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Chapter 7 (Adrian POV)

Fifty years ago, if someone said I was going to be cursed to guard a mortal girl and then lose my heart to her, I would've laughed in his face. Back then I loved to party, joke, and play faery pranks on ignorant humans. Did I just say faery? Why, yes. Yes, I did.

I've been around for almost a thousand years; I blamed Puck for the pranks done in A Midnight Summer's Dreams.One day, though, my actions from the past caught up to me when I played a prank on the wrong person. Her name was Amethyst, the goddess of punishment in Canenum. I was slightly bashed, so I didn't recognize her until the gag was in motion. As my punishment, I was banished from Canenum, my homeland, for one hundred years and was to protect a special mortal child in this world. It was either protect the child, or be damned for 300 years. I'll take the former.

The first time I saw her with her family was when she was two: pretty, dark skin; deep, intelligent brown eyes; and a gentle, shining smile. Her mother was nowhere to be found, and her father was passed out on the sofa downstairs, a bottle of booze in one hand and the T.V. remote in another. What scum. The brother—James or Jacob, something like that—left earlier in his car, abandoning the girl to fend for herself. She was sobbing softly, trying not to wake her father.

Suddenly she cried out, "I want my mommy and Jay!"

Her heartbroken expression pained me dearly, but I didn't move until I saw the one golden tear leak from her eyes. I couldn't take it anymore. Slipping into her room, I made myself visible and manifested a necklace for her to wear. It had three different charms on it: a red rose on the right, a white rose on the left, and a silver locket in the shape of a heart between them. She hadn't noticed me because she was still crying, so I squatted down to meet her eye.

"Why are you so sad, little one?" I asked softly. Her head jerked up in surprise at the sound of my voice, and I stifled a laugh at the astonishment on her face. "Why do you shed those silver tears?"

"Who are y-you?" Her lip quivered, and another tear trickled down the side of her face. I swung her into my arms and kissed it away kindly, placing a yellow dandelion in her hair and a lollipop in her hand. She giggled before squealing excitedly.

"I am simply an observer and guardian of your life; I'm Adrian. You can call me A, if you like," I grandly stated, bowing to her. "What would your name be?"

"My daddy said to never talk to strangers. Since you were nice enough to tell me your name, however, mine is Dhi," Dhi giggled.

"Well, Dhi, you've earned yourself a guardian angel. Whenever you ever need something, just shed a silver tear, and I'll come running." I took the necklace from my coat pocket and tied it around her neck. "If I don't, this will protect you. Don't ever take it off. Promise?"

"I pwomise," she said cutely. She patted my cheek assuring, and I had to laugh. Planting her on her bed, underneath the covers, I smiled down at her and gave her a small teddy bear. She returned the smile shyly, and I spun to face the window. "Adrian?"

"Yes, darling?" I look over my shoulder to see her legs swing off the bed. Did she ever sit still?

"Why are you dressed like Peter Pan?" she wondered. I was hoping she would never notice my light green tights; loose, dark green long-sleeve shirt; and no shoes. It's a required uniform for guardians. Let's just say that it's not the best thing in my closet.

"Simply for your protection. Now, go to bed; it's nearly 9 at night," I sternly ordered, scoping her up and tucking her in under the blankets.

"But—" she whined.

I put two fingers on her head and mumbled three words. "Go to sleep." Her eyes slipped closed immediately, and her chest rose slowly up and down.

Nodding to myself, I had turned and sprang out the window. The last words that emitted from her mouth were as soft as cotton. "Night, Adrian. I love you."

That was years ago. I've always been hidden in the wings, always watching and never interfering. Her life was—and always will be—chaotic, one loss after another: first her mother and brother, then her father, and finally all contact with any relatives she had. Whenever Dhi had to run, I was the one that confused the Social Services and led them to another unfortunate human. If she ever needed any extra help, I was there, blending in with the mortals and giving her an extra push. I was really attached to her after the first meeting. Ever since then, it only grew.

The first moves were hard on both her mental and physical health, so she received two helpers: a magic journal that granted every dream written down, and a small protector, Toto. The problem back then was getting them to her. I just did the simplest thing and put them in a basket by her hotel door. It was so wonderful to see the glee on her face, and it still amazes me every time she comes home to see her dog.

Years of her life have flown by, and she still had no clue about me. The yearning for her to truly know me enhanced everyday until it could be tolerated no longer. I followed her to her friend's house and then to the party. She was so beautiful it hurt, and my heart fluttered in my chest at the sight. I saw her in the middle of the room, smiling at her friend, and turned a corner, glamoring my clothes when I was out of sight. I honestly didn't care about my clothes, but then I apprehended that walking around in dark green tights wouldn't help much at all.

I glanced at her from around the corner and began to make my way over. However, I couldn't even make it ten feet without being ambushed by two pissed-off Fae from the past: Ariella and Shiver Stone. "Hello, Adrian. Long time no see," they said in sync.

