. You are my son, my Sasuke." Tears ran down Mikoto's face as Sasuke just smiled as he too was happy to have her back, Mikoto Uchiha his mother.

"I'm home…"

Next Chapter-Aftermath Struggle

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Good ending was like this but Sasuke dies in the core of the womb. After helping Naruto he decide to end it all and stays in the core of the womb as it comes down.

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Bad Ending-In the start way, Naruto dies he doesn't come by Kyuubi's little help, Sasuke doesn't make it in time and during the small rape part, Kushina submits to Dark Sasuke and Sasuke arrive to see a broken Kushina and from there fight Dark Sasuke and dies but dies killing Dark Sasuke leaving a broken Kushina in the core of the womb as Kushina laughs as her mind is broken thus ends the bad ending.

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