Emily Young hated that her relationship with Sam seemed so easy because he had imprinted on her. She supposed, to the pack, it was. She had "won" Sam from Leah, after all. Leah was the one that had it hard, she lost her true love to her cousin, and there was no chance of ever getting him back.

None of them stopped to think about how hard things were for her. No one cared that it hurt her knowing the one that she was In love with was truly in love with someone else.

But, then again, she didn't know if what she felt for Sam was love. Love required that the people knew each other inside and out and that you loved everything about them, even the parts they didn't. She and Sam hadn't known each other for too long and she was sure (under normal circumstances) that she wouldn't know enough about him to say she loved him - not yet, at least.

And then there was Leah. Emily wasn't ignorant - she knew that Sam was still truly in love with her cousin. She could see it in his eyes when he looked at her. They filled with pain and longing and hope for understanding. Leah's looked almost identical to his when they looked at each other like that.

He had reasons for why he loved Leah - she knew who she was, she was smart, strong, caring, etc. But when asked about why he loved Emily, he got quiet and said that he didn't know, all he knew was that he did and that was what mattered.

But it wasn't to Emily. She hated that the guy she was in love with didn't know why he loved her. But, to be fair, she didn't know for sure why she loved Sam, either. There were things she liked about him that she saw after he imprinted, but she thought, sinkingly, that if the imprint hadn't happened, she wouldn't want to be with him and he and Leah would still be happily together.

That wasn't to say she and Sam were miserable together, in fact, they were far from it. They always had fun together and supported each other no matter what. They did have the "perfect" relationship. It was easy for them, so natural it was almost like breathing. She loved being around him and never wanted to lose him, no matter what, even if he would be happier and it would be better for him to be away from her.

And that was how she knew imprinting wasn't actual love. She was being selfish with Sam. She had read somewhere that love was selfless, it would give anything to the one it loved, if it wanted to leave, love would let it, knowing the other would be happier. But Emily wasn't willing to do that. Ever.

Sure, she had thought of telling Sam to go and be happy with Leah, knowing he would do it if that's what he thought she really wanted and she could convince him it was. But every time she thought that, she felt her lungs constrict and she couldn't breathe. So, she settled for being selfish. Until that night happened.

She was preparing dinner for Sam and herself. It was steak, Sam's favorite. It was one of the nights her doubts about their relationship had taken over and she blurted, "Would you be happier with Leah?"

Sam looked at her, shocked. She could tell that she had caught him off guard. "Where did that come from, Em?" He asked.

She closed her eyes, already fighting tears, and whispered. "Just answer me, Sam, please. Because, if you would be, I want you to be with her, because you'd be happy. And I know how much Leah loves you and I see that you still really care for her."

Sam stood up and walked over to her and wrapped her in a hug. "I don't want to be with Leah, Em. Sure, I still care for her, but not in the same way I care for you. I love you, Emily."

She looked up at him, pain evident in her eyes. "But I need to know why, Sam. I know that's unfair and selfish of me, but I need to know."

He leaned down and kissed her. "I love you because you're caring, you're funny, you're brave, you're forgiving, and you'd be willing to let the person you love go if you thought they'd be happier. I could go on forever, Em, because you're amazing. And I don't want anyone else."

She smiled and hugged him again, he had reasons.

Things between them were still easy, the imprint made it so. There were days when she still had her doubts, but she wanted to believe that Sam truly meant what he had said that night and if he had the choice, he wouldn't go back to Leah. She had to cling to the hope that he wouldn't wake up one day and realize that Leah was the one he was really in love with. She had to hope that whatever kind of bond and love they had was strong enough to overcome anything.

Because really, hope was all she had anymore.


I've been wanting to write something like this for awhile now. I mean, I hate imprints, they ruin lives. And these three are the perfect example of why there shouldn't be an imprint and that the wolves should just be with who they fall in love with naturally. But maybe that's just me.

I liked the idea of this better than the actual execution, but I still like it for the most part. I still don't know how good I am at angst, but oh well. What'd you guys think? Was it any good? And were Sam and Emily IC (I never want to post Twilight fics because it's hard for me to write something and truly keep people IC. But maybe that's me.

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