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"W-w-well I I...uuuuhhh...there ARE some expections..." replied Karin.

"Sure there ARE..." Shikamaru said sarcastically.

"Neji why do you have long hair? And how long does it take for you to wash it?"asked Naruto suddenly.

"Oh Naruto I said earlier it IS my DESTNIED hair and I have to take care a good care of it" Neji replied with little bit of drama.

"Hinata you have the same hair as us train with us!" said Gai.

"And wear this tights of youth! Show your Power of Youth!" Lee continued it holding the green tights.

"Naruto once wore them and did his training. Imagine how strong he became!" said Gai.

"Ano N-Naruto-kun wore them..." before she could continue it she fainted again.

"Oh my god Gai-sensei Hinata-san Just fainted seeing the Tights of Youth!" Lee said with tears in his eyes from happiness.

"Lee I am very proud of you!You sure are my pupil! Lee my student continue spreading the Power of youth!" said Gai-sensei also with tears in his eyes.








"Gai-sensei Neji's ears are so happy from Power of Youth that they are becoming deaf!" said Lee with happiness.

"Yes that's right Lee my student!" replied Gai.




The two "youthfull" teacher and student were crying the "Tears of Youth" as they call it.

"Hey guys I f***ing always wondered what Kakuzu's f***ing hair is f***ing like. Probably it has form of a sh**or some kind of microphone." stated Hidan with curses.

"Learn to expect the unexpected." Kakashi said calmly.

Naruto who was near the Copy Ninja slapped him.

"What was that for?"

"You weren't expecting me to slap you, were you?"

"I never thought Naruto would use my words against him" sighed Kakashi.

"S*** u* Hidan my hair is not white like an old man's hair and if you want I can show it to you" Kakuzu said angrily.

"I don't want to be f***ing blind now man" replied Hidan with ONE curse word.

There were some laughters in the BIG room. Kakuzu growled.

"Oi Neji, you are Hinata's cousin and why don't you have the Shines of Youth?" asked Lee.

"Mine is not destinied to have Shines of Youth then"replied Neji simply

"You should MAKE the Shines of Youth appear!"

"Yes!You are right again Lee!" smiling Gai in Nice guy pose said.





And they continued it for how long I don't know.

"Hey blondie have you ever wondered why we have similar hairs?" Deidara asked Ino.

"Eh? You mean my spiky hair is similar to your long one?" asked the confused Naruto who didn't know Deidara was asking Ino.

"No I meant the another blondie you blondie"

"Hey we have names you know? you are blondie too"Naruto and Ino said or yelled at the same time.

"I know that. Just the blondie is nickname yeah" replied Deidara

And so continued the blond talk of the blondies with lots of blondies and blond moments. And soon the Fifth Hokage Tsunade joined the blond arguement.

"So now we are supposed to be like "hey brunette!" huh?" asked Kiba others.

"I suppose so...zzzzzz" said the pineapple head before sleeping.

"We were supposed to discuss about the anime here and yet we are like supposed to argue here" said Sakura with a sweeatdrop at the end.

"It all started cause you yelled the first time you I-have-natural-pink-hair!"yelled very pissed off Karin.

"Oh yeah you red haired freak with glasses that doesn't suit you! And if you are wearing glasses it means you have bad eyes meaning you are an old hag!" replied the pink haired kinouchi.

"I am not old!

"Have you ever thought of going to hair salon to take care of your awful hair?"

"Oh yes I went to hir salon every week"

"I feel sorry for those who work at the hair salon you go to every week"

"You want to fight?"

"No. Just stating the truth."

""You started it!"

"Once I went to this hair salon and Karin was there you know? First I didn' recognize her and then remembered Naruto talking about a red haired kinouchi in Team Taka."said Neji.

"So that's how you take care of it? And how often do you go there?" asked Naruto out of curiousity.

"Yes, and once in a week like Karin and it has to be on the destinied hair day at the destinied time at the destinied place!"

"Oh my Neji you should go see a doctor, because there's something wrong with your vocabulary."

"Actually Naruto you need to fix your vocabulary too. Because you are alway saying Dattebayo!" remarked Shino who was quiet when the arguement was going on.

"And you need some more words! Dattebayo!" shouted Naruto.

"No I don't. i prefer to be quiet not that I have few words in my vocabulary"

"Oh it's first time Shino is arguing" said Kiba with a shocked expression and sweatdrop.

"Maybe he ate bad food today" said Chouji between munches.

"You want to fight!?"yelled Sakura.
"Yeah bring it on!" yelled Karin.
"SHANNAROOOOOO!" sakura yelled with chakra infused punch all ready.

AAAAAAAAA's NO SAKURAAAAAA's were heard coming from the room.

Now the room was in ruins thanks to Sakura or more like to Karin who was being the Karin she was.

The End

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