"Shiver. Ariella." My voice was as frosty as the Portonamore Lands.

"Whoa. Why is there attitude, A? We didn't get you banished," Shiver hissed, her violet eyes shimmering in the light. "You merely damned us to this awful world."

I sniggered and attempted to keep a straight face as I lied through my teeth. "I merely set up the playing field; you two were the ones who decided to play."

"You sold us a prized dragon's diamond, glamored as a common Chimaera egg," Ariella growled. "It was owned by the Summer King, who was very pissed off. You got us banished for two hundred years, to guard some bastard of his royal highness Arenold. Do you know how annoying it is to babysit some Summer brat?"

"Well, I got my comeuppance when I was exiled to this world to watch a special girl. We're even." I was getting slightly aggravated, so a hint of menace was laced through my voice. "I promise not to interact with your charge, so move out of the way, please."

Shiver bared her teeth in warning but stepped aside. I inched forward, my intentions clearly focused on Dhi, but Ariella still hadn't shifted away. Glancing down at her, I smirked at the challenge. Her violet eyes widened in fright before she gulped and hung her head in submission. She backed off to the side, but I could still feel the daggers being shot at my back as I walked off. Gotta love those twins.

Dhi was nowhere in sight, so I swept my eyes over the crowd hastily. Finally I spotted her propped up against the far wall, her features barely distinguishable in the flickering steps were confident as I swaggered over to meet her, but I then faltered at the wave of pain coming from her body. I stepped in front of her and waved my hand. She didn't move until I asked her if she was alright. Briefly surveying her body, I paused at the small tear that dropped below her neck.

She suddenly slapped me, and pain burst through my cheek. "Stare there, and another slap is guaranteed," she warned.

I chuckled and introduced myself with an old-fashioned bow. When I asked her who she was, even though I was already aware of it, she mumbled a reply and froze, her gaze locked on my eyes. Blinking my eyes, she looked away.

"Unusual name. No—" I racked my brain for a better word to describe her name. "Exotic. It fits."

"Do you go to my school?" she asked, tilting her head to the side slightly.

"No. I transferred from Atlanta," I answered, smiling a diminutive smile. "A change of scenery was vital to my mental health."

"Oh. I totally understand," she said, rolling her eyes.

Laughing underneath my breath, I tipped my head to the right. "You don't look like the type that's interested in parties," I noticed, "so why are you here?"

"If I really wanted to be here, I would be out there drinking, smoking crack, and locking lips with someone I don't care for. I was forced to come here by my crazy best friend, and she is very stubborn. Someone has to drive home, anyway," she pointed out. "How old are you, anyway?"

Of course I couldn't admit my real age, so I simply opted for my physical age. "Seventeen. And you?"

"A lady never admits her age." She stuck up her nose while saying this.

The challenge there was obvious, so I advanced forward and leaned down, locking her in my gaze."You sure there isn't any way I could persuade you?"

"Pretty sure," she gasped. I could see her resolve slowly dissolving in her eyes. "If you just transferred, how did you know about this party?"

I thought up a lie quickly before she could notice my hesitation and shrugged, feigning casualness. "Dimitri's my cousin."

"Oh..." she trailed off, glancing up and down at me for similarities between Dimitri and me. Suddenly shock appeared on her face. "Wait a second! What time is it?"

"11:00," I told her. She swore, so I rechecked my watch. When I looked up to confirm it, she was already gone, swerving through the dancing bodies. "DHI! DHI!" I shouted after her, going around the crowd and sticking to the walls.

When I approached her, she was currently surveying the area outside, anger and hurt radiating off of her. "You okay?" I said in her ear. "Where's your ride?"

I was shocked when I smelled her salty tears on her, and her shoulders rocked with sobs. She shook her head, a quick twist, so I did the only thing to do: comfort her. Scooping her up in my arms, I made my way over an empty corner, glaring daggers at anyone who dared to gawk. Taking an armchair from underneath someone and ignoring the dirty look, I dragged it into the corner and sat, curling her up on my lap. Her tears were still flowing rapidly, so I mumbled an old spell that healed grief.

Finally her tears dried up, so I cautiously spoke. "Do you want me to give you a ride home?"

Wiping her red, puffy eyes, she rejected my offer. "Just please leave me alone." And with that she disappeared within the sea of gyrating dancers.

Shedding my glamour and my visibility to humans, I slithered around edges again and beat her to the door. I watched her leave from the middle of the entry, propping myself up on my shoulder. She swiftly looked back over her shoulder when she was off the property, and it was like she could actually see me standing there. Her eyes, tortured and lost, met my blue-grey ones. Her pain was reflected within mine, and I knew we were one. I knew she was it for me, no matter how long she and I lived.

If only I could convince her of it.