My Darkest Secret is Out!

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Hey guys, sorry for not posting in a while, and thanks for reviewing. This is the sequel to My Darkest Secret is Out! The crew are playing Truth or Dare, and there are new supernaturals that you can submit. Hope you like it. REVIEW!

Chloe Pov

So all in all. Jason, An Dylan ended with scorched hair, and Simon with a nasty bruise from falling off his motorcycle. Tori and Eva high fived each other, after what they did to their boyfriends. That's right boyfriend, Dylan finally won Tori over. Kasey and Carmen are both competing for Simon now, and Simon is loving every second of it. And I ended up with the bet boyfriend ever. Derek. Every time Tori or Simon see us together Simon whispers in Derek's ear that drains him of all color, and Tori watching giggling.. I wonder what Simon says. Ha Simon Says.

Derek Pov

I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND, I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND, I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND, I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND. Oh and did I mention I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND. Can you believe it Chloe likes a monster like me. The thing is every time I am anywhere near Chloe, Simon whispers in my ear "Mate. Mate. Mate. Come on you know she is, and you know I'll find a way to tell her. I can't tell her. I just got Chloe and I'm not about to freak her out by telling her she's my mate. A mate is the only person you'll ever love. I don't wanna scare her. Oh I forgot. I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND.

Tori Pov

Dylan is the best guy on earth. I love him so much. But I can't tell him that, he thinks I'm tough and he likes it, so I gotta keep him thinking that he needs to win me. BUT I LOVE HIM SO MUCH I COULD SCREAM. And he's hot... Really hot. He caters to my every whim. "Dyyyylllllaaaaannnnnnn." I said running my hand down his chest I sounded kind of whiny but I dint care. "Yes." he said kissing my head. "I am sooo boooored." I said. "Why don't we play truth or dare." he said while his eyes lit up. "But the last time we played that Chloe ended up in that outfit." I said remembering what I did to Chloe. But it worked didn't it. "That's why we play maybe you'll wear something like that." he said. Alright he's getting a treat for that one. I kissed him softly. "Everyone were playing Truth or Dare no question." i said. Chloe came down arm in arm with Derek. And Simon with Kasey and Carmen. And Jason came down covered in lipstick with Eva giggling at his hip.

Chloe Pov

"Do you still have that outfit, because if so I know what my dare is." said Derek laughing as I hit him in the chest. "Your really nasty you know that." I said playfully. We all sat down in a circle. "Alright now here are the rules. I get to put a truth spell on you so you have to tell the truth. And if you skimp on a dare you remove one article of clothing." said Tori. "And what happens if we don't tell the truth?" asked Simon. "Well let me put it this way. Whatever you do, don't lie." Tori said laughing at our scared expressions. After like 5 minutes of complete awkward silence Tori finally volunteered to go first. "Okay Chloe truth or dare." If I say truth she might make me recite something from my diary about Derek. And that is not going to happen. "Uh.. D-d-d-a-r-r-re." I stutter. "Excellent. I dare you to tell your Aunt Lauren your pregnant." she said maliciously. I always knew it. I just knew it. Tori wants Derek to die because there is no way he'll survive me telling my aunt that. "But I haven't even done anything to get pregnant." I said. "we don't know what you do in your spare time." said Simon. I blushed the color of a tomato and Derek kicked Simon in the shin.

Derek Pov

I AM TOO YOUNG TO DIE! "Well you could always remove one article of clothing." I said getting a little exited. "But I'm only wearing a T-Shirt and shorts." she said. "I know." I got hit in the chest. We all went with Chloe to her aunts room. "AuntLaurenimpregnat." she said a little too fast "What was that honey?" Lauren asked. "I said I'm pregnant." I never thought Lauren had such a tight grip because she choked me out. "" I managed to choke out. " Aunt Lauren it's just a dare. Derek didn't do anything." Chloe said quickly. Lauren let go of my neck and went back inside. "That was hilarious, now let's wait for the other supernaturals that were supposed to come with you guys then they can play truth or dare too." My neck hurts. Never tell crazy people their nieces are pregnant.

Sorry its so short but id you like it? Oh please tell me. I need ideas for dares because this is a story completely truth or dare. Please review. Please submit a character, and send it has a review. The requirements for a submitted character is bellow you don't have to use the supernatural orientation from the book. You could say Mermaid or something. Please review, with characters am ideas for dares. Hope you liked my story.

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