You and I - Lady Gaga

Sit back down where you belong/ in the corner of my bar with your high heels on

Castle had only owned The Old Haunt for a few weeks, and he had kept it off of twitter and his official website. He wanted the bar to stay a special place. Plus, he liked having his friends from the 12th come by. Ryan and Esposito had started to drop at least two nights a week, favoring it over their favorite cop bar sometimes. But his favorite times were when Beckett came by. She would sit at a booth in the corner and they would casually flirt over glasses of Castle's favorite scotch. Surprisingly, she had been coming more and more often in the last week.

When she appeared in the door earlier tonight, it was official: she had been there every night this week. Castle just smiled to himself and came out from behind the bar.

"Beckett! What a wonderful surprise!"

She turned around, a soft smile playing on her lips. "Hey Castle."

He held his arm out. "May I escort you to your favorite spot?"

He didn't expect her to take his arm. Maybe laugh, and make some comment about how she could walk on her own. But she took it. He led her to the booth in the back corner, turning his head slightly to smell her cherry shampoo. In her 4-inch stiletto heels, she was just his height.

They arrived at the back of the bar, and Beckett slid into the booth. Her warm green eyes invited him to slide in next to her, and he obliged. He motioned to his favorite barman, and he young man quickly brought over two glasses of scotch. Castle clinked his glass against Beckett's and she bit her lip. They both took a sip, not breaking eye contact.

Castle felt a nudge under the table, and when he looked down he saw the toe of Beckett's boot drifting away from his shin. He took it as a mistake, but when it happened again a few minutes later, he knew it was no accident. He grinned and jumped up from the booth, waking back to bar counter. Kate was more than confused as she watched Castle fumble with his iPhone, plugging in into the speakers.

She laughed in realization when she heard Piano Man. Castle walked back over to the booth and held out his hand.

"Dance with me, Detective?"

Kate laughed and got up, taking Castle's hand. Much to his surprise, she put her hands on his shoulders and didn't protest when he put his hands on her waist.

"It's not exactly a song you can dance to, Castle."

"You can dance to anything if you try, Beckett."

She smiled and let Castle spin her around the bar floor. The few other patrons in the bar barely noticed them as they looked into each other's eyes and attempted to dance to the Billy Joel classic. When the song ended, Castle led Beckett back to the booth. He was on his way back from the bar, where he had changed the music again, when he saw it. Beckett was absentmindedly tracing a maraschino cherry over her lips, relaxing into the booth. Castle smiled in spite of himself and slid into the booth, taking a cherry from the small crystal bowl on the table. He looked at Kate appreciatively with a grin on his face.

She realized Castle was watching her and looked up. "What?"

"Nothing, it's just…. You just fit in here so well; it's like you belong here. In my bar, drinking scotch and laughing in that beautiful way you do."

Beckett popped the cherry in her mouth and looked at him for a few second while she chewed. Her detective training had made her vey good at not letting her facial expression betray her and show what she was thinking. He hated that she was so good at that.

She leaned in a bit closer to him, and he could smell the cherries. Kate raised her hand to Castle's cheek and stroked it. Her lips touched his in a soft, tender kiss. The kiss became deeper as he tangled his fingers in her hair. She moaned softly. When they broke apart, he took both her hands in his and opened his mouth to say something, but she beat him to it.

"I do belong here. With you, in your arms."

Castle couldn't believe what he was hearing. "But what about…"

"Josh and I broke up," she said simply, as if it had been a mutual thing, no big deal. But the tiniest glimmer in her eyes revealed that it had been for him. It had always been him.

He took her face in his hands and kissed her again. The taste of cherries lingered on her lips